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January 28, 2015

IBPS PO 4 Interview Experience shared by Surmayee (Indore)

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Name : Surmayee

Qualification : MBA (HR)

Session : Panel 2, 01.00 pm

Location : Virtual Voyage, Indore

Cadre : IBPS PO IV

Hey friends, i am Surmayee, sharing my interview experience with all of you just to help you out and give you an idea so that you can make your preparations accordingly. It will not if help you much but to an extent it will be useful to you.

My Interview timing was 01.00 pm on 25.01.2015, i reached the venue an hour ago. As soon as i reach, i was called to a room where document verification was going on, i told to prepare all the documents serial wise as desired by them, they should be self attested. After completion of the document verification, we are told to be seated in another room.

After, waiting for one hour again, my name was called. I entered the room whee 5 people were there (1 female & 4 males).

Interviewer: Whats u name?
Me: Surmayee

Int: Nice name.. What are your hobbies?
Me: My hobby is singing...

Int: He smiled and said yes i cud guess from u name..  (I smiled too )

Int: What your father do?
Me: Answered

Int: What are your qualifications?
Me: Answered

Int: Have you done Job somewhere?
Me: Answered

Int: What is the difference between HRM & HRD
Me: Answered

Int: What are non financial HR motivational factors?
Me: Only one i remember

Int: What is transaction analysis?
Me: Not answered

Int: Who are internal customers?
Me: Answered

Int: What is break even point?
Me: To an extent i answered

That's all folks..!!

One advice : Just prepare things regarding your qualification, they gonna ask you much from  that only .. :)

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