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January 25, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience from Kolkata


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Name : Subhadeep  

Qualification :  B.Tech in ECE

Interview Date : 23.01.2015

Place : UBI Staff Training College, Kolkata

Panel : 6

Members : 4 Males & 1 Female

Questions are like (giving in order)-

M1: Who are there in your family?
       What does your father do?
       Name of that company where your dad works?
       What business that company do?
       With whom they do business?
       What are the uses of optical fibre?
      What is the meaning of your name?
     Why you have chosen Canara Bank as your first preference?
Then he passed it to the lady.

F: What have you studied yesterday? (told crr, slr & current events)
     What is CRR & SLR?
     What about current events? (Told about Obama Visit, Beti Bachao campaign etc.)

M2 : As you are a B.Tech, have you got any job through On-campussing?         (Answered No)
      Had you applied for Off campusing? (Said Yes)
      Where have you got?
      Why have you left Cognizant?(Said- for better opportunities)
      What do you mean by better opportunities?(convinced them)

M1 (Again): How banks  compute NDTL? (As you have used a term NDTL in CRR & SLR definition) (Said don't know; they are expecting that whatever you answer, you should completely know about that)

F (Again): Are Betis (Girls) in danger in India?

M1 (Again): Do you know Newton's Law. Tell me all three.

M3 : Tell me all about Charlie Hebdo in details.

M4 : Asked 2 technical questions.
They all are aged persons, but they are so much co-operative.. (especially M1)

First time appearing (Written + Interview).. It's quite good in one word..

Thank You Gr8Ambitionz (for helping me to clear other written exams too)... 

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  1. I want to uplode my interview experience what shoud i do


  3. nice review brother. all the best

  4. Hai Subhadeep, i was Cognizant employee too... what was your answer for "what do you mean by better opportunities"? how did you convince them?

  5. iam having one the case of rbi assistant the no of vacancies are 45 in ma state and at that time there is a difference of 6 marks between obc and general. but in the case of ibps clerk same cut of .how it will happen anyone please reply??//

  6. i am also bro a cts employee :) n will appear for interview on 29th jan !

  7. Thanks for sharing your interview experience. All the best :-)

  8. Better opportunities for me... like job in my sector(core electronics) or central jobs... as in central jobs u get respect in a society... dnt try to impress them.. just say what u feel.. cz if they find dat u r tryn to b fake/just gvng answers to impress dn they will take u down at their level & beat u wd their experience.. so act normal..dats d way(acc 2 me)

  9. Plz tell me from Howrah station how can I reach there as I I have my ibps clerk interview in the same venue


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