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December 13, 2014

Complete General Awareness Questions of IBPS Clerks IV Online Exam dated 13th December 2014


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Hi friends, I am Sarita. Here I want to share the list of all General Awareness questions of Today's (13th December 2014) Morning Session. Hope it helps. All The Best :)
  1. Brazillian real ::currency of Brazil
  2. Air force day == 8 oct
  3. Out of 100 smart cities,USA would help in making of  3 cities:: ajmer, vishakapattnam,allahabad 
  4. About CRR(direct ques)  
  5. Limit of DD==6 months  
  6. Richard flanagan men bookers prize winner is from == Australia  
  7. Noble literature prize winner==patrick modiano  
  8. Not in monetary policy==base rate(repo,reserve repo rate,SLR,CRR)  
  9. Life time aachievement award lord of honors to??cricketer(options::kapil dev,sachin,dhoni,kohli)
  10. NAV==net asset value 
  11. Not the regulator==PMJDY(other options are::SEBI,RBI,IRDA)
  12.  ING VYASA BANK acquired by:: Kotek mahendra bank
  13. KYC is for wht purpose::money laundering
  14. Middle three digits denoted bank name of MICR
  15. Cheque truncation means??
  16. Max limit of PPF== 1.5 lakh
  17. UNDP headquarter==new york US
  18. Earth sciences n sci n tech minister==dr harsh vardhan
  19. Seema punia ASIAN ==athletics
  20. Kabaddi gold winner==india
  21. Guangzhou china sister city==ahmedabad
  22. After sbi which bank launced scheme for kids==ICICI
  23. ISRO got indira peace n disarmament award.
  24. 2016-17 year SAARC declared cultural heritage
  25. UK rejected scotland referendum
  26. Gujrat declared vadodra as states cultural capital
  27. Saudi arabia capital==riyadh
  28. Wind power project==rajasthan(may be)
  29. Md. yunus khan got noble prize for==micro credit
  30. Who topped in ASIAN medal ceremony==china
  31. AML==anti money laundering
  32. Highest in sex ratio==kerala
  33. CASA is related to demand deposits
  34. Who launches 'verse' e mail app==IBM
  35. Speed of scanner measured in==options baud,bps,pixel,
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  1. DD validity is 3mnth

  2. Another Ques:
    36.SEZ what is E stands for? Economic
    37. Nitin gadkari won constituency? Nagpur

  3. DD validity is for 6months & cheque validity is for 3months

  4. 28QUE: wind power project =gujarath .

    thanks S@RITH@

  5. No From 01/Apr/2012 the validity of DD,cheque,payorder and Bankers' Cheques have been reduced to 3 months.
    Google it if you have doubt.

  6. largest wind power project in India is at Kayathar, Tamil Nadu

  7. anyone got the answer for speed of scanner

  8. no....bro....m months is correct...6 months reduced to 3 months....


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