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January 26, 2015

SBI Associates Clerks Online Exam Reviews of 25th January 2015 (Morning & Evening Shifts)

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Morning Shift Review shared by Veena. B
Overall the exam was easy except marketing since I didn't study it.

English - it was a cakewalk
  1. One passage..  A story.. Was wasy 
  2. Jumbled sentence - 5.. Again easy 
  3. Spelling nd apt word correction-5 
  4. Error spotting 
  5. Cloze test

Reasoning - easy
  1. 2 seating arrangements.. Such an easy question.. One based on row ..another circular 
  2. Inequalities 
  3. Syllogism 
  4. 3 digit numbers given.. What happens if 1 is added to 1st digit and 2 subtracted from last digit. 5 questions 
  5. Series with symbols,alphabets and numbers. Questions like Which is 12th from right if symbols are removed 
  6. 1 question from blood relation 
  7. Decoding

Aptitude - easier compared to all  IBPS exams
  1. DI on table- 5 questions 
  2. One from time nd work 
  3. One from ratio 
  4. One from ages 
  5. One from area 
  6. One from speed and distance 
  7. 9 to 10 from simplification 
  8. 2 from percentage.. One was on population change in different years 
  9. One from SI / CI
  10. Number series.. In the form of *2+4,*2+3 , *11,*22.. Simple multiplication and addition
General awareness - reading current affairs from Oct to jan would really help you get more marks
  1. World cancer day 
  2. No of internet users increased in India as per report mobile internet India 2014 
  3. Sahitya Akademi award winner 
  4. 2015 G20 summit 
  5. Aneerood jugnauth is the pm of 
  6. US has decided to start its relations with which country after all problems- Syria, Russia, 
  7. Bhakti some name, the swimmer who crossed which ocean 
  8. Haryana sex ratio.. 
  9. Line between US and Canada 
  10. New chief of intelligence bureau 
  11. Author of wandering in many worlds 
  12. Currency of Philippines 
  13. Capital of Brazil 
  14. Which committee  suggested banks could develop on tie up with rich psu.. Something like that 
  15. India's biggest trading partner 
  16. Confucius peace prize given to 
  17. Father of micro finance 
  18. Sarika tor belongs to which sport 
  19. Parliamentary affairs minister 
  20. Full form of PETA 
  21. Headquarters of FAO 
  22. Which is not a banking institution-axis, ICICI, ICICI prudential 
  23. Agauda fort is in which Indian state 
  24. Which is not an Indian cretit rating agency
Comparing the 2 day sessions you can surely expect one question each from Currency, Capital, Ministers, Census, Summit, Important Days, Awards, Headquarters.. Only if the pattern remains same..:)

Computer and marketing- computer was easy.. Marketing was a bit tough I felt as I didn't study it well.

overall I could attempt 170..

Evening Shift Review shared by Shalini Suresh

Hi all this is Shalini Suresh. I gave my exam on 25th January 2014 afternoon. The exam was easy to moderate overall.  Here I share the questions which were asked today.

General Awareness:
This section was easy over all, more of current affairs questions were asked, banking related were few.
  1. Champions of Indian Super League – Kolkata 
  2. What are the functions of RBI – 
  3. Men’s hockey championship - Australia 
  4.  Bret Lee belongs to which sport – Cricket 
  5. Author of God of small things -  Arundhathi Roy 
  6. Kuchupudi dance form belongs to which state – Andhra Pradesh 
  7. World Environment day – June 5th 
  8. Capital of Cananda – Ottawa 
  9. Recently which one of the following was in the news for refusing to accept the bronze medal at the Asian Games – Saritha Devi 
  10. MOM full form – Mars Orbiter Mission 
  11. NITI Aayog CEO – Sindhushree Khullar 
  12. Which among the following does not belong to the Ex-Officio members of NITI Aayog – Sushma Swaraj 
  13. Currency of Bhutan – Ngultrum 
  14. Who among the following was awarded with the Asian of the year – Narendra Modi 
  15. Shinzo Abe was elected as Prime Minster of which country recently – Japan 
  16. Union Union Minister of Road Transport, Highways - Nitin Gadkari 
  17. Night blindness is caused by deficiency of which vitamin – Vitamin A 
  18. International Maritime Organisation headquarters -  London 
  19. Ratio of Kerala census, Male is to female ratio 
  20. First bank to start Mutual funds investment after UTI – SBI(SBI Mutual Fund) 
  21. Which one of the following was earlier a governor of RBI – Y.V Reddy 
  22. Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the popular national parks in India located in the Umaria belongs to which district - Madhya Pradesh 
  23. PK movie director – Rajkumar Hirani
Computer and Marketing:
Marketing was a bit tougher and computer’s was easy to moderate. Marketing was more of market segmentation, Consumer awareness, E-Commerce. One must be sure about marketing terminologies well.
General English:
This section was very easy. One comprehension passage, it was a story based. Cloze test, Error spotting, Jumbles sentences, fill in the blanks.

Numerical Ability:
This section was easy to moderate. Simplification was covering a major portion, Data interpretation, number series, Simple interest, Compound interest, Profit and loss, partnership, Mensuration – Circle, Rectangle.
Reasoning Ability:
Friends, this section was a very easy one. One can attempt all 40 easily.

Review shared by Ashish Lohani
Hi friends my self ASHISH LOHANI from HARYANA sharing SBI associate clerk exam
  • I attempt 38 questions in English which is moderate
  • In math I attempt 38 questions which is very easy except some tricky questions
  • In reasoning I attempt all 40 questions which is easiest part of this paper.
  • In computer and marketing I attempted only 23 questions which is hard for me
  • In gk I attempt 33 questions.
    • World Environmental day
    • Bhutan's currency
    • Canada's capital
    • Swalamban yojna is organised by which state
    • CEO of NITI ayog
    • Governor of RBI
    • America,s contribution to Pakistan
    • Writer of God of small things
    • Wu14 related to which country

All the best my friends for future exam

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