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December 13, 2014

IBPS Clerks IV Online Exam Review dated 13th December 2014


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Review shared by Naman Chavda
Hello friends i m Naman from Gujarat. I had papered in Today's Morning Shift exam of IBPS Cerk CWE IV 2014 .

Here is section wise review from my side
  • Maths : it was bit tricky(as i feel) there are so many mistakes in this section. 2-3 simplificatuon answers were wrong . There is No none of this option Ifeel this section was tough hope i could clear it
  • Reasoning : it is moderate section
    • No new patteren. I think one arrangment was wrong i.made it twice !
  • English : moderate section with passage error correction etc
  • General Awareness : this is section is very gud thankfully question from general.awarness were there :)
  • Computers : there were basic quection and some tricky as well
Thank you team gr8amtionz for providing this platform :)

Questions shared by Harika Dungala
  • CASA full form
  • NPA full form
  • BIOS full form
  • A bit on ING Vysya bank's merger with Kotak Mahindra bank
  • A question on email service provided by IBM
  • A question from Asian Games
  • A question on Women Kabaddi team (they won gold medal in Asian Games)
  • Airforce day observed on ?
  • A question on Ministers
  • A question on United Nations Development Programme 
  • A question on Nobel Literature prize winner
  • A question on Monetary Tool
  • A question on A. B. Vajapayee who used to give hindi speaches before Modi
  • A question on Seema Punia

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  1. Paper was good (neither easy nor hard)

    I could attempt 167

  2. guys i got 126 in rrb oa. is there any chances iam from tripura

  3. Ya bro only quant ws the toughest ... Questions were similar to po level in quant... I was only able to attempt 18 with almost 95% accuracy in this section... Rest were easy..hoping for the best..

  4. yes...Reasoning one puzzle ques wrong..

  5. Very less chance.. Start preparing for next exam..

  6. Today IBPS CLERK's question of reasoning had two sitting arrangements. One was quite easy while the other is : eight persons viz J, K, L, M, N, O, P and Q are sitting at the corner and middle of a square table. The one who sits at corner faces towards the centre while one who is on the middle is facing opposite to the centre.
    * O is 2nd to the right of J, where J is in the middle seat
    * 2 persons sits between O and Q
    * N is 3rd to the left of L who is not the nearest neighbour of O.
    * 2 persons is sitting between N and K.
    * P is not an immediate neighbour of L.
    Questions were based on this arrangement

  7. hai rajkumar i am from tamilnadu i got 149 in oa is there any chance i am belongs to obc category

  8. 140 with 90% accuracy..........any chance?

  9. Tintu likha ka koi question aaya kya kisi KO morning shift. Me? Because mujhe nahi aaya and kuch wale daal rahe he.

  10. Tintu luka ka koi question aaya kya kisi KO morning shift. Me? Because mujhe nahi aaya and kuch wale daal rahe he. Seems Piniya wale me v Option me discuss throw Tha hi nahi. To mene Atheletics lagaya? Kya me sahi hu?

  11. yup same puzzle asked in my exam too on 6th

  12. yeah you got chance

  13. exactly.....seema puniya Q ka option nehi tintu luka ka koi Q nai aaya

  14. thanks..........hope 4 d best..........

  15. hope for good :)

  16. Thanks friend...

  17. What is the selection process in sbi clerk 80:20 or 70:30 please tell me friends

  18. puzzle was wrong i think . anyone here who got the right sequence in north south arrangement

  19. Math was ltl bt tough bt rest sectons were moderate gk nobl prize in ltrature any one cn ask from abt today mrng examm

  20. Dono... Bro hw ws your SBI clerk interview??

  21. Discus throw is a type of Athletics event.
    So the correct answer is athletics.

  22. guys i forgot to save the online application form of cwe clerk 2014 wat should i do. :(

  23. You will get another chance to download your application form when the result will be out .

  24. this sitting arrangement is right,

  25. One was quite easy while the other is : eight persons viz J, K, L, M, N, O, P and Q are sitting at the corner and middle of a square table. The one who sits at corner faces towards the centre while one who is on the middle is facing opposite to the centre.
    * O is 2nd to the right of J, where J is in the middle seat
    * 2 persons sits between O and Q
    * N is 3rd to the left of L who is not the nearest neighbour of O.
    * 2 persons is sitting between N and K.
    * P is not an immediate neighbour of L.
    Questions were based on this arrangement

  26. I did only 14.. Sectional cut off will decide!!!

  27. Numerical Ability Was bit tought.Computer Awareness easy,GA easy, Reasoning moderate, English Easy. My attempts: Numerical Ability 29 English 30 Reasoning 40 General Awareness 39 Computer 40. Total 178/200. Hope for best.

  28. maths ki pattern bhi same thi ya different

  29. GIGO fullform Garbage in , Garbage out

    1million bytes- megabyte

    VOIP- Voice over Internet Protocol

    ppf account financial year max limit-1.5 lakh?

    which is not boolean operator? (boolean operators are: AND, OR, and NOT)

    UNDP headquarters -New York City, USA

    SEZ 'E' stands for? - special ECONOMIC zones

    ECS -Electronic Clearing Services

    IPO-Initial public offering

    AML- Anti Money Laundering

    CASA depostis are -current and savings accounts

    Brazil currency -Brazilian real

  30. can any one share the reasoning puzzle and math quistions of today ibps iv

  31. My Review
    The overall paper was easy to moderate.
    Numerical:Indirect questions,time consuming
    English:Moderate to easy
    Computer:very easy
    GK: Easy to moderate,Thanks to Gr8 Team.
    My attempts
    Total-165(With about 90% accuracy).

    Here are some questions which I remember
    1.Seema Punia who won Asiad Gold is associated with?
    Ans: Athletics.
    2.Full form of NAV?
    Ans: Net Asset Value.
    3.Certain amount of assets of a bank which is kept with RBI is called?
    Ans:CRR(Csh Reserve Ratio)
    4.Who won gold in Asiad womens Kabbadi?
    5.ING Vysya merged with?
    Ans:Kotak Mahindra Bank
    6.Literature Nobel winner?
    Ans:Patrick Modiano
    7.Man Booker Prize winner Richard Flanagan belongs to?
    8.ECS full form?
    Ans:Electronic Clearance Service or System [I am still in doubt]
    9.Who was the first Indian PM to address UN assembly in Hindi?
    Ans:Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
    10.National Airforce Day Observed on
    Ans: October 8
    11.E-mail service "Verse" was launched by?

    12.Nitin Gadkari's Constituency?
    13.Who is the Science and Technology Minister?
    14.IPO full form?
    Ans:Initial Public Offering.
    15.Capital of Saudi Arabia?
    16.Currency of Brazil?
    Ans:Brazilian Real
    17.KYC helps to?
    Ans:Prevent Money Laundering
    18. When is the Interest in SB accounts is calculated?
    Ans:Daily Basis
    19.Who won the max medals in Asiad?
    20.Maximum limit on PPF accounts in an year?
    Ans: Rs. 1,50,000/-
    21.Amount of tax exemption for PM's Relief fund?
    Ans:100% under section 80G
    22.Middle 3 digits of MICR code represents?
    23.GIGO Full form?
    Ans:Garbage In Garbage Out
    24.BIOS Full form?
    Ans: Basic Input Output System.

  32. very less yr, u should pratice more

  33. sir please provide interview material for ibps po thnx in advance

  34. U still hv chances if cut off is between 10-14....all the best...

  35. which book is best for interview prepationz??

  36. guys i got 105 in rrb officer scale I. i m from m.p. gen category. is there any chance for me? please relpy

  37. antee sangathi !!
    amyindie exam fever lekaa .. climate change kie vachindaa

  38. emo ninna sudden ga e time ki vachindi...avunu nee native ekkada

  39. vizag needie --rajamundry

  40. vundie gurtuku vundie

  41. antha leddu mana vallu antee gurtuku vundie potundie needie RRB oa --161 score

  42. yes ippudu double gr8 kani enduku waste a score 170 above anta kada cutoff

  43. yes crct my score ur double gr8

  44. Satyannarayana YedlaDecember 13, 2014 at 5:42 PM

    Thanks for sharing.

  45. Just avg they asked mostly from my academics iam commerce background

  46. I did total 170 but only 19 in maths. What was math cutoff in last year exams

  47. Hi every one i have given the exam in the afternoon session on 13th December from TELANGANA.

    Over all exam is of moderate level.

    Let's see a brief analysis "Section wise" :

    1. GENERAL AWARENESS -- > Section is of moderate level.

    Indonesia currency?

    According to 2011 Census most of the slums in which city?

    Pankaj Aadwani Related with which game?

    Shanti swarup bhatnagar award 2014

    Capital of Canada is?

    Nasik is situated on which of the river?

    2014 Man Booker Prize winner?

    Medicine nobel prize 2014 winners? etc.

    2. COMPUTER SECTION : Almost all the questions are of easy to moderate level.

    3. REASONING : Questions were some what tricky this time in seating arrangement but we can solve it in some time and other arrangement based on 2 parallel line which is couldn't do . Reset part is as usual. 25 to 30 questions can be attempted.

    4. ENGLISH : This section is not difficult it is also moderate . I have not attempted the passage rest can be attempted.

    5.NUMERICAL ABILITY : I personally felt this as the toughest of all the sections in this exam.

    But an average candidate like me can attempt 20 questions out of 40.Remaining are tricky and time consuming.

    Over all i have attempted 129 questions .

  48. 146 with 90% accuracy...any chance?

  49. Ibps following same pattern of question paper. Today's paper pattern is exactly same fir rezoning they just change value that it.
    So practice according to pattern only.
    Paper is easy except QA is time consuming

  50. It ws 10 or less than that I guess...this time it would be between no probs... All the best..

  51. Gud n wat ws your score in SBI clerk exam?

  52. hey gyes any one tell me last year cut off of ibps clerk

  53. both sectional cut off and overall cut off please

  54. Paper was very easy. I had done 177 with 90% accuracy.
    Math 36 with 100% accuracy
    reasoning 35
    gs 37
    eng 30
    computer 39

  55. Yes u have chance. Bt do other exams well.. Bcz rrb oa posting will be done only after po, clerk and so vacancies are filled..

  56. no chance jump in the river

  57. yeah got good chance if u see the standard of exam from last yera good chance is there

  58. plz share the parallel puzzle.

  59. 36 in math..hats of man..

  60. yr isme left right kaise lete h ,i m confused

  61. Please provide the puzzle question

  62. If you can solve the simple sitting arrangement (sitting in circular manner)
    then you can solve this one too. you can see the below example .

  63. hey did you solve the puzzle about parallel sitting arrangement?

  64. 13 dec morning shift complete question. From punjab... ( Math reasoning and english at end)

    Md. yunus khan got noble prize 2006 for micro credit

    ISRO got indira peace n disarmament award.

    wind power project Off shore ( Gujrat May be)

    Which one is not regulator IBA.

    Max limit of PPF== 1.5 lakh

    Richard Flanagan belongs to which country - Australian

    Capital of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh

    Which Constituency does Nitin Gadkari Belongs to – Nagpur

    Before PM Narendra Modi who has given speech in Hindi in United Nations – Atal Bihari Vajpayee

    Use of KYC – Money Laundering

    Verse email provided by which company - IBM

    NPA full form – Non Performing Assests

    BIOS full form – Basic Input Output System

    Middle 3 digit in MICR – Bank code

    IPO full form – Initial Public Offering

    Currency of Brazil – Brazil Real

    ING Vysya Bank merged with – Kotak Mahindra Bank

    Use of KYC – Money Laundering

    UNDP Headquarter – New York

    Women Kabaddi Team got – Gold Medal

    Seema Poonia related to which sports – Discus Throw Athletics

    Interest on Saving Account is given on – Daily basis

    Nobel Prize in Literature to - Patrick Modiano

    NAV full form – Net Asset Value

    Gujarat govt. declared Vadodara as – State Cultural Capital

    Which one is not a monetary tool – its base rate

    Science and Technology Minister – Harsh Vardhan

    Air Force Day – 8th October

    IPO full form – Initial Public Offering

    Who topped in Asian Games – China

    Which one is not a monetary tool? – Base Rate

    What is the theme of SAARC smmit 2015 16 year related to cultural heritage

    One question from CASA its related to net deposit time libility

    Demand draft valid for 3 months.

    PArdhanmantri national relief fund come under = 100 % 80 g tax assumption.

    one is china city gzougong tie up with its gujrat municpal corporation.

    in 100 smart cities which three develop vishakapatnam vedodra ...

    Math series question...


    B=7,9,18,46,111 ,..........




    Reasoning puzzle wated 10 min could not solve even at home

    They are two parallel lines. In Which five members of Row-1 (S,T,U,V,W) facing North & Row-2 (L,M,N,O,P) Facing South.
    1. O Sits third to the right of M.
    2. T Stands the immediate neighbour of Who Faces M.
    3. T is not standing at any of the corner.
    4. The one who faces W, stands third to the right of L.
    5. P Faces V.

    English Para jumble answer is
    DAEBC ( Not sure) but its sure start with D

  65. it was extremely difficult for me. i only answered 140 and only 19 in maths ;( i am from kerala, is the sectional cut off same for all states bcoz the northern states exams are kinda very easy whereas in kerala its a tough one. anyone knows last year ibps clerk cut off in kerala???????????

  66. my exam is on 21 Dec

  67. Last year's cut off in kerala for General Category was 109.

  68. Yes you are right. there is a mistake in parallel lines puzzle. i tried it for 4 times but i didn't get it. l,m,n,o,p are sitting in a row facing south. s,t,u,v,w are sitting in row facing north they are exactly opposite to each other.
    m sits third to the left of o
    neighbor of m is sitting opposite to t
    t sits neither on the ends
    one person sits between t and s
    person sits second to the right of l is opposite to w
    p and v are opposite to each other.
    try this.

  69. Exactly. Tintu question was not asked in exam . that too options giving for seema punia is athelitics.

  70. i too think d same... i tried it twice... its wrong in my point of view

  71. ? is right but u hav the selection like s/t

  72. dont worry..maths last yr cut off only 10.......

  73. dont worry..maths last yr cut off only 10......

  74. ECS-Electronic Clearing System(in check truncation) ...also right


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