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January 28, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Charul Singh (Jaipur)


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Name - Charul Singh

Qualification - B.Tech (CS)

Venue - TPS, Jaipur

Panel - 1st

Time - 8:30 AM

M1-From where you are?
M1-What does your father do?
M1-At which post?
M1-Do you know about Awadh and Ayodhya?
M1-Question about a place.(I didn't know about that)
M1-Again one question about a place.(I Didn't know)
M1-What is Bank?
M1-What are the functions of Banks?
M1-Types of Banks?
M1-Differentiate them.
M1-RRB's and Co-operative Banks are Commercial Banks or not?
M1-What are Nationalized Banks?
M1-What are Public Sector Banks?
M1-Both are Same?
M1-What is State Bank?
M1-Names of some nationalized banks?

F1-Tell me something about U.P.
F1-Tell me about Agra.
F1-Name of the Mughal Emperor?
F1- Nine Ratna of Akbar?(I answered only three of them)
F1-CM of U.P.?
F1-He is from Which Party?
F1-Who is Mayawati?
F1-She was PM na?
F1-From which party?

M2-Which are your favorite Subject(related to
M2-What is Database?
M2-Write the Spelling of Retrieve.
M2-What is Data Mining?
M2-What is Data Warehousing?
M2-Your Hobbies?
M2-What is Surf?
M2-Detergent or Soap?(related to previous Question)
M2-What is the meaning of Foam?

M4-Tell me Something about Mumbai(at least five points on it).
M4-What is 26 11?
M4-In which year?(related to previous Question)
M4-(again related to previous Question)Where in mumbai?
M4-What is 9 11?(I forgot due to fast variations in Questions)
M4-Where is Beesalpur Baandh?

M3-He didn't ask any Question but was intrupting me at some questions.

I answered mostly all of the questions except few of them.I was expecting maximum questions from banking,Economy and Computer Science.But it was not like that.And,I felt that the interviewers were not in good mood.So,I'm confused about my interview.

I hope this will help you in your upcoming interviews.
Thank You and Best of luck. 

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  1. for ibps clerk, caste certificate of SC category issued in 2008 is fine???

  2. If you got the answer then plz do tell me

  3. sure,,,u r interview date and venue??

  4. All the best charul.....,

  5. mine was panel 1 jaipur....
    but they asked some banking questions too....
    and all of them were fired by lady member :\

  6. hello evryone
    i have apply for CWE-Clerk 2014 actually at the time of filling the application of CWE-Clerk to by mistakes or scroll down of mouse my date of birth has been changed and my interview held on 13 feb i really very tns about dob . so please tell me the procedure to provide a solution..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. bhai same here ! mine was with panel 1 !
    They asked questions that were literally tough !

    lets see how it goes !

  8. If you got the answer then plz do tell me

  9. All the best charul.....,

  10. hi could u pls share answers for HR questions asked in ur interview because i belongs to HR field n i have clerk interview . pls can u share d answers

  11. Provisional degree(june 2012)se kaam chal jayega ya phir degree hi complsry h

  12. Mine is at Bhopal at 10 Feb.

  13. Surf means loading not soap.. i think panel members joking u...

  14. get an affadavit from the court dat will help you.. all d best !!


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