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December 01, 2014

Banking Awareness Quiz for IBPS Clerks IV - Set 45


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  1. Fiscal policy in India is formulated by the ________________
    1. Finance Ministry 
    2. Reserve Bank of India
    3. Prime Minister's Office
    4. CBDT
    5. None of these
  2. Certificates of Deposits have a minimum value of ?
    1. Rs. 1 lakh
    2. Rs. 10 lakh
    3. Rs. 25 lakh
    4. Rs. 1 crore 
    5. None of these
  3. Which agency is known as "Soft Credit Window" of the World Bank ?
    1. International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)
    2. International Development Association (IDA)
    3. International Monetary Fund (IMF)
    4. Asian Development Bank (ADB)
    5. None of these
  4. "Swabhiman Scheme" launched in India is associated with ?
    1. Urban Banking
    2. Co-operative Banking
    3. Industrial Banking
    4. Rural Banking
    5. None of these
  5. Which of the following is not true ?
    1. Call money deals with overnight loans
    2. As special cases, few FIs like LIC, UTI can borrow in the call money market
    3. Call loans are made on a "Clean basis"
    4. Is a part of organized money market
    5. None of these
  6. Planning Commission has set up a high level expert committee to suggest measures for efficient management of public expenditure under the chairmanship of ________
    1. Prof. Ravindra Dholakia
    2. C.Rangarajan
    3. K. Kasturirangan\
    4. Nitin Desai
    5. None of these
  7. A bank accepts a deposit from a corporate house. The feature of the deposit are :
      • Accepted at discounted value
      • Stamp duty is borne by the bank
      • Issued as issuance of promissory note
      • TDS is not applicable
        • Identify the Deposit ?
    1. Commercial Paper
    2. Certificate of Deposit
    3. Flexi Deposit
    4. Caution Deposit
    5. None of these
  8. National Savings Certificate matures at the end of ?
    1. 6 years
    2. 3 years
    3. 5 years
    4. 10 years
    5. None of these
  9. This committee is associated with finance to small scale industries 
    1. C. E. Kamath
    2. Malegam
    3. G. S Patel
    4. Chatelier
    5. Khanna
  10. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has directed banks to follow the Clean Note Policy Strictly and issue clean currency notes to public. What does Clean Note Policy means ?
    1. To do away the process of stapling the currency notes and to secure the note packets with paper bands
    2. To sort notes into re-issuable and non-issuable notes and to withdraw soiled notes from circulation in the market
    3. to stop writing of any kind on watermark window of bank notes
    4. All of the above
    5. None of these
  11. Which of the following does not correctly explain the market practice of Insider Trading ?
    1. It is the trading of a public company's stock 
    2. It is the trading of bonds or stock options by individuals with access to nonpublic information about the company 
    3. Matters related to insider trading in India are dealt by forward Market Commission 
    4. Insider trading in India is governed by the Prohibition of Insider Trading Regulations 1992
    5. None of these
  12. Which of the following has the authority to appoint Banking Ombudsman in India ?
    1. SEBI 
    2. RBI
    3. NABARD
    4. Supreme Court 
    5. Ministry of Finance, GOI
  13. The Reserve Bank of India recently barred from disbursing loans against gold coins weighting more than
    1. 10 gram
    2. 25 gram
    3. 50 gram
    4. 100 gram
    5. 122 gram
  14. Which of the following is correct regarding the Securities Transaction Tax ?
    1. it is not applicable on offmarket transactions 
    2. it is not applicable on commodity transactions
    3. it is not applicable on currency transactions 
    4. it was originally introduced in 2004
    5. All of the above
  15. What is the standard weight in which golds is quoted in the international market ?
    1. Ounce
    2. Gram
    3. Troy Ounce
    4. Grain
    5. Pennyweight
  16. Which of the following categories does not come under Priority Sector Lending in India ?
    1. Education
    2. Housing
    3. Export Credit
    4. Health 
    5. Micro and Small Enterprises
  17. With which of the following countries is the Nifty Index associated ?
    1. Japan
    2. USA
    3. India
    4. Britain
    5. The Netherlands
  18. The abbreviation of RIDF stands for ?
    1. Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
    2. Rural Investment for Development of Farming
    3. Rate In Diligent Firm
    4. Rural India's Direct Fund
    5. None of these
  19. In which month of the year is Income Tax Return filed in India where the accessee is a company ?
    1. March
    2. May
    3. July 
    4. October
    5. December
  20. The Reserve Bank recently released the final guidelines for issuing of new banking licenses. As per these guidelines, foreign shareholding in the new bank for the first five years will be up to ?
    1. 16%
    2. 33%
    3. 49%
    4. 51%
    5. 64%

Download Last 6 Months' Banking Awareness Pdf File (June to November 2014) for IBPS Clerks IV from here

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  1. Sir what was the passing marks in English last year in IBPS clerk cwe3 exam 2013?
    Plz tell me sir i can't score more than 20 in English... My Ibps clerk 4 online exam is on 14 dec...
    Plz Reply me ?

  2. wht ws the previous sectional cutoff and state wise cutoff for tamil nadu

  3. what was the cut off marks in maths last year ibps clerk plzz tel if anyone knws

  4. if you score 20 marks in english within 25 minutes then you are going well..!!

  5. Thank you gr8 team

  6. thank you sir

  7. thank u sir..
    i hav a dbt
    my exam is on 6th. the very first day.
    in gk section,which topic shd i concentrate-banking or current affairs.
    sir plz help me

  8. Sir what was the passing marks in English last year in IBPS clerk cwe3

  9. It was 9 fr general ctgry.. I m nt sir.. aspirants like u :p

  10. i am new here ..hw will i know
    and i am a sir nt an aspirant

  11. srry sir.. i dnt knw :) actly i was also new to this site :p

  12. you "are"
    please use correct tense here

  13. abe carlsen............:-p

  14. sir,,banking or current affairs to concentrate more
    plz respond sir

  15. wow thank u sir..........:-)

  16. Dnt ask silly questions please ..Banking questions obviously

  17. nothing yaar....jus trying to enhance knowledge frm various sources...:-p

  18. same here.. u knw dreamer ?

  19. you are welcome..but there myt be more than 1 as a precaution say "sirs"

  20. okk...dreamer sir......:-)

  21. any news abt monetary policy ?

  22. Dear u should focus on banking aw n current affairs of last 6 months.u can download pdf frm this site.half bnkng k ayege n half current..may be 2-3qus of finance term.

  23. Kya huva Dre@mer praji

  24. Haha dreamer before giving lessons to others correct ur tenses or watever should be i am not are as u said ....rofl at ur english

  25. Pls tel what is over all cutoff for general category last year ibps cwe3?

  26. 9 Marks for karnataka

  27. it was 11 For karnataka

  28. venkatesh gunaparthiDecember 1, 2014 at 10:09 PM

    16 th answer....??

  29. please tell me what were the section cutoff and overall cutoff?..please tell me....

  30. what was the cutoff for each section and overall cutoff please let me know...

  31. Last year cut off 6 brother

  32. Ga-6, Ca-15,qa-11,resning-14 eng-9 Overall cutoff was 63 for general in karnataka State


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