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January 30, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Atul (Lucknow)


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Name : Atul Kumar Singh

Interview Date : 24th January 2015

Place : Hotel Grand JBR, Lucknow

Panel : 1

Time : 8:30 AM

1st candidate to be called for interview..

Document verification done in 15 mins, while document verification they were talking about academics and past job experiences to make the candidate easy and feel relax.

Since I was the first candidate to be called for the interview, so tension and nervousness was on zenith but I managed to be calm and cool.

Finally the bell rang and I entered in the room after taking three deep breaths, after wishing the panel (4Male & 1 Female) I sat in the chair.

M1- So Mr. Atul, you are from Peppeganj (Gorakhpur) and done your schooling there??
Me- Yes sir

M1- You have completed your graduation in 2012, what were you doing from then??
Me- Sir, I was preparing for govt jobs.

M1- why govt job?
Me- sir there is stability and better career enhancement.

M1- you being a B.Tech. can also apply in PWD, Electricity dept and etc.. then why banking ?
Me- Sir there are less vacancies in these departments for Computer Science and banking sector is continuously growing sector and there are lot of job opportunity.
(then he asked another member- Sir aap puchhiye)

M2- Atul, u r from Peppeganj, is there any railway station? In which zone does is exist?
Me- Yes sir, it is in NE zone and Gorakhpur is the headquarter.

M2- Peppeganj is a rural area I hope, is there any bank??
Me- yes sir. SBI, Canara, Purvanchal Gramin bank.

M2- How banks provide loan to farmers?
Me- explained

M2- What is KCC?
Me- Explained

M3- Govt has launched a program for girl child, what is that ?
Me- I explained ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao yojna’ and ‘Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana’

M3- Tell me about your family members.
Me- I explained about my father’s job and about my mother and siblings.

M3- U are from Rural background. Do You have agricultural land? There are some papers regarding agricultural land what are that ?
Me- I told him about Khasra-Khatauni but was unable to state difference in two of them.

M4- What is Nabard?
Me- Explained.
(Two related questions)

M4- what is the website of UP govt?
Me- Sorry sir. I do not know. (It was sudden and totally unexpected question and I forgot the website URL)

F1- Atul do you know Planning Commission has been sacked?
Which institution replaced that?
Me- I explained NITI ayog.(I forgot few names but managed)

M1- do you play cricket or any Game?
Me- No sir.

M1- then what are your hobbies?
Me- I write poems.

M1- Good, then read two three lines.
Me- I read only two lines of my poem

Then M1 interrupted and said ok Atul good you may go now.

I thank them and wish them to have a nice day and left the room.

It took 7 to 8 mins. They were playing rapid fire

And all the conversation was in HINDI only… 

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