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October 12, 2014

Reviews of IBPS PO IV Online Exam dated 12th October 2014 - Morning Shift


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Review shared by Sonal Jain
Hi Friends, I am Sonal Jain. Today (12th October 2014) I have attended the IBPS PO IV Online Exam. This was my first IBPS exam. I could easily attempt Computer, General with Banking Awareness and somewhat English language sections. I could attend a total of 105 questions. Here are my attempts and analysis.

English - I could attend 18 questions. I felt the questions were tricky. My English grammar skills didnt help me to solve more :(

Quantitative Aptitude - I could attend 16 questions (all are correct). I didn't even get time to check remaining questions.

Reasoning - 17 questions (two or three of them may be wrong).

Computer - Attended all questions and possible all of the 20 questions may be correct.

General Awareness - Attended 36 questions. Thanks to gr8 team. Their materials were very helpful in this.

My Analysis : As I told earlier, this was my first IBPS attempt. I am a CAT aspirants. So I have good grip on Apti and Reasoning sections. But could only manage to do perform 16 questions in each. I feel this is because lack of planning and proper practice. So practice well (especially DI) and read both pdfs provided by gr8ambitions. Go well prepared. All the best all.

Questions shared by Ankur Maheshwari
  • Delhi Lieutenant Governor -najib jung
  • Yuan- china currency
  • Finding fanny director
  • Small and payment bank capital 100cr
  • Pradhanmantri gram sadak yogna pmgsy
  • Complaint of non credit - 7 working days
  • Lowest population density arunachal pradesh
  • Bsbda account 10 k transition limit- per month
  • Limited banking service- nerrow banking
  • Wholsale banking qu
  • Said ajmal crickter banned- boling action
  • Sayad hafiz related to-im
  • Asba- b for blocked
  • Nuclear plant kiaga
  • The half girl friend chetan bhagat
  • After death of account holder which is helpful -nomination
  • Jhon carry- videsh mantri but no option so none
  • Ppf 1 to 1.5 lac
  • The bank start with u ubi
  • Longest desert-sahara
  • Micr r for recognition
  • Hanoi is Capital of –Vietnam
  • Finding Fanny movie director - Homi Adajania
  • ‘The Bank That Begins With U’ is tagline of –United bank of India 
  • Naseeb Jung is –Lieutenant governor of Delhi
Review shared by Hiral Ajagiya
Hi friends i'm Hiral from Gujarat. Today I had my IBPS PO IV Exam. Here is my analysis.

moderate ds,puzzle,seating arngmnt,inequality,syllogism

di lengthy and high level

cool section nd only basics nt wry abt it

as same as it was in the year2013 . Economic based para nd close test

Current Banking. for that the material provided by gr8ambition is enough.

My suggestion :
Don't go on Attempts but on Accuracy. My attempts were 109. All the best all. 

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  1. Sonal John Kerry is the foreign minister of USA , But in USA foreign minister is called Secretary of State which was one of the options.

  2. All the best friends...

  3. Congrats Both Of You !!!!

    Could you(or any body in forum) please update which materials of GR8ambi you are talking about, there are so many available, m not finding a consolidated one.

    Please respond.

  4. Today I also have attended...the morning season....was as usual like other and GI section was easy...english was moderate...reasoning was moderate to high....Math section was lengthy and time taking....but u must check all questions in DI section some are extremely easy..some are not....

  5. I have attend 95 only.

  6. Some more question was asked like.....
    Hanoi is the capital of?
    One question on CIBIL...?
    In Computer section u can attempt all 20 qns..

  7. jisha ,how to prepare English?

  8. trust me you will clear if you attempted with accuracy.

  9. which material you used for GA?

  10. ibps 2014 special link in menu use that

  11. I attempted 132 que ....paper is very moderate not at all tough itz just u hv to manage ur time ...attempted reas(very moderate)-31,eng(ok ok)-25, ga (extremly simple)-38 , comp( basic .) -20 & apti(easy but manage ur tyme)-18

  12. Dumbo he is secretary of state check in net

  13. Do this section from last que it will help nd boost ur moraal

  14. Dofficult for u if u r general

  15. Plz post series questions in difficulties level

  16. Ibps po wrong number questions plz post friends

  17. while practicing I get 13-18 marks .Is it enough?

  18. i attempt 85 with 98% accuracy is there any chance for me under reserved category

  19. america me foreign minister KO sacaratery of state kha jata h, or he optn no 5 me that. next Hafiz said Indian muzahuddhin ka nhi laskare taiyaba ka cheif h.

  20. i attempt 12 in english. is it enough?

  21. Hi friends I appeared too today I attempted 133 questions
    Quant - 29
    Reasoning - 33
    GA- 24
    English - 29
    Computer - 18

  22. It was good.....when is your exam..??

  23. You must have a good grip on grammar and this moment..better practice as much as possible....and Skip the tough are solvable...

  24. Yes..yes..that is careful about accuracy in actual exam too...All the best...

  25. today mng session is my exam.. my attempt was apt-16, reason-19, eng-26, com-18, gk-27. maximum GK questions r came from gr8ambitonz materials... frndz plz tell me i had a chance r not

  26. what will be this year expected cut offs ?????????

  27. i too wrote the IBPS PO IV TODAY..yes John Kerry is d secretary of state N frnds try to cover more sections lik banks tagline,currency,capital atomic power plants,all recent yojanas; they even asked about hafiz seead. largest desert lik d RRB xam ..concentrate more on banking basics dan current ...dey wil surely try to tie us under tricky numerical and reasoning score in GA...All D Very Best..

  28. i attempted 101 but may be 10-12 r wrong. any chances frnds?

  29. Your attempts please Pooja...

  30. suganya if u hav attempted all dis with accuracy u will mak it dear..d cutoff 4 GA can go beyond all will b below 20..sure

  31. i made 105 attempts with 95% accuracy

    Plz pray 4 me too dear frnd

  32. i dnt remember correctly my section wise attempts Jisha..its al close to what i hav done

  33. Good Attempts.....All the best....Hope we clear it...#Fingers_Crossed.....

  34. please give link to current banking type questions asked today ?

  35. Mera bhi exam aaj hi tha it was similar to yesterday attempt. (120).

  36. It was over. Yesterday morning..did 112 but only 14 in English: (

  37. No cut off will exceed 16...

  38. Please bro don't use this type of word ... he don't know that's why he marked wrong one...

  39. Hi I'm Vaibhav from Maharashtra state I attend po morning batch my total attempt was 124(math taugh 11 only). Be prepared all the best.

  40. I also attended yesterday‘s evening session. And my attempts are
    1.Gk 19 questions 3 may be wrong.
    2. Computer 13 with 95% accuracy.
    3. English 25 but not know how many of them are correct.
    4. Reasoning 24 Questions 4 may be incorrect.
    5. Quantitative Apt. 15 questions all correct.
    Total 97
    What is chance for clear the exam.


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