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January 26, 2015

Interview Experience of IBPS PO IV from Kolkata

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Name : Uday Kumar. N

Qualification – M.Sc. Mathematics

Date of Interview – 24/01/2015

Venue – United Bank Head Office, Kolkata

Panel – III

Time – 13:00

Panel : M1, M2, M3, M4, F1

M1 (seems to be the head) : You have done your M.Sc. in 2010 then what have you been doing till now?

Me : I said all the jobs I have been doing and last year resigned my full time job for preparing Bank exams.

M1 : Ok, where are you basically from and how you got here in West Bengal?

Me : Basically from TN but grandfather was in railways so transferred and settled here.

M1: Ok, so do you know about Priority Sector Lending, what percentage is fixed for it?

Me : Yes, sir 40% and 18% for agriculture sub-target.

M1 : 40% of what?

Me : I answered something else (then suddenly F1 jumped NO he is asking 40% of what??)

Me : 40% of NDTL (uufff they seemed to be relaxed now)

M1 signals M2 (M2 questions related to my subject and work ex. A rapid fire round)

M2 : What is a random variable?

Me : Explained with an example

M2 : What is standard deviation?

ME : answered

M2 : What is Dispersion?

Me : Answered

M2 : What is Fuzzy theory?

Me : Answered

M2 : What is Simulations?

Me : Answered with example

M2 : What is Confidence interval?

Me : sorry sir don’t know (M2 smiled L I knew the answer but forgot)

M2 signals F1

F1 : What is reverse mortgage loan?

Me : Mam this loan is only for senior citizens.

F1 : Tell me more?

Me : Mam I don’t know but I will guess (she said ok) and then what I pretty badly messed up L

F1 signals M3

M3 : When did economic reforms start in India?

Me : I said after independence with RBI and all crap.

M3 : No, but economic reform started a long later in 1991 when Manmohan Singh was the FM, can you tell anything about what changes the govt. did to bring reforms in the country?

Me : Sir, by banking and doing business but friends this is not correct answer lots of important things were done you can read online like Liberalisation, Privatisation, Globalisation.

M3 signals to M4

M4 : What is Non-interest income of banks?

Me : Sorry sir don’t know

M4 : one more banking term?

Me : Sorry sir don’t know

M4 : What is the difference b/w Drafts and Checks?

Me : explained

M4 : How banks make money through drafts?

Me : There is a processing charge to make it, through that.

M4: Yes, that is called Non-interest income.

M4 : Is there any charges on checkbook facility?

Me : I said first it is given freely with the opening of account, after the leaves are over to issue new one bank charges some charges (don’t know I am correct or wrong ??)

Everyone look each other faces, and suddenly M2 asks….

M2 : You are applying for PO post then why first preference given to ECGC?

Me : Sir, ECGC specializes in export credit I wish to work in specialized filed.

M2 : ok.

M1, M2 okay you can leave……

Me : Thank you everyone with a smile.

Friends don’t think I answered all the questions, I stammered a lot in between, because even you know the answer while answering them at that instant we get stuck, so be cool and answer slowly.

All the Best !!

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1 comment:

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