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January 24, 2015

IBPS PO IV Interview Experience from Haryana

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Name : Sudhir Chauhan

Interview Date : 23-01-2015

Place : Hotel platinum Plaza, Rohtak (HR)

Time : 8:30

Panel : 2

It was my first interview. I have reached at 8:35.There were 4 panals 40-50 in one panal. They were giving a plain paper to write about anything we want. Most of the people were writing about themselves (including me).

My verification was done by 11:00 because some degree dates Problem and all.But it was all okay.

Interview started at 12:30. There were 5 person.
M1: A Sikh (Main leader I think)
M2:50-60yr Age
M3-50-60 yr
and a lady
I entered the room.  I was little nervous. I closed the door and greeted them.They replied with same.
They Signed me to sit.
Interview was all in hindi.They did not speak English at all :-D

m1: what is ur name young man
me:Sir,sudhir chauhan.

m2:where u from?
me:told abt my village in ambala.

Then there was some discussion about my university like how is it? how is placements? faculty? etc
I told good point about it (Never say a bad word about colg or school in which u have studied)

M2:These spectacles that you're wearing.... how much power and what is it called?
Me: Focal length and unit I guess its cm.

M2:No,It starts with D
Me: I don't know sir
M2: Its dioptrics
I'm like (whattt....)

M2 to M4 : puchiye sir kuch physics ka.

M4: you have done ece na?How cellphone works
me:explained breifly

M4: Medium kya use hota hai(Which medium is used)? is it satellite?
me:yes Sir..sometimes

M4: which is the last satellite that india has placed?
me: i didn't know about that but i said it was navigational and India is developing its own gps(IRNSS)

M4:What is Gps and Gis?

M2:Haan there is a mission which was in the news??
me:Mars Orbitor Mission(gud Job ISRO-Proud of u)

M4: who regulate Banks and insurance companies?
me: RBI and IRDA.

M4: and foreign Investment?
me: Hmmm...I don't know sir

M2:asked about family and land in village?
me:I said we have 17acres

M2:What r u doing here ...u should do kheti(Farming)
me:No sir,My family was more interested in our education rather than farming.

M1:Abhi kya lagaya hua hai(Which crop have u planted recently)
Then discussion about rent(theka) and village.

M2: Bna de fir tereko manager?
me: bna do....sir :-D

M1: You have written about young revolutionaries and how they inspired you like Shaheed Bhagat singh,Chandra sekhar Azad,Ram prasd Bismil. Do u know the main thing about azad?
me: He was never arrested by police.He changed his last name as Azad(Free).

m1: Where was he from?
me: From UP(although he was born in MP)

m1:where was he died?
me:Sir,Alfred Park (Allahabad) Now its Azad park.

m1: Very Good...beta
m1: Okay if we recruit u as a manager and posted u in rural area in distt.-Mainpuri (No telephone) can u manage?
me: Sure...Anytime.

Then they made jokes about my future wife and they were laughing(me too).It was a good experience.There were nice people and I have a good time.

My advise: Be Yourself....and Earn it!!

At last Favorite Sher of Bhagat Singh:
Kureh Khak hai Gardish main Tapash sai Meri,
Main Voh majnu hun Jo Jindan main Bhee Azad Raha.
(my being has heated every single particle of dust....such is my fervour that i am free even in chains)

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