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November 09, 2014

Detailed Review of SBI Associates PO Online Exam 2014


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Hi I’m Khalid, I appeared SBI Associates PO exam morning session (9th Morning). There is so much to digest in those two hours, reproducing perfectly may not be possible but I’ll try my best to pen down my experience. So that even if it helps one aspirant ill achieve my intention of writing this review. I’m writing as per hierarchy which I attempted

1) General Awareness, Marketing & Computers- 10 min- 36 attempt

This section is moderate to attempt compare to SBI PO, IBPS PO, cannot call it easy. Questions were ranging from Banking, GK, Marketing I found difficult, computer is also not so easy. Some of questions were..
  1. RBI Established by which commission? Hilton young commission(yes this is same question which has been answered by Maha crorepati winners for 50lakh question in KBC, see how pathetic our condition we attempting for one mark)
  2. Who regulate RRB and co-operatives? – NABARD(not sure)
  3. Who is the author of God of small thing? Arundhati Roy
  4. Which facility not enjoyed by minor in banking account?
  5. Highest literacy district in census 2011?
  6. Related to PM employment program.
  7. Related to Bus in networks
  8. NPS stands for? National pension scheme
  9. RBI policy for supply of money in market - Monetary policy
  10. NBFC deals in? -  loans and advances
  11. Full form of PDF? Portable Document Format
  12. Who won the Nobel piece award 2014? Kailash Satyarthi(not in option, ans is other then these)
  13. Who belongs to tennis? options were - djokovic, federer, messi
  14. When is world rabies day? 28th setember
  15. In which of the following places there is no nuclear plant? – koyna, I attempted. Others I was sure.
  16. Processor speed measure in?
  17. Using two different brand names single product is called? Co-branding
  18. One question on repo rate- like what tool RBI use for money supply
  19. What is the function of Ctrl + s in MS Word = to save file or document
  20. Ping in computer used in?
  21. Some questions on micro and macro economy

2) Reasoning- 30 min+ last 10 min – 30 attempt

This section for which notification says high level is actually easy and scoring.
Syllogism were of ‘some’ ‘no’ ‘possibility’ type but overall all questions were easy to attempt.
Equality inequality- some questions were on single equations where u don’t need to write it on rough paper and some were dividing with semi colon. Overall easy to attempt.
Machine  Input output- observe the question with full concentration simply don’t jump to output, here in single step two things were happening alphabets on right and numbers on left.
Logical questions comprise of assumptions, argument etc of moderate type.
Three puzzle- seating arrangement with some facing inward some outward , floor type and another did not read (may be making table or linear direction). Solved floor puzzle it was very easy. Wasted precious 5 min in seating and could not get answer ;-(
Some direction and blood related are easy
Data sufficiency did not attempt.

3) English Language- 25 min- 33 attempt

Two comprehensions passage each having 10 questions. One on European bank and another on technology and its implication on human. Passage were easy to decipher but questions were confusing and it was like having 4 or 3 statement and selecting among them like A and B are correct so here we may skip some questions in confusion.

Error spotting- easy

Para jumble- Even if you cannot arrange try to find first and last. Observe that first line always opens possibility of many links and last one is of concluding type.

Cloze test- cannot attempt all here some are confusing, it was based on some manager change behavior and then sentence correction- you find it difficult if you don’t know rules of English grammar (like me)

Data Analysis & Interpretation- 19 attempt- 45 min

Now its entry of villain. We were expecting villain like Kancha of Agneepath but to our surprise it was moderate one. Here two possible groups divide, one after reading review makes perfect strategy and make other sessions very scoring type and some believe paper is tough by hearing from other who actually did not prepared well and lost half battle here itself. (Responsibility lies much on First day people).The one who plans well accordingly finds a table in SBI Asso. banks. Trust me compare to other exams like SBI PO, IBPS PO its quite moderate, I myself who scared of aptitude is telling this. Questions were a bit lengthy but can be solved easily

Questions were from Probability like box contains 6 red, 4 blue, 2 green and 3 yellow marbles. (I think now other session batch will gear up to cover this, first day passengers fails to enjoy this luxury)

Data interpretation:

There was question having two pie chart- One consisting Male employees and other female, simple questions like ratio, difference and percentage asked.

There was question on line graph consisting three companies A B C, here also questions asked were bit calculation based but easy to get solution like average, ratio etc

Table based question on population, percentage of vote’s polled and invalid votes.

Paragraph based question- did not solved but I think it’s like venn diagram.

Series and data sufficiency (attempted 2 series rest skipped).

So basically 4 sets of DI's, 5 series questions, 1 set of question on data analysis, probability, 5 data sufficiency

My suggestion to aspirant who appear in coming days, overall paper is moderate, So Relax! Maintain temper till last, Exams like this is not about only IQ but EQ, how well you maintain your nerves till last. It’s not about how well you attempt but how well you sacrifice some questions which eat your time. Whether I make it or not only time will decide, fingers are crossed. As Shahrukh says in HNY- Kismat Sali kutti cheez hai kabhi bhi badal sakti hai.


This time they are giving questions on computer screen itself and paper to write. So wastage of time in writing questions too.
Letter writing:
1) Your client has taken a loan of 20lakh and repaid 8lakh and he applied now for second time. As a manager write a letter rejecting in polite manner (I wrote this)
2) To parents asking money
3) Complaint to consumer forum
Essay(Short)- your first day in job
Precise- about UGS
Essay- FDI is beneficiary to? Farmer, Consumer or industry.
Comprehension passage writing.

PS- Based on my memory so bear some discrepancy, Good luck to all those who are going to appear in coming days.

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  1. Thanks alot for sharing ur experience.....

  2. thank a lot..........

  3. Very Good Review Thanks a ton

  4. your review abt quant section is including 40 questions..remaining 10 was from??

  5. gud review,,,,,tanks frnd....wat are those last words,,in hindi,,,can any 1 trnslate,,,,

  6. Thanks you very much for the detailed review.....

  7. regulated by nabard
    supervised by RBI

  8. thankks khalid... this review will help us a lot...

  9. thanks for your detail and complete review

  10. Evening shift GA Questions
    1 water resources minister
    2.B stands in ECB
    3. Question related to Kylesh satyarthi
    4. one question on country-capital pair
    5. one question on books and author
    marketing and banking related questions wes there..

  11. in datat interpretn sctn was quant also ther cz the total of this section acc to ur review is only 40????????/also if it was there what was the level of quant,also what was the level of probability???????

  12. thnkuh for the review khalid :) :)

  13. @harish please clarify ma doubt since u too had xam today only,please ..........

  14. I hope you are asking his suggestion lines isn't it?,If it is then it means "Fortune is like a dog(but intuitive meaning is worth to be hated),it can change at any time irrespective of your speculations.

  15. Hi friends how r u all

  16. Hi friends how r u all

  17. Thanks buddy its more than enough for us.

  18. Any info abt 2and list of ibps clk 3

  19. very good review thank you very much

  20. Thanks and All the best Khalid.

  21. No I meant..he AHS just given account of 40..wat about rest 10

  22. Ohkkk.if u get that let me also know..btw wen z ua exam?

  23. How many antonyms and synonyms were there today in passages...any idea ?

  24. Thanx bro...nice review :-)

  25. thanks for a nice review

  26. Thank You very much for sharing the review but is it sufficient to solve 118 question for SBI Asso PO because one of my friend select in SBI PO 2014 who solve 144 in objective (only correct Q&A) he told me i will get 30 Approx marks in descriptive. So my question "SBI ASSOCIATE PO ka Q&A target kya rakhna chahiye"

  27. RBI controls NABARD and NABARD controls RRB

    so supervised by NABARD and regulated by RBI
    you can google it

  28. Thank you very much Khalid

  29. excellent and complete review

  30. Guyz.. my advice would be to Focus on GK especially marketing!! Current Affairs questions were less as compared to IBPS!! They focused more on banking and finance!! DI,reasoning, english were quite easy!! Now important thing is dont make a mistake of proceeding further n pressing the next button immediately after the objective test!! As there's a descriptice test wid timer!! Proceed to next (after objective test) only when you receive answer sheet!! And also do not forget to mark descriptive questions as answered online as well.. its jz a confirmation dat u hv written da ans offline.. I would suggest you to first select the topics for ESSAY/LETTER/PARAGRAPH n write it on answer sheet as you will have to write the questions on da answer sheet as well.. then go for RC n Precise writing as for that you would require computer after that start answering essay letter n paragraph i guess dis is right strategy as the moment the timer will out you will no longer be able to access the pc also mark answer online da moment u start writing da ans..!! The descriptive test timings are 11:10 to 12:10!! There's a 10 minute break!!!

  31. thank u soo would help a lot.....

  32. i just wanted to know in that letter what reason you gave for rejecting his loan second time.....

  33. Thanks bro very helpfull review

  34. Its NABARD not RBI. RBI sold its stake in NABARD to the Government of India, which now holds 99% stake.


  36. some 6 questions. 3 in each passage.

  37. dude but there was no option of RBI in question.

  38. There was no RBI as option. So i think Nabard.

  39. Not able to recall now, the memory was fresh on first day. Now its phase of depression i did not marked descriptive in computer screen, no one instructed about this. So basically i did not clear this exam. Biggest Regret of my stupidity.

  40. I write like this.
    Sir our banking policy wont allow us to credit another loan until you repay your first loan, I regret for the same reason. I hope you enjoy the benefit of other service which we render to our customers to maintain long lasting relation.
    Please don't use Me, I as suggested by my seniors, always use us, our, we etc.

  41. My personal suggestion Don't bother about cut off before giving exam crates unnecessary stress just give your best even if you do 90 with accuracy be satisfied coz guessing in exam is like digging our own grave. habit of solving with accuracy is more important. If you want to guess always try only between two options. Target should be only with yourself to give best coz every person don't have same intellectual.

  42. University grant commission. it shud be C. sorry

  43. I did not marked descriptive in computer screen, no one
    instructed about this. So basically i did not clear this exam. Biggest
    Regret of my stupidity.

  44. @SK bro.. . you are not the only one who did this mistake !! Lets hope concerned authority would consider this issue as lot of people have done this.. . Be +ve.. . this is not the end of the road!!

  45. Is it possible that 7 Mark in di is sufficient if other sections compensate in getting cut off Mark in objective for st category

  46. How many questions in quant

  47. i think not for associate at least 15 n you can do it.

  48. Khalid brother same problem occured with me when I finished the exam nobody tell anything about marked as anwer part. I did all descriptive question in the answer sheet. So wen total question attempted screen come in descriptive part it said that I haven't attempted none in descriptive part so I was worried. Then I asked TCS representative at the center who were conducting this IBPS SBI ASSOC PO exam that this type of problem has occured to my he replied that "nothing has to worry they will check the answer sheets, and it's no problem that if u wouldn't able to tick the question in descriptive part, the copy will be checked". But still I am worried and finger crossed let see what god has in it for me and my sincere efforts.


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