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January 24, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience from Ludhiana


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Hi friends, i'm Bankjob (a reader of GR8AMBITIONZ)

I'm going to share my experience. Its my dream to share my experience rather than always read other's experiences on gr8ambitionz. Thnk u for providing every candidate such  facility.

Venue : PNB Circle Office, Ludhiana

Interview Date : 23rd January 2014

Time : 1:30 PM

Panel : 1

I have reached venue at 11 am. but the entry was at 12 .It was raining outside. so, i decided to go to Western Mall (it is a mall next to my venue building). when i was in mall, My full focus and mind was only in my interview. I was thinking, What will happen, how will be interview, HOw will be the panel.i was unable to enjoy mall. and the decided to return back at main venue. Then I returned back at main venue at 12:15 pm. Many candidates were waiting at main gate. then after 15 minutes, entry was started.

I  entered in the office circle. The room for document verification was a conference hall. After 20 minutes, document were started verified by 2 male staff members.when my turn came, I showed him my all documents. Everything was going Ok.

suddenly the panel members (4 male, 1 female) came in the room. We all stood up and welcomed them. The panel was was familiar. they were talking in punjabi (regional language). they congrats all of us to be here and wished us good luck for interview.

finally, just after 5 min...interview was started.the students were in ok mood. but some started discussing many banking terms . it was really irritating me and making me more nervous. Bcz they were discussing the typical terms and trying to create disturbance also. Well, after a deep breathe , I relaxed myself. and trying to avoid that discussion. and again they were trying to involve me. I controlled myself. and decided to involve in that discussion bcz i was worrying that panel may ask any of the qus that is being discussed here.

finally, my turn came. I was thinking that panel was so much tired. may be they will try to bring out their frustration on me. the bell rang, My turn came. I do not know where my nervousness was gone. I was Ok. may be bcz I had seen the panel members already in the document verification room.

I entered the room with confidence and smile on my face.

May I come in , 
yes , yes, (many of them respond)
I entered and wished all good evening
they respond me and said baitho baitho (sit sit )
I took seat and was feeling very comfortable.

M1 (head of panel): kitho aaye oo (from where u r )(i was very happy bca they started asking in my regional language )

M1 :from where u studied

m1: in which year

m1: ok, lets start the interview. everyone started looking at one of the members of panel . he started asking me 1st.
(I smiled )
m2: what is consortium.
me (i was like .... areee yr yeh kya poosh liya... 1st qus hi nahi aata) : sir, i have heared the term. It is used in loan . i do not know more. sorry

m2: he asked me one more term . ( this time, I was shocked what is happening. Bcz i do not know ans and also not expecting tough banking terms)
me: sorry sir

m2: what is mutual funds
me: answered

m2: differnce between mutual fund and FD
me : answered that regulators are different. public invest in FD the most.

m2: the main differnce
me: (thinking and trying to replying)
m2: security
me: yes, Mutual are not secure and fd are secure
m2: i was also asking the same. ( I was feeling bad)

m2: tell me the works of PO
me: (thnk god ), I started replying, everyone looked at me like what i m answering.

m2: (interrupt) i m asking the task of Manager (I was surprised that they changed their qus or i heared PO instead of Manager
me: I replied with confidence

m1: the main task ?
me: I was continuing with my ans

m2: ur answer is right but i want to know main role

m3: who raise the  business
me: ooh yes sir. this is my task of manager . (I was feeling angry at me that why i do not said this point and started replying all other task.( again, I relaxed myself.)

m3: who issue aadhar card
me: GOI

m3: which department
me : home ministry

m3: which department (I was thinking )
m3:you have aadhaar.
me: yes sir.

m3: UIDAI have you heared this. Unique identification authority of india.(I was like oo shit how i forget the main authority.
me: yes yes sir. this is unique authority of india. which comes under GOI

F1 (now its turn of madam):  What is lockers
me: answered

F1: can we keep cash in it
me: We can but public do not keep.they try to invest it in fd

m4: what you keep is known to bank.?
m1: (suddenly the another qus)have you visit bank
me: yes sir

m1: you have locker
me: no

m1: your father may have
me: yes

m4: what you keep is known to bank
me: no, it is secret

m4: then can u keep bomb,pistol ?
me:(i can not say no bcz i said , whatevr we keep is not known to bank. I got puzzled and unable to reply)

m4: what is lesse (again qus linked with locker. )
me: i said I do not know. (bcz i was already unable to understand what is happening, why they are not asking personal qus, why no any qualification related qus which i really prepared best)

m3: ok, you can go

m1: good luck.
me: i thanked all with huge and fake smile. bcz already i was so much nervous what happened to me.

i was really expecting many other qus. but unluckily, no other was asked.

I wished all the remaining good luck. n weather you know ans or ur confidence..
thnk you

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  1. any ways dont loose hopes your writen marks can stand you there in Que of upcoming PO'S all the best..........

  2. nice interview all the best

  3. whats ur qualification

  4. nice interview till I read

  5. i Iam G.Rajesh from khammam, i had my interview at andhra bank zonal office vijayawada on 23rd january.....
    at 12.30 douments were verified....after lunch.... they started interviews... my number was 2 for panel 1.
    before going to panel room i was so tensified.... and took a long breath... prayed to god ....

    Category: OBC
    education:B.Tech, M.B.A(HR,Mrktng)...

    I entered room by seeking permission to enter... greeted them in that panel... 1 lady, 4 male members...
    firends in that 1 person from who asked me core questions always tried me to down confidence.... while saying answers
    one person sitting seriously observing me...

    PMC: so you are G. Rajesh....

    Me: yes sir....

    PMC: you got 547/600 in your 10th class. got 886/1000 in your intermediate. 65.48%in your 63.5% in your

    Me: i simply said yes sir....

    PMC: Ok rajesh now we are going not to recruit as po. we will recruit as HR person and now you have to interview 10 persons.. How will u interview them, how will u regrd them as correct candidates.......

    Me: expalined with smart example....

    Pmc: Hr tools?

    me: sorry sir im not getting exact answer...

    PMC: you studied marktng also then how u will link marktng to banking

    me: explained ....

    PMC: what is meant by 360 degree appraisal?

    Me: answered...

    PMC: how can you justify that below employee give good appraisal...

    ME: ansered....

    M2: asked some Hr core question.....

    which i havent listened before i said as i dnt know sir...

    M2: AIDA

    ME: answered

    M2: there is relation between Hr and marktng in AIDA?

    ME: I tried to answer but he said no its not correct...

    Lady M3: tell me 10 freedom fighters names in 1 min..

    by listening this qtn but answered in 10 seconds...

    M4: icici bank chairman? axis bank? SBI?

    M5: lending rates for priority sections..

    me: answered perfectly

    he asked me where you have learnt all these

    i said by institute and websites..

    Then they asked me to leave...I said Thank you...

  6. thnx for sharing..nice interview

  7. thnx for sharing..

  8. 13.NAMA(Non-Agricultural Market Access) for Developing countries..
    Member countries of NAMA-11 are Argentina, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Brazil, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Namibia, Philippines, South Africa and Tunisia.

  9. special thnku sir for sharing interview... first time i have read interview from haryana.... i waz eagrly waitning for it........ thnku so much

  10. Gradation in computer

  11. My caste is bhawasar.but in central caste list its name is it create problems..????? Pls help what should I do..I have to face interview....????? Plz plz plz

  12. If u belong to obc, it is a serious problem. they wil check the caste name letter-by-letter

  13. Hope for best, my clerk interview is in ludhiana, they take interview in punjabi or english..

  14. for ibps clerks interview is local language proficiency important? will they reject candidates who not know local languge? please clarify my doubt.

  15. Today i have appeared for SBI associates exam Morning Shift in Bangalore-
    I am trying to post some of the questions i remember in GA and Marketing
    1)Bangladesh curreycy
    2)Greece Currency
    3)Bharat Natyam from which state
    4)Water resources Minister
    5)SAARC held at
    6)2016 summer Olympics will be held at

    1)SWOT analysis -02 questions
    3)Product orientation

  16. No trust on mood of panel
    So can be in any language

  17. Local language is imp
    No more than this I kni

  18. Friends any idea abt the pattern of questions asked in todays exam of SBI clerks asso

  19. s. 90% importance wil be for local language. Then only u can interact with the customers who approach ur bank branch.

  20. for ibps clerks interview is local language proficiency important? will they reject candidates who not know local languge? please clarify my doubt.

  21. Do anyone have Idea about when the IBPS PO final result would be declared... Plzzz reply..... Thank You... :-)

  22. Yes..obc...then any solution ..plz..yaar

  23. WOW u r realy lucky.. such a pleasant interview u had.. All the best..

  24. Yes obc.... Kya me affidavit de Santa hu...???

  25. April 1st week.

  26. Yes local language is important for clerk interview. You must atleast know to read and speak the local language.Mostly they will reject candidates who do not know the local language.

  27. My caste is bhawasar (OBC)...but in central caste list its name is it create problems..????? Pls help what should I do..I have to face interview....????? Plz plz

    Also give solution.....if any...plz frndssss...

  28. in all above he/she u realy show ur confidence , best of luck for future

  29. Best Interview shared so far on this site....I am 500% sure that you will get the may attempts dear.


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