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January 29, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience shared by Nagaraju (Guntur)


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Hi friends, My name is Nagaraju. I had my IBPS PO IV Interview at Andhra Bank Zonal Office, Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) on 27th January 2015. Here I want to share my interview experience. Hope it will be helpful for you.

Name : Nagaraju. B

Qualification : B.Tech (EEE)

Interview Venue: Andhra bank zonal office, Guntur, AP

Panel : II

My interview scheduled on 27th Jan 2015 at 1PM

Reached the venue at 12:30 the verification started at exactly 1'O clock.The verification is liberal because all the candidates were general.
My interview was started at 03:30 PM .It was just 5-6 min interview and it also very comfortable.
There are 4 Members in my Panel 3M and 1F
M1: very firstly he asked about the what exams till you have written and what about their results?
M1:Asked What is ur qualification?
me: told in EEE
M1: Tell me how the power generated and how many types we can generate power?
me: told about how power is generated and types of power production?
F: (Asked some mathematical)
1.if i have a square area, I want to make a fence for it each side they need 27 polls- then how many poles are required?
2.If i have invested something in business my today's profit is Rs.1 and day to day it doubles then what is the amount i can get on 10th day?
M2: what is spread sheeet?
me: explained but not satisfied he wants exact definition?
M3: How Power generated in a generator?
Me: Electro magnetic induction
M3: Asked about Andhra bank details?
(Not convinced )
me:I don't know
They said Thank you
Wished Be-lately Happy Republic Day replied thank you.
Overall above average performance
Hope for the best.
be prepare to face any question.
All the best to who are going face Interview.

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  1. It was good..hope for the best. Written me kitne attempt kiye the

  2. rbi assistant interview marks out....

  3. rbi assistant interview marks out..

  4. character certificate and bio data form cumplusory or not
    plse reply am also interview venue in guntur

  5. nono nothing is required
    only application ,interview letter and relevant documents are needed.
    if u r an emply u should need NOC if ur a psu employ.

  6. Sasthi Prasad SunaniJanuary 29, 2015 at 10:20 PM

    When will disclose sbi associate po result. ..

  7. 2.If i have invested something in business my today's profit is Rs.1 and day to day it doubles, what amount received on 10 th day? What is the answer?

  8. Use Geometric Progression u will get the answer

  9. Hi I am curiously waiting for SBI ASSOCIATES PO results, when can they be disclosed? Please reply please

  10. I heard....In the 1st week of Feb...Me too waiting desperately...

  11. 2^(10-1)=512

  12. frnd they cal for interview on marks basis ?

  13. Jitendra did you appeared for new india insurance company ao exam

  14. Resume is mandatory or not?????

  15. great..thats really good score..if u get finally 100+

  16. Offcource it's absolutely compulsory, kya yaar kuch vbhi sawal puche ho

  17. we cant say like that, we don't know about that clearly

  18. Nagaraju How many questions you attempted??

  19. Ohh....anyway thanq for the reply

  20. Why are u taking (10-1) as 'Exponent' to 2?

  21. Using gp, I got the answer 511. Is it correct?
    Thanx for the hint @joblesss

  22. 511 is the answer Jitendra. Am I right?

  23. Wt abt the situation in panel 1

  24. No I havent qualified

  25. bcoz for 2nd day it will be 2^(2-1),for 3rd day 2^(3-1) and so on..............


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