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November 01, 2014

Reviews of Today's (1st November 2014) IBPS PO IV Online Exam


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Review shared by Nitin Kumar 
Hello my name is Nitin Kumar and I am from Delhi. My  exam was on 1st November 2014 (Morning) at MS infoline Noida.

In the Lab they provided us laptops with 11 inch screen. Some students shouted and demanded for the mouse. It was very tough to see the DI questions on small screen.

My attempts were
  • Quant - 28
  • Reasoning - 27
  • English - 21
  • Computer - 17
  • General Awareness - 27
    • Total - 120
Quant was moderate. I attempted mostly DI questions.
In Reasoning I attempted syllogism , inequities , some questions on inference , machine I/0 . I did not attempt any puzzle.

In English I attempted some synonyms,  antonyms, cloze test , errors .

General Awareness is always my weak point. the section was tough for me.

Computer was easy. anyone having basic knowledge can do more than 15 questions.

This time I am very hopeful for the result. 

Advice for 2nd November Aspirants
- Do not attempt puzzles they will eat your time and can be wrong. Read tag line of all banks public plus private banks and cabinet misters portfolios.

Thank you gr8ambitionz team for providing sets for computer and banking awareness.

Review shared by Ashish Sharma
Hi friends, I am Ashish Sharma.  I would like to share my morning shift's review of IBPS PO/MT IV Online Exam.

All sections was very tough & time consuming. I attempted only 100 questions.
In English there was 20 questions bases on 2 paragraphs. 10 fill in blanks. 5 on sentence rearrangement.10 on grammatical errors. I attempt only 25 questions.

In Quantitative Aptitude 2 DI very lengthy. 4 questions on geometry,(2 from circle 1 on trapezium, 1 on triangle inside circle). 5 on quadrical equations I attempted 15 only

In Rasoning one circle one on builing 5 on syllogism etc. I attempted only 20.

Computer was easy anyone can attempt 15 questions from 20.

In GK I attempt 25 questions.
  • One from Asian games,
  • One committee on banking related,
  • Peso is currency of which country .
  • Currently cheque system based on?
  • Sbi tie up with Mastercard  which available in 4 currency which is not in options. Minister of child & woman development,
  • berut is capital of which country.
Thank you and my good wishes for your upcoming exam my friends. All the Best all...

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  1. WOW man 28 in Quant is something impossible for average aspirants..I could only attempt 17 in 45're going to be in the top 1000 mate

  2. bhai un sab me kya tum the.ya tumne bina mouse ke hi kar diya.or agar kar diya to sach me tum to supermen nikle

  3. SHIV mam its 1st NOV. !!!! not 21st NOV.

  4. bhai what about accuracy???

  5. thanks for nice work

  6. U r definitely going to top in ibps po exam ............possibly in top 500.

  7. po k exam mein aane wale expected questions
    1. Currency of Cambodia = Riel
    2. Code Bank used to read code on cheque = MICR.
    3. Slogan of LIC = Yogakshemam Vahamyaham
    4. Purpose of starting Minor account for 10 years children = Financial inclusion
    5. Percent of population as below 35 yrs of age acc to census = 41%
    6. Bank celebrate 150 years with Sri Lanka: SBI
    7. Santi Swaroop Bhatnagar award in mathematic: Dr. Kaushal Kumar Verma
    8. Capital of Turkey: Ankara
    9. According to census 2011Lowest density state = Arunachal Pradesh
    10. Slogan ‘Jai Hind’ given by = Subhash Chandra Bose
    11. Country does not belong in European Union but use Euro as a currency = Vatican city
    12. Tagline of SBI = Pure Banking Nothing Else
    13. New CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Jet Airways = Cremer Ball
    14. New Interim CVC (Central Vigilance Commission) Head = Rajiv
    15. New CEO of Jet Airways = Cramer Ball
    16. Bronze medal in swimming in 17th Asian Games = Sandeep Sejwal
    17. Max money that can remitted to Nepal from any of the NEFT= enabled branches in India – Rs 50,000
    18. Urban and Parliament minister = Venkaiah Naidu
    19. On which rate bases Overnight money needed by bank from RBI = MSF
    20. Bank of International Settlement headquarter = Switzerland
    21. Author of Book ‘Hard Choice’ = Hillary Clinton
    22. Who had invented Dynamite = Alfred Nobel
    23. Head of Minority affair minister = Najma Heptulla
    24. Capital of Afghanistan – Kabul
    25. Scheme is related to person named Deen Dayal Upadhya =Sharm Mev Jyete
    26. Capital of Argentina = Buenos Aires
    27. Actor's father is a famous badminton player = Deepika Padukone
    28. 2nd OCT = World Piece Day
    29. 4th OCT = World Animal Day
    30. RBI given Banking licence to IDFC and __= Bandhan
    31. Committee on Banking Ombudsman – Suman Verma Committee
    32. City 3 ATM transaction usage from different bank in a month is applies to = Kolkata
    33. Trade Facility is provided by BSE = online
    34. Country highest rate of Child marriage according to WHO = Bangladesh
    35. State Agaria Tribe belongs to = Madhya Pradesh
    36. Country got gold medal in 25mr air rifle in Asian games?
    37. Taskant is the capital of – Uzbekistan
    38. Country is part of European Union but do not use euro currency = Denmark
    39. Capital of Tanzania = Dodoma
    40. Kakrapar atomic power plant is established = Gujarat
    41. Bank Smart star account open by = ICICI bank
    42. 5th OCT = World Teachers Day
    43. 6th OCT = World Environment Day
    44. 16th OCT = World Food Day
    45. 17th OCT = International Day for Eradication of Poverty
    46. New Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu = O. Pannerselvam
    47. New UNICEF Ambassador for South Asia = Aamir Khan
    48. India Position in 17th Asian Games 2014
    a. 1st Position = China
    b. 2nd Position = South Korea
    c. 3rd Position = Japan
    d. 8th Position = India with (Total 57 medals = 11 Gold, 9 Silver & 37 bronze).
    49. 18th Asian Games to be hosted by Indonesia.
    50. Merry Kom became first woman who won Gold Medal in Boxing in Asian Games.
    51. 9th OCT = World Post Day (Week)
    a. 10th Oct 2014 = Saving Bank Day
    b. 11th Oct 2014 = Mails Day
    c. 13th Oct 2014 = Philatel Day
    d. 14th Oct 2014 = Business Development Day
    e. 15th Oct 2014 = Personal Lify Insurance Day
    52. 10th OCT = National Mental Health Day
    53. 11th OCT = World Girl Child Day
    54. 13th OCT = International Day for Disaster Reduction
    55. Most Valuable Player of India’s Asian Games 2014 = Merry Kom
    56. Indian Hockey Team won gold medal in Asian Games qualified for Olympics which will be held in
    57. Global Diversity Award 2014 won by Shah Rukh Khan.
    58. Man Booker Prize 2014 won by Richard Flanagan by Book ‘The narrow Road to the Deep North’.
    59. New MD of Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL) = Gautam Roy
    60. New Chief of Current Affairs of India = Dr. Arvind Subramaniam (for 3yrs)
    61. New Secretary of Current Affairs of India = Ratan P. Watal
    62. New Prime Minister of Yemen = Khaled Bahah
    63. International Female Police Piece Keeper Award won by Shakti Devi (Indian Police Woman

  8. can anybody tell me how 2 solve assumption type ques. in reasoning???

  9. input output ques also..???

  10. i have done engg in ece..can i apply under generalist in new india assurance admn officer scale 1??
    plz rply...

  11. pls rply as soon as possible...

  12. yes you can because in generalist only graduation is required

  13. yes i/o questions were there in today's exam

  14. follow mk pandey book

  15. Hi All,
    I also gave my IBPS PO exam today (1st Nov, 2014) morning shift, Below is my review for the same:

    Quant: Quant appeared to be really challenging to me. I could only attempt 14 questions in 30 minutes, which was the only time i had since i attempted quant at the last. DI sets were not easy, they were calculative, so i did only one DI set out of all. Rest, i attempted questions from equations, Data sufficiency, mensuration, Time speed, Time work, and others.

    Reasoning: This section ate most of my time. I still can't figure out why the heck did i devote straight 40 minutes to this, After spending this much time, i could still attempt only 19 questions in total. Puzzles are lengthy and tricky. So, if possible avoid them and rather go for inequalities, data sufficiency, syllogisms, non verbal logical reasoning. They are more scoring.

    English: This section is hardly a problem for me, since i am generally good at English among all other sections. At first attempted cloze test, error correction, and para jumbles. Then, did one passage on management, which was easier than the other passage on global economy or something. Left the other passage and attempted 30 questions in total.

    GK: Since, i started paying attention toward GK only 15 days back, i was not even hoping to cross 15 questions in total. But, somehow i felt the section was easy and one can really score well, since i after having studied so limited GK have attempted 20 questions, which i was not surely not hoping for.

    Computer: This was the easiest section of all. I had doubt in 3 questions, so left them and finally attempted 17 questions. Questions were all basic that are testing fundamental knowledge on computers.

    Final Verdict: After giving the exam, i was really disappointed because of less number of attempts in both Quant and Reasoning. For other sections, English+ computer+ GK, i am still somehow feeling contented. But, i really feel i could've performed much better in reasoning and Quant.

    My total attempts 100. Accuracy: i presume 85-90 %, rest let's see what happens.

    All the best to all of you who are going to appear tomorrow. Do your best!

  16. bro i am good in calculations. I did most calculation orally .

  17. actually i also demanded for mouse. But its easy to operated touchpad with left hand and doing questions from right hand. You don't have to switch between mouse and pen ;)

  18. very low in GA about 70-80 %. 80 -90 % in english , and above 90 % for quant reasoning and computer

  19. Bro there are many teesmarkhans. I just need a job whether i get last position in exam.

  20. bsc publication for all question in reasoning

  21. i hv already with i m asking abt the sht tricks only..

  22. nice review bro and u attempted good score in all subjects too

  23. yeah you can bro

  24. try to solve them on rs agarwall book u will know the basic from there and it will be very easy to solve tough questions later on

  25. Thanks Vijay :)

  26. 6 oct- is not world environment day. It is world habitat day....correct it.

  27. I gave exam today morning.
    My attempts are:
    Reasoning : 32
    Quant : 25
    English : 23
    GA : 34
    Comp : 18

    Total : 132

  28. Gr8.. you killed it dear.... best of luck for results :)

  29. Nitin g my exam was 12th oct I have done 112 QUANT 17 with 90% accuracy reas 21 with 90% accuracy comp 17 with 90%accuracy eng with 70% accuracy and finally ga31 with 80 to 85% accuracy and I am belongs to general category any chance for me bosom please reply must

  30. hi guys..
    had my exam on 2nd of november, morning shift..
    Exam level can be said to be moderate to tough..only respite was gk and computer section. Surprise surprise , laurel to ibps for english passages were really comprehensive . hehe..and yes reasoning was as usual tricky and hot maths with pinch of made me sweat even on a good day with one AC on in room..poooh..

    Yes , coming to my no of attempts..i played safe game..did the whole exam in two parts..first only to those question for which i was sure as well as keeping an eye on individual cutoff.. in all this process i consumed around 90 minutes! rest 30 minute to go through all over again to add some score.. I did total 131 question
    Quant 25
    reasoning 27
    English 29
    Gk 30
    computer 20

    Accuracy level is around 95%..i played some wild guess in english...hoping for something good now

  31. bhai english me 31 kiye tumne?.. vese tumhare 75+ marks aa rhe hai. itne aaye to ho jaega. aage exams ki prep karo. best of luck bhai :)

  32. great bro. English me kam karne chahye the , wild guess se achha 20 karte . fir v tumhara ho jaega aaram se.

  33. Great to see most of the questions... thnx dear for posting questions it will help all the aspirants like me who feel general awareness section a hard nut to crack..

  34. nice review of exam. please do suggest tips for fresh aspirants like me...thnxx

  35. grt of luck

  36. oh nice review nitin...

  37. thanks bro..all d best to u too..and the guesses were even calculative...P

  38. that was a nice freaky paper too mam..hehe

  39. I have given exam on 02-Nov, II shift. There was a question in GK "Kairo is capital of which country" and the answer given were Egypt and there was another option 'none of these'. As Kairo spelling was wrong it is spelled as Cairo, so what would be the answer. I have marked 'none of above' as spelling was Kairo and there is no city named so Kairo.

  40. am from kerala had ibps po iv exam on 1st nov attempts were 102..
    QA-14 (all correct)
    Reasoning-19(max 1 wrong)
    Eng-20 (max 4 wrong)
    Ga-32(5 wrong rest correct)
    computer-17 (1 wrong rest correct) 11 wrong out of than 85....what will be my chance of getting job sir

  41. thanks and same to you

  42. if more than 85 in written and more than 60 in interview than you will be po in PNB

  43. Can anyone tell, when would be the results out.


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