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December 13, 2014

SBI Clerks Interview Experience


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Hi SBI Future Employees. My name is RAGHU from NALGONDA dist TELANGANA. I have attended my sbi clerk interview yesterday at 12pm in VIJAYAWADA. I want to share my interview experience with you.





TIME : 12 PM

After verification of my certificates they provided lunch to us. At 4pm i sent to the interview room. I entered room by asking permission  they asked me to sit.There were 5 members 1 female 4 males.
     My interview started with a joke my surname is one of the snakes name they asked me is it poisonous i said no sir it is not poisonous, then male1 sir said that he is poisonous his name nagaraju (king kobra name) then everyone in the panel laughed and i too.
  next questions..

Male2: Tell me about your native place..?
  i answered..
Questions asked about my graduation..?
  i answere somewhat ok...

Male 3:
Have you qualified any other bank exams...?
   i said sir i have cleared SBI PO written exam and attended interview but didn't get job in final selection.
What is other name of collection of coins..? (i mentioned collection of coins is my hobby)
    I told that is called Numismatism.
What is Marginal cost...?
   I answered..

What is the importance of 31 oct..?
  i said manav ekta diwas..
On whose remembarance...?
   sardar vallabhai patel..
Other name of Sardar patel...?
    Iron man..
Who is guest for 2015 jan 26...?
What is the news on nov 26....?
   i said about SAARC summit..
No not that another tragedy...?
   i recollected and said about mumbai terror attacks 26/11...
Where is Rajghat...?
   new delhi...

Male 1:
Tell me about it is important...?
   sir i know USGAAP mean United States Generally Accepted Accounting Principles but know much...

Male 4:
what is Bank rate...? CRR..?
   i answered for both....

Male1: Ok you can go.....
   I said thank you and have a nice day... left the room...

Total interview was nearly 15 to 20 mins.
All the very best my dear future SBI employees.

Thank you Gr8AmbitionZ for helping to banking aspirants by providing interview experiences and all other valuable information... 

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  1. nice to see the review of bcom bank aspirant..

  2. Congrats Raghu.. All the best for the results. 😊
    Even I'm from Telangana... Have interview on dec 20 in Hyd....
    Konchem tension ga undi... Andari Exps chusthunte konni qtns naaku thelinavi kuda unnai.... Em cheyali Oka vela qtn ki answer thelikapothe... Eka prepare ayyaru meeru interview...

  3. Hey dear dnt wry miru tendion matram face lo chupinchodu..theliyaka pothe just say dat u dnt pblm in dat

  4. Indranil BhattacharjeeDecember 13, 2014 at 8:51 PM

    bhai sarva haryana gramin bank ka offce asstant k liye aur bhi koi list niklega kya gen category mein 160 aaya ibps rrb mein hoga?????

  5. nice,,,,
    am also from Nalgonda

  6. hi keerthana mine is on 18th at hcu hyderabad .naku oka doubt undi clarify chesthara 10th 12th degree Xerox meeda kuda gazetted sign avasarama or self attested saripotunda?

  7. sairajesh GourishettyDecember 13, 2014 at 9:32 PM

    Hey all try to use raghu's knowledge for your interviews may be it was his 10th interview and I too performed 2-3 interviews along with him so use his subject and make some thing extra other than what you have learned any way all of us pray the Almighty to make his dream true ..bye guys.

  8. Thank u sravani garu... 😊
    Mee intrvw aipoinda..

  9. iam a bit tensed wen reading these reviews.I am selected for IBPS PO background is BBM+MBA(finance)+1 yr experience in a leading private bank...what all will be qns related to my background..I have not seen any reviews on qns askd on work experience...

  10. Hi Vasu garu..
    Naaku samee dbt unde actual ga but after reading posts... I mean already attend aina vallavi.. They mentioned that only self attestn will doo..only identity, conduct certificate needs gzttd offc tho cheyinchandi... Remaining study certficts, birth cetifct, I'd proof etc... Self stteatn cheyandi...

  11. thank you keerthana for your reply and have u filled biodata form? if so what did u mention in no 20 and 21 columns? and where is ur interview venue?

  12. hi raghu interview baga chesaru...good interview is on 17th at hyd...

  13. hi raghu me also from nalgonda....

  14. hi this is suresh from nalgonda,,,,

  15. Hi
    20)1. Conduct crtfct frm the colg last attended
    . 2. Charte certfct frm gzztd offcr.
    21) I gave 2 of my reffers name n addresss...

    Mine is on dec 20, SBI for rural dev, opp to Hyd centrl univ, Hyd. Panel 1.

  16. thank you and referrers means who provided gazetted sign to you or anything else? if so please tell me means relatives or friends etc and mine is also same panel

  17. Congrats Raghu......All the best brthr

  18. R u gen? And how much u attend in exam ?

  19. Which will you prefer if selected in both RBI assistant as well as SBI assistant? And why? plz tell us ans?

  20. raghu can u tell me about the identity certificate i got the sign from the school principal recognized is it ok or i should get from the gazetted officer and plz tell us about the certificate verification

  21. Hii sry for late reply
    I gav one of my uncles as well as one of my frnds names....
    Is urs on dec20 same centre same panel
    At wat time?

  22. i gave the referrer name who provided me the gazetted sign? is there any problem? please tell me

  23. I dnt think that vl b a prblmm... But make sure vt anybody who gav their intrcw aalready....
    Plzz share ur exp aftr urs is done... As we r gonna give in same centre n same panel... I thnk ur exp vl b helpfull for me...😊


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