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January 24, 2015

Today's (24th January 2015) SBI Associates Clerks Online Exam Reviews


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Review shared by Sudharani
 Hi Friends, I am Sudharani. P. Today I had my SBI Associates Clerks Online Exam (Morning Session). The overall exam was good. Not so easy and not so tough. The paper is almost similar to that of SBI Clerical exam which was held 3 months ago.
Section wise analysis :
  • Aptitude : Easy than SBI Clerks. Maximum questions from simplification. 2 questions from Compound Interest. 2 questions from mensuration (Square, Circle), 1 is related to boats and streams, a problem on DI.
  • Reasoning : Moderate. All are expected topics.
  • General Awareness : Moderate all are direct questions
  • Marketing : Difficult than I expected, you can answer with little preparations. Askd basic questions like definitions, 4Ps etc
  • Computer : Very easy
My Suggestions :
  1. Prepare both current and banking affairs
  2. For current affairs prepare the books authors, currencies, ministers list, summits, sports and recent appointments
  3. Apti questions are little tricky, so don't waste much time if you are not able to solve
Some questions :
  1. Foundation day of Border Security Force (BSF)
  2. A question on NITI Aayog (2nd Chief or something)
  3. Currency of Bangladesh
  4. Winner of best film award in IIFA 
  5. Indo-China border name
  6. A question on Monetary Policy
  7. A question abut RBI
  8. A question about SAARC summit
  9. A question on recent Visakapatnam cyclone
  10. Which sport does Roger Federer related to ?
  11. two questions from recent appointments 
  12. Chief Justice of Bangladesh
  13. Water and Resources minister
  14. Head Quarters of UNESCO
  15. A question on vitamin
  16. A question on Census 2011
  17. Capital of Argentina
  18. A question on Playing it my way book 
  19. Two questions from sports
Thanks gr8ambitions for their lists and practice tests. they helpd me alot

Review shared by Aarthee 

Hi, Friends.,
                 am Aarthee from Chennai. I wrote SBI Associate Clerk exam morning session. Here is the review of morning exam and i will list out that.
  • GENERAL AWARENESS : First session of this exam.if u follow all the materials uploaded by GR8ambition, sure you can attend all the questions.some of the questions are (countries capital and currency, cabinet ministers, questions related to RBI,sports person related to which sports,about davis cup, world bridge championship, parvsi diwas ..etc.,). follow Gr8 ambitionz tats enough.
  • ENGLISH: Reading comprehension related to story. We have studied in our school days, 3 cows and a lion related to unity..The same story. Cloze test, grammatical error, parajumble also story related.Overall easy session
  • NUMERICAL APTITUDE: Easy -Moderate Simplifications.Data Interpretation,word problems on Boat and Streams CI and SI, Area, Percentage, Time and Work, Ratios. learn the Basic formulas and methods to these questions.. Not so tricky.
  • REASONING : very very Easiest can able to attend all the 40 questions... Circle problem facing centre, 8 people facing north, inequalities, syllogism, coding decoding, blood relation, Alpha-Numeric , NO DATA SUFFICIENCY questions asked.
  • MARKETING/COMPUTER APTITUDE : Marketing question are basics.. just go through the MARKETING BASIC material given by our Gr8ambitionz and understand the logic.. Some questions were asked logically and Computer usual basic about input output,h ardware..very very easy..
I think this review will be helpful for upcoming examiners.

Check complete Online Practice Tests for SBI Associate Clerks from here 

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  1. thanks for many ques. u have attempted...??

  2. Thanku n good luck for d result

  3. Best film award in FIFA :P

  4. 1] Currency of Bangladesh – Bangladeshi taka

    2] Barack Obama’s wife’s name – Michelle Obama

    3] What does CVV stand for – Card Verification Value

    4] BSBDA A/C full form – Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account

    5] IMF Headquarter – Washington, DC

    6] “The Dramatic Decade” Author – Pranab Mukherjee

    7] National Voter Day – 25th January

    8] Sachin Tendulkar autobiography book – “Playing it My Way”

    9] Capital of Argentina - Buenos Aires

    10] Dong feng missile range -

    11] As per Census 2011, highest urban population state –

    12] BSF Foundation day – December 1

    13] Currency of Greece – Euro

    14] RBI Function -

    15] Japan national award – Manmohan Singh

    16] Visakhapatnam cyclone name – HuDhud

    17] NITI AAYOG vice chairman – Arvind Panagariya

    18] Roger Federer related to which sports – Tennis

  5. Thank you gals...

  6. 1. Headquaters of UNESCO- Paris
    2. Roger Federer related to which sports- Lawn Tennis
    3. Recently held 18th SAARC summit- Nepal (Kathmandu)
    4. 2016 Summer Olympics venue- Brazil (Rio-de janerio)
    5. NITI AAYOG Vice Chairman- Aravind Panagaria
    6. Who regulates Banking Sector- RBI
    7. Greece capital- Athens
    8. Bangladesh Currency- Taka
    9. Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia Flowers Award given by Japan to whom - Manmohan singh
    10. Recently occurred Cyclone in Visakhapatnam - Hudhud
    11. Sachin Tendulkar Autography - Playing it My Way
    12. Classical dance Bharatanatyam related to which State- Tamil Nadu
    14. Agni 4 missile range – 4000 Km
    15. Argentina capital- Buenos Aires
    16. BSF Foundation day (49th Raising Day)- Dec 1
    17. Golden peacock award for Best Film at IFFI 2014- Russian film 'Leviathan’
    18. Obama’s Wife Name- Michelle Obama
    19. CVV Full Form- Card Verification Value
    20. Pakistan Currency- Pakistani Rupee
    21. BSBDA Full Form- Basic Savings Bank Deposit
    22. The Dramatic Decade: The Indira Gandhi Years author- Pranab Mukerjee
    23. Pankaj mishra related to- Novelist (Winner of 2014 Windham–Campbell Prize)
    24. National Voters day- Jan 25
    25. Highest Urban population according to census 2011-Maharashtra
    26. Boundary line between Pakistan and Afghanistan- Durand Line
    27. Rosetta Aircraft launched by- European Space Agency
    28. Intrument for invesrment- Infrastructure Bond
    29. Dong Feng 31B missile range- 10,000 Km
    30. Minister of state for Finance- Jayant Sinha
    31..Minister of Water Resources- Uma Bharti
    32. One question related to Vitamin C-
    33. 3-4 questions related to RBI

  7. can u share some marketing questions ?

  8. Is anyone who have appeared can answer to my question related to QA-
    A person's income is 588000. He has spent 3/7 for some from the left over amount 2/7(not sure) for some purpose and left over the 10% for some other purpose. Finally what is answer to this question? This question took lot of time but correct answer could not be traced Please help..

  9. question asked in sbi associate today...
    captal of argentina..
    currency of bangladesh...
    name of bank for women in india..
    nepal me haal hi me kon chief judge bna he
    45 ve international film festival me kon si film ko award mila he
    psu kisase credit rating ki advice leti he
    question relation to time deposite
    sookha rog kis vitamin ki kmi se hota he..
    monetry policy kon issue krta he..
    bankin sector ko kon regulate krta he
    niti aayog ka upadhyaks
    vitt mantri(state) newely apponited..
    playing it my way written by..
    bsf ne apni swrn jayanti kb celebrity ki..
    headquarter of UNESCO
    what mean of SWOT
    bharatnaatym kis state se he..
    AGNI-4 ki range..
    china ki hongdong( missile) ki range.......

    these are some question..

  10. This is a shared copy........ Some are saying 4-5 i.e from (22 to 25) questions were not asked from the above questions

  11. I Think 14 answer is Maharastra,

  12. How many question in app do u hav attmpt

  13. not ind-china border....its pak&afg border

  14. can u pls explain here

  15. ques. 18,19,20,21 to morning exam me nahi aaya tha

  16. over xam not easy&not s avg,reasoning i attemted 40.attute 27,current affires 36,english 35,computers 37

  17. there is any descriptive paper for sbi associate clerks?

  18. Thank You Sameer... :-)

  19. Ans was a) 10800

  20. 2 questions on SWOT Analysis
    About P's of marketing
    Product Orientation

  21. This is a shared copy from different peoples reviews........ Some are saying questions from (19 to 24) were not asked............ My exam is on FEB 22

  22. Yea..I solved this question two times but couldn't get the answer..I got the answer as 12600 or something but it was not there in the options..

  23. i didnt had exam today.. but based on friend's review i collected few questions..

    1. OBAMA WIFE NAME - Michelle Obama

    2. CVV FULL FORM - Card Verification Value

    3. BSBDA A/C FULL FORM - Basic Savings Bank Account

    4. Rosetta mission is launched by which space agency – European space agency

    5. Instrument for investment – infrastructure bond

    6. Which one is public sector undertaking – NIA

    7. currency of Greece – euro

    8. Bangladesh currency? Taka

    9. Currency of Pakistan – Pakistani rupee.

    10. Capital of Argentina is - Buenos Aires

    11. BSF- Border Security Force Foundation day (49th Raising Day)- Dec 1

    12. Who regulates Banking Sector- RBI

    13. Classical dance Bharatanatyam related to which State- Tamil Nadu

    14. Sachin Tendulkar Autography - Playing it My Way

    15. Minister of state for Finance- Jayant Sinha

    16. LINE B/W Pak and Afgan - durand line

    17. Minister of Water Resources- Uma Bharti

    18. Dong Feng 31B missile range- 10,000 Km

    19. 2016 Summer Olympics venue- Brazil (Rio-de janerio)

    20. Recently held 18th SAARC summit- Nepal (Kathmandu)

    21. Grand Cordon of the Order of the Paulownia Flowers Award given by Japan to whom - Manmohan singh

    22. 1 about worldcup

    23. IMF[International Monetary Fund] head quarter- Washington, DC.

    24. Headquarter of UNESCO- Paris

    25. Who is the Vice Chairman of NITI AAYOG – Arvind Panagariya.

    26. Venue Of Next 2018 Commonwealth Games- Gold Coast City, Queensland, Australia

    27. Pankaj mishra related to- Novelist (Winner of 2014 Windham–Campbell Prize)

    28. Roger Federer related to which sports- Lawn Tennis.

    29. Name of Visakhapatnam cyclone – HuDhud

    30. Agni 4 missile range – 4000 Km

    31. Highest urban population state as per Census 2011 – Maharashtra –

    32. Range of Dong feng missile - 1250 km

    33. Author of "The Dramatic Decade: The Indira Gandhi Years"- Pranab Mukherjee

    34. National Voter's Day is observed on – 25th January

    35. Golden peacock award at IFFI 2014- Russian film 'Leviathan’(Goa film festival)

    36. Chief Justice of Bangladesh – surendra kumar sinha

    37. Monetory reform policy is changed by - RBI

  24. first 588000/12 then it will easy for you...

  25. Question ask in todays SBI exam:
    1-the ratio b/w benefit and cost
    2-the belife that business sucess comes from producing the best possible product is called
    3-approx. 1 thousand character is termed as 1kb or 1mb or bit
    4-a word processing program would be an example of ...
    5-what are parts of computer that can be physically touch?
    6- is a rigid storage device fixed permanently with in computer
    7- is a s/w program that can surf the web and interface with website
    8-the resolution of printing is measured in ...
    9- is a s/w that control computer.
    10-1 MB is equal to ....
    11-differnce b/w monertary value of nation export &import.
    12-4 P`s of product market.
    13-according to data of census 2011 which state has highest urban population.
    14-the mutual fund constituted as...
    15-S.W.O.T analyas full form
    16-brain of computer is called ...
    17-segmentation of market on the basis of age, gender are known as ....
    18-what term mean to erase data from computer or computer media ?
    19-function key
    20-telangna is which no. of state in india
    21-"play in my way is autobiography of ...
    22-what was the name of cyclone that hit Vishakhapatnam?
    23-who has been new vice chairman of NITI Ayog recently
    24-capital city of argentina?
    25-Rogerer Federer is related to which sport ?
    26-2016 summer olympic will be held at which place.

  26. Thank you aarthee.. All the best for your results..

  27. oye.. my comment.. :D

  28. For a month 49000
    3/7 used so 4/7 and in day 4/7 is used so remaining is 4/7*3/7 and in dat 10% is used so used is 12/49*90/100 and it is calculated dat is 12/49*90/100*49000 and the and is 10800

  29. nice review thanks for sharing and all the best for ur resuts

  30. do u attend so much,

    i cant attend like this because of less time ... any suggestions plz?....

  31. when is the last date of sbi associ clerk exam?

  32. 22 feb, i think

  33. thank u .. omg me on last day

  34. Friends....somebody pls share marketing today morning session questions answers .Today I attended the sbi asso clerk exam.

  35. I am not sure, but I haven't heard of people having xam after 22 feb.So I said 22 feb.

  36. Barak Obama wife name - Michelle Obama
    CVV FULL FORM - Card Verification Value
    PAKISTAN CURRENCY - Pakistani Rupee
    BSBDA A/C FULL FORM - Basic Savings Bank Account
    Dramatic decade authour? -Pranab Mukherjee
    IMF headquaters -Washingaton D.C.
    NITI aayog vice chairperson - Arvind Panagariya
    Who is Punkaj mishra - Writer
    National voters day - 25th January
    Argentina capital- Buenos Aires
    Greece currency - Euro
    BSF Foundation day -1 December
    RBI regulate which sector -Banking
    Sachin autobiography-Playing It My Way
    2011 highest urban population state- Maharastra
    1 mb = 1024 kb
    Dong fong missile strike range- Max.550 kms
    UNISCO Headquater- Paris
    Roger Federer related to which sport- Tennis
    Where SAARC summit - Khatmandu,Nepal
    Summer Olympics venue - China
    Japan give award - Dr.Manmohan singh
    Hudhud affect which coast. Visakhapatnam
    Bharatnatyam start from which state - Tamil nadu
    Agni4 range - 3,000 – 4,000 km

  37. Keerthi...please tell me in brief abt aptitude

  38. 588000/12= 49000
    49000*3/7=21000 and remainin amt is 28000*4/7=16000
    the funny thing is whn i tried in exam i didnt get the answer,..
    aftr cuming hme tried got the ans :( :(

  39. my friend has exam on 28th feb

  40. Is any one remembers about a question in GA related to summit which is not a familiarized summit i heard. So, anyone please name it ?

  41. Summer olympics venue is Brazil.

  42. Thank you so much dear as i and my friend spent maximum time for this question only and i would like to see where we went wrong

  43. Dear Dong Fong range is 10000 km

  44. Today any body attended The New India Assurance Co. Ltd assistant exam?

  45. Mr. Kiran u r asking me?

  46. Is any one remembers answers to the syllogism in reasoning? All are in similar nature

  47. where do you get these questions ?

  48. This is a shared copy from different people's reviews........ Some are saying questions from (19 to 24) were not asked............ My exam is on FEB 22

  49. There is also a question from QA related to DA whose answer are in fractions looks bit complicated. Can any one share it?

  50. Excellent boss shared important one. What is the answer to 1th and17th question?

  51. ya 19 to 24 questions are not asked in sbi associates 24th morning

  52. Thanks for ur experience ....

  53. a branch with almost no progress??? wat all things can be done to brng it back to life ???? plz give some points to ans

  54. thanks for sharing daily news updates . . . but we are eagerly waiting for your SBI ASSOCIATE CLERKS 2015 QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE . HOPE U WILL HELP US MORE @Gr8ambitionz.

  55. can we expect SBI ASSOCIATE CLERKS 2015 QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE ? ? ? please reply @gr8ambitionz team.

  56. thankyou sudharani and arthee

  57. Hie sudharani thanks fr sharing
    Can u tell me little detail of simplification so tht i can hav clear picture on tht as i am weak in aptitude so.....
    And reasoning .......circular and linear are direct or twisted...can anyone solve those with minimum practice.....

  58. S BRO they didn't asked such questions

  59. GK questions:

    Bihu is dacne?
    Bank with its own index? sbi
    which are credit rating agencies?
    sunedison and adaani group proj in which district of gujarat?
    PMJDY - RUpay card
    Mukul mudgal committee
    CBI - Anil sinha
    External affairs cabinet minister- sushma
    ICJ - hague
    Next G20 - china
    some new scheme name starting with gnyan or something
    asha bhonsle - award
    could remember these only
    APTI was ok..
    apti: series, s.i and c.i, one quest on mixtures, mensuration 2 qs, average 2qs, boats sum, 3 quests based on ratio n prop, surds, percentage,ages prob, no qs in permutaion, probability, AND ONE DI was there..
    Reasoning was good
    Syllogism, inequality , giving a pattern of letters say acd djk pqt aks and quest based on tat, coding decoding, giving some mixture of letters symbols and quest based on tat ( like if all symbols are droppped wat is the 6th letter frm left)
    preparing BA capsule n supplementry caps s more than enuf.. marketing quest troubled me.. computer was easy..
    Prepare well n give your best guys... ALL the best

  60. please solve this A is 60% more efficient than B. A alone take 15 days to finish the work. Then A & B working together how much time take .

  61. demographic segmentation

  62. 2 question answer

  63. The missile had max range of 550 km and 500 kg payload.

  64. I had exam on 24th(evening session). Overall it was very easy compared to all State Bank exams.

  65. hi.............sameer my exam is on 21 feb cau you tell me how to prepare quant and english on daily basis wheather i prepare topic wise chapters or do practise from previous paper sets


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