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January 25, 2015

Questions Asked in SBI Associates Clerks Online Exam of 24th January 2015 (Afternoon Shift)


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Hi guys this is Alex.  Hope u would have got some idea abt d exam by d earlier reviews. Just thought 2 share a few questions of my afternoon shift exam (24.1.15). 

General Awareness
  1. Capital of common wealth of Australia?   Canberra
  2. External affairs minister?  Sushma swaraj
  3. Us food restaurant acquired by zomato?  Urbanspoon
  4. National youth day?  12th January
  5. Currency of Afghanistan?   Afghani
  6. Author of book “ Modi Incredible emergence of a star”?   Tarun vijay
  7. APEC summit held at? Beijing,china
  8. LED stands for?  Light Emitting Diode
  9. Lal Bahadur Sastri award is given for?  Excellence in public administration
  10. Vikram sarabhai memorial award winner MYS Prasad is director of? Satish Dhawan space Centre
  11. 2018 commonwealth games @?   Queensland, Australia
  12. 1 question on functions of NBFC.
  13. Which is not a development institution? Axis bank
  14. Magnus carlsen related to ?   Chess
  15. Davis cup runner?  France
  16. Bihu dance is from?   Assam
  17. Majority shareholding of SBI?  Govt of India
  18. Card related to PMJDY?  Rupay card
  19. Award given 2 Raghuram rajan? Governor of year
  20. Own Economic index developed by?  SBI
  21. Headquarters of International court of justice?  Hague,Netherland
  22. Min capital req for small & payment banks?  100 crores
  23. Exchange of pre 2005 notes extended till? 30th june 2015
  24. CNG based train flagged of from?  Rohtak to Rewari
  25. Sunedison & Adani group project in which district of Gujarat?  Mundra
  26. Which is not a credit rating agency?  Options like CARE,CRISIL,ICRA,etc..
  27. Mukul Mudgal committee for?  IPL Scandal probe
  28. Gyan sangam organized for?   Bank Officials meet
  29. Head of CBI?  Anil Kumar Sinha
  30. “Mount carmel” is in?  Israel
  31. Name of newspaper attacked in france?  Charlie Hebdo
  32. Deficiency of iron is due to lack of which vitamin?
  33. Infant Mortality rate is 30 out of 100 in which state?
  34. 1 ques on ore found under ground? Ans like Bragmite.. I don’t know exactly

  1. Which of the following is both input & output device?  Modem
  2. Maximum memory in following?  GB
  3. Removable magnetic device that stores information?  Floppy Disc
  4. _____ interface used for icons and picture representations?  Graphical User Interface
  5. 0 r 1 is?   Bit
  6. Language used by computer?  Binary
  7. Maximum  space of storage in?   DVD
  8. ROM is associated with?
  9. Hardcopy of computer output?  Printout
  10. 1Computer program is?  Sofwatre
  11. Monitor represents?  Hardware
  12. Windows domain communication with centralized computer in an network called? Options were like   1. server/server   2. Client/Server etc…
  13. Transferring information from ur computer to another in the internet is called?  Uploading
  14. The instrument used to feed data into computer is called?  Input device
  15. Which is not a storage device?
  16. Which of the following are required to connect internet in ur system?

  1. Demand is  ________ for a  product backed up by the ability to buy d product?  Need
  2. Mutual fund investments are made by?
  3. People who ought for luxury goods are known as ________  consumers..
  4. Sales of more umbrellas in rainy season is called ?
  5. Initial introduction of product @ low price and later increasing it is called _______ pricing.
  6. 1 question on customer satisfaction
  7. Mutual fund refers to investments made in?
  8. Which of the following attributes does not influence a person’s buying behavior?
  9. The process of implementation of a product after market research etc.. is called? Options were like Marketing strategy, Markeing plan, etc..
  10. Insurance companies collect money at a fixed period known as _____  ?  Premium
  11. When buying/selling is done along with bartering then its known as?
Tat’s all I remember frnds.. Hope this post would be useful atleast 4 a few.. Pls do correct if there are any errors.  As d exam s easy competition would b more with high cut offs.  Try to attempt more questions but ensure accurancy too   All d best frnds!!!

Important Study Material
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  1. 25/1/2015 .. Afternoon shift....???? Extra ordinary .... ( Time : 9:45 am, 25/1/ 2015 )

  2. we haven't arrived at to the time u've mentioned Aex

  3. Thanking u for sharing, Alex.

  4. Thanxs for the post mam :)

  5. thanks for the review...:-) Pls. share some questions of numerical apti and abt the di also. How much attempts?

  6. Frnds sorry i wrongly entered d date.. Its 24.01.2015..

  7. frnds i wrongly entered d date.. Its 24.1.15

  8. 2018 commonwealth games venue is goldcoast Australia
    here is given

  9. Ya wil try 2 recollect n share if possible.. mine 167 only..

  10. Awesome bro.. Thnxx

  11. Goldcoast s a city in queensland.. Queensland was 1ly in d option..

  12. one more ques?? canu suggest NY book for marketing

  13. The last general awareness question was- which of the following is the most abundant mineral found in earth which comprises almost 70% of the all the minerals recently named by US scientists? Answer is Bridgmanite.
    Alex great job remembering so much.

  14. @ Alex
    gr8 review.. thanks for that..
    from where did u prepare marketing section?
    any tips for preparing quans n reasoning???

  15. Thank u so much frnd.. And this question shows tat v need 2 study recent current affairs too :)

  16. Actually i dint prepare marketing.. Just did by guess work.. Tips wil let u know if i come across..

  17. i think cut off will be 160 for general

  18. Were all exam sessions very easy in sbi asso clerk?????

  19. Plz any one tel me..wen new india assurance assistance xam results vl come

  20. Nice review.. Best of luck for your results

  21. Yesterday 1ly d exam started.. Both shifts yesterday were very easy :)

  22. Thank u n wish u d same :)

  23. Expected in 2 r 3 days hopefully!!

  24. Marketing ppl say Philip Kotler s best.. but hard 2 study in short duration.. Just c thru d basic definitions,concepts, etc..

  25. As i mentioned above ques were like examples given n terminology name asked.. so basic idea would help u.. Study PRICING types well. ATB

  26. I attend only 14 ques in apptitude....... is there possiblity to pass in xm?

  27. All depends on d cut off they r going 2 fix.. Lets hope 4 d best :)

  28. so no probs u hav ample time 2 prepare :) Try 2 focus on marketing.. rest u can do easily..

  29. no way it woud be between 140-150

  30. Dont worry i will try 2 help u out wit wat i can..

  31. Is the material for quantitative aptitude by Manish sharma is useful for sbi

  32. Guys..I've a doubt..will all the people who qualify SBI Asso Clerk be called for the interview? or will there be separate cutoffs for interview as well?

  33. Sorry Raveena i dint go thru it..

  34. If u clear d exam n (i.e. if ur number appears in d pdf) u will b called 4 interview..

  35. everybody who qualify be mentioned in the pdf?i this exam like rrb where separate interview cutoffs are put?

  36. can u pls post some quants question relatd 2 SI & CI, Profit & loss ,Time & work & distae

  37. Ya every1 who qualify will b put in d list.. No separate interview.. common 4 all.. When s ur exam?

  38. :) D prob s i attended 1ly 25 in quans.. Dint c all questions.. But wil try 2 recollect n post if possible..

  39. ok..thanks for the information:) i already wrote the exam on 24th morning session

  40. Oh :) so how was d exam? How much u attempted?

  41. so what was your attempt?

  42. ☺☺αηנαℓι ☺☺January 25, 2015 at 1:19 PM

    very gud review,thank u

  43. :) :) No probs u hav enough time 2 prepare.. study marketing well.

  44. Have u written any online exams like mahindra

  45. ohh..I attempted 170..exam was good..but I'm worried that cutoff is going to be high.:(

  46. hi frnds..1st time i attend 32 questions in general awareness...!!!! only bcoz of "gr8 ambitionz"... thanks team...

  47. QUANS

    Hi frnds as few were asking abt Quans here it is. The pattern was

    1. Numerical ability – 15 marks
    2. Number Series – 5 Marks
    3, 1 Chart– 5 Marks
    4. Arithmetic(sentence) probs -15 Marks

    From d first 3 u can get score atleast 20 marks easily. For d rest (sentence probs) here are few model ques asked. Figures r not correct. Just giving u for d type of probs asked.

    1. If 11/7th of a number is equal to 1/9th of another number and sum of d numbers is 280 then difference of the numbers is?

    2. SI earned on a amount for a certain time(i.e. no of yrs) @ 8% is equal to double the SI earned on the same amount @ 3% with 2 years more than the time. The original time period?

    3. Present age ratio of shyam & reena is 1:3. If 7 years before their ratio was 1:5 then reena’s age after 5 years then reena’s age after 5 years will be?

    4. A is 75% more efficient than B. If B does a work in 28 then the time taken by A and B together to complete d work?

    5. The speed of the bus reduces 2 km every hour it travels. If the bus covers 63 km in the first hour then how much km it would have covered in 9 hrs?

    6.The side of a square is 5 times the breadth of a rectangle. If side of the square is 45 cms and length of the rectangle is 5cm more than its breadth, then the perimeter of the rectangle?

    7. If a person receives Rs. 54000 per month. If he spends 2/9th of it on rent and remaining 6/7th of it for children. If he gives 25% of remaining for charity and saves d remaining then his annual savings would amount to?

    8. The price of an article is 2600. If he professes to sell it for a discount of 20% and gains a profit of 5.5% then the original cost price of article is?

    9. A boat travels 42 km in 16 min. The speed of the water is 3 km/hr. What distance will be overed by boat in downstream if it travels for 5 mins @ 20 Km/hr?

    10. 1 question on Compound Interest

    11. 1 was like a mixture has water in milk in a certain…….. etc..

    All values r just 4 reference,not real. As usual frnds pls do share if u remember d exact figures and corrections if any 2 be done.. All d best guyz!!!


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