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December 11, 2014

SBI Clerical Interview Experience 2014


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Hi friends. This is Udayashree. I would like to share my SBI Clerical Interview experience..

Name : Udayashree

Center: Banglore

Panel : 1 (3 sirs, 1 mam)

Time : 9 A .M
         I reached the venue by 7:30 A.M

They called all the candidates for certificate verification.. as I am 3rd in their list , i have completed my verification by 9:15..

They asked us to wait in a room...

They called me for interview at 10:45

I was waiting out side of the interview room...
As soon as the bell rang, I entered into the room by asking their permission with smile
And wished them
They offered me seat I said thank u..
Then my interview started..

First question they asked me R U FEELING NERVOUS? ?
I just smiled..
Then they again asked me R U READY for the interview???
I said yes sir...
M1: Don't be tensed just we are trying to know about your self..
       they asked my name and next question is..
As i am MBA( H.R.M) specialized
They asked me definition of HRM ??
Me : I said most effective use of people to achieve individual and organizational goal....
M1: they asked me to explain in detail..i did it
And asked about my project work , how is it useful to banking..
and about decision making process....
M2: asked about my hobbies (as i mentioned  social service ) how will u apply in banking sector??
Me: by maintaining customer relations and making awareness on banking products etc...
M3: say about solar system? How many planets are there in our solar system ?
Me: with out hesitation i said 8 planets..
But they said how is it possible we learnt it as 9 planets..
So i said no sir , the last planet had removed from the list because there are more planets which are bigger than pluto...they said ok...
M4: (mam) asked me about regional language..
they asked me to read and kannada ...
And at last all  said all the best to me and i said thanks to all of them...

I have answered all the questions confidently...

My over all interview was good and i am very satisfied with my performance. 

Thanks to Gr8ambitionz as their interview material helped me a lot for my  preparation. 

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  1. All the best Udayashree....

  2. Any one tell which one is the best book for quantitative apptitude?

  3. did they asked u to write read nd write kannada?

  4. Thanx for sharing your interview experience...Good luck...:-)

  5. thanks kirshna!!!

  6. Realy ur confident was good as a way u answrd

  7. Did they ask u to read and write kannada??????

  8. Any one frm bhopal on 14

  9. S.. they gave me paper and said to read fpur line..and said to write my father name

  10. S.. gave me paper to read and to write my father name

  11. is there any medical test during the interview process ??

  12. I think Pluto is again considered as a planet.. so that was a big blundr.....

  13. thankx nd all the best udayashree

  14. No angshu...
    Officially there are only 8 planets..
    Check it once

  15. for shortcuts its M Tyra's quickest maths..for shortcuts you can have a look at the videos from you tube. if you type glad2teach u will find umpteen no of videos...

  16. is resume required as everything is in bio data form

  17. tx udaya...nd all the best

  18. no..only boidata form is enough...

  19. good luck...i wish u got the job...

  20. and one more , pluto has a different type of orbit and all other planet has almost same pattern of orbit

  21. r u from karnataka or from other state?

  22. and all the interview done in english or in any other language ?

  23. bhopal but on 13th

  24. frends any one from telangana (hyderabad) pls share ur interview exparience


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