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October 12, 2014

Today's (12-10-2014) IBPS PO Online Exam Experiences


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Review shared by Shyam Goud from Hyderabad
Hai I'm Shyam Goud. I'm from Hyderabad. Today my Exam Review.

28 easy
some of the GA questions
  1. Pre-shipment and post shipment is related to in finance- Export finance
  2. State with lowest population density- Arunachal Pradesh
  3. RBI release Draft Guidelines for Licensing of Payments Banks, Small Banks-100 cr
  4. Time Limit fixed by RBI for For Resolution of complaints of ATM not withdraw money-7 days
  5. RRCAT rajaraman is located in-Indore,MP
  6. Insurance Cover in PM Jan Dhan Yojna- Rs . 30000
  7. ‘The Bank That Begins With U’ is tagline of –United bank of India
  8. Individual Borrowercan check their credit report from –CIBIL
  9. BCSBI codesBankingCodesand Standards Board of India are related to-Banks
  10. Settlement in RTGS to settle with in -1 Day
  11. EBT full form-Electronic Benefits Transfer
  12. Hanoi is Capital of –Vietnam
  13. Naseeb Jung is –Lieutenant governor of Delhi
  14. Full form of B in ‘ABSA’ full form-Application supported by blocked amount
  15. Banking account that has been not claimed for 10m yr-Unclaimed or Dormant account
  16. RBI has recently mandate a two step mobile authentication for e-commerce-car rental company-UBER
  17. PMGSY -Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana under the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India.
  18. Authorised dealer is a person authorised by RBI to deal in-Foreign Exchange
  19. Inter-governmental body that develops and promotes policies to protect the global financial system against money laundering and terrorist financing is - The Financial Action Task Force (FATF)
  20. In case of basic savings bank deposit account (BSBDA) the total of debits by way of cash withdrawals and transfers will not exceed ten thousand rupees in a-Month
  21. Which location has nuclear power plant-Kakrapar
  22. Finding Fanny movie director - Homi Adajania
  23. Who is john Kerry? US finance secretary visited to india recently
  24. Half girlfriend writer- Chetan Bhagat
  25. Pakistan player banned for what – Illegal bowling action
  26. Hafeez Saeed is the leader of which organisation
  27. MICR full form – Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
  28. Repo rate definition
  29. Largest desert – Sahara Desert
  30. Currency of China - Yuan
16 attemt 95% acuracy too lenghty
21 atempt tricky
20 moderate
18 esay
Review shared by Pankaj Parmar from Gujarat
Hi Friends, I'm Pankaj Parmar from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I could attend a total of 118 quetions. I easily attend G.A., Computer and English. Little Bit Problem With Quantitative Aptitude and moderate Reasoning.

General Awareness:
I attended 36 questions, May be 3-4 are wrong. but, This section was very easy.

I attended whole questions, 20 out of 20. May be 1-2 are wrong. This section completed in 7 minutes.

I attended 20 questions, I'm always thinking English is very hard. But, Its Very Easy.

I attended 22 questions, Sitting Arrangement is tricky, so I left it. Syllogism is very easy.

Quantitative Aptitude:
I attended 20 questions, I think this section was tough.

My Analysis:
Over All, I Attended total 118 quetions, Exam was very easy, According to me.

Best Of Luck.

For Any Question Message Me at

G.A.'s Some questions :
(1) Jan dhan additional insurance covrage ?
(2) United bank of india tag line
(3) 1 question on BSBDA
(4) Largest desert
(5) Najeeb jung Deputy Gov Of-
(6) Hanoi capital of -
(7) Half girlfrnd author-
(8) PGSY full form-
(9) Currency of china - yuan
(10) PPF allocated amount in-150000
(11) lowest density in 2011 - Arunchal Pardesh
(12) Nuclear power plant which place
(13) Director of Finding Fanny-
(14) RTGS Limit –
(15) expenditure to establish bank minimum amount -
(16) EBT full form-
(17) Hafeez is a leader of which Group?
(18) Unclaimed deposits –
(19) Governor of assam-
(20) PDF Full form-
(21) In MICR ‘R’ Represent –
(22) How to create in folder on desktop
(23) Linux is a..
(24) Banks get loan through repo by pledging what ?
(25) Who is john Kerry?
(26) Pre and post shipment related to
(27) Authorised dealer is a person authorised by RBI to deal in-Foreign Exchange
(28) RBI has recently mandate a two step mobile authentification for e-commerce-car rental company-UBER
(29) Banking account that has been not claimed for 10m yr-Unclaimed or Dormant account
(30) ABSA full form-Application supported by blocked account
(31) Settlement in RTGS to settle with in -
(32) BCSBI codes Banking Codes and Standards Board of India are related to-Banks
(33) Time Limit fixed by RBI for For Resolution of complaints of ATM not withdrawl money-7 days
(34) RRCAT rajaraman is located in-Indore,MP


  1. Thanks for ur information.

  2. was there any questions from simplification and approximation?

  3. Its enough even for general cat. But try to score in gk nd comp . ANDsectional of others

  4. hey can anyone plz tell me what is cut off section wise and total for lic ado?
    and how many questions are there in paper?

  5. My exam postponed due to heavy rain and cyclone situation.

  6. Thanks a lot guys...all the best :)

  7. very less in aptitude.. :O well gud luck dear...

  8. yes.. 90% chance to hai..

  9. depends on the accuracy.. and overall attempt..

  10. IBPS Po Evening

    Computer section easy -18

    Reasoning-21 time consuming and also puzzels are
    repeted(8 people seated Square .Corner opposite middle faces center)

    English-Moderate 2 paragarph,1 cloze test,5
    correction sentence,.Jumbled sentence

    Aptitude—Tough to me .3 D.I ,1paragraph type ,5
    equations,5 wrong number series

    1)KYC---Known Your Customer

    2)Indian cricket coach—Fletcher

    3)REIT—Real Estate Investment Trust

    4)U.K Pm—David Cameron

    5)Priya chopra mary Kom—Boxing



    8)Lisbon Capital ---Portugal

    9)Together We can—Canara Bank

    10)Catalonia separate –spain

    11) ganesh shankar vidyarthi award---Journalist

    12) Employees
    Deposit linked Insurance EDLI—


    14)Repo Rate-8

    transactions does not apply ---BSBDA

    16SeBi women
    Director deadline-aplril 1 2015

    17)BRICS Bank—New Sevelopment


    19)General Motors
    CEO—Marry barra

    20)SBI—children below
    18 years

    21)senior Citizen
    pension all together does not exceeed—

    22)DBT –Direct benefit

    23)ozone layer

    24)10 countries
    supported US for war on ISIS which does not belong—Afghanistan


    26)Credit agency

    27)Not Liquidity
    adjustable –

    28)Bank helped to
    road construction—

    29)shares –ONGC

    30)Foreign bank to
    open bank in India initial capital –Rs500 Crores

    31)Asian games—Incheon

    india smart card

    BEST of Luck to ALL

  11. sir plz provide me 2013 lic ado paper its a request.....or mail me at asap

  12. no... cutoff will not go beyond 10-12 in GA

  13. how to prepare for GA...??? need help urgent.

  14. Vidhya Indira lekshmiOctober 12, 2014 at 6:56 PM

    concentrate more on gr8 capsule

  15. Idiot first read the whole sentence correctly and then post your stupid replies.And BTW , its "check on net".

  16. how to prepare for GA...??? need help urgent. I don't find any question in gr8ambition's pdf material, that are described in your post.

  17. Ya..thats enough..i think the cut off would be around 10

  18. anyone plz tell me apt section of ssc cgl ..... how to prepare

  19. Friend...i didn't tell about Gr8ambitionz pdf material...i told about quiz sets which were provided by gr8ambitionz.......Both are different things........and for gr8ambitionz pdf material as time is very less....i was following daily current special preparation like note making and all....

  20. Thank u shayam and pankaj its very useful

  21. Hi Friends
    Attended PO evening shift(12/10/14).Gonna share my experience...

    I'm little started computer first...
    Computer ...Its quite
    Expand TCP/IP, que related to hyperlink,....
    Can attend 18 without doubt.

    Then reasoning
    Tricky....seating arrangement like some facing north and some facing south...all standing in a same line....took some 7 mins to solve..but after reading the following ques....i found that everything is wasted 7-8 mins...
    then syllogism....IBPS cleverly changed the question..."which doesn;t follow"...
    then some data sufficeiency.....
    could attend up to 25

    Then Quans..... difficult...somehow managed to attend 18

    then GK....not so tough not so easy...
    Some ques(few) can be answered at a glance,...
    like PM of UK, BRICS bank name, Mary kom -boxer, repo rate, asiad in which country,
    uppulapu Srinivas - Mandolin, C stands for in KYC, 1 que on ozone layer, I in REIT- Investment,
    .....and some ques related to banking....

    then English, i didnt attend comprehension except the similar and opposite words...
    then rearrangement, error correction, cloze test.
    rearrangement ...on EBOLA virus...provided they gave the first v have to arrange as 2,3,4,....

    On the whole, its a gud experience for me...
    Hope luck favor...!

    All the best friends...! :) :)

  22. Captain Jack SparrowOctober 12, 2014 at 8:05 PM

    someone suggest any practise work book for this..if u guys are doing the same.!!

  23. My attempts qa -11
    Reasoning 22
    Computer 16
    English 18
    Ga 21
    With 95% accuracy
    Is der Any chance

  24. ..mind ) m running out of time I left with 20 minutes

    Went to english- 25(I started with jumbling my fav luckily its easy and about ebola outbreak 5Q.. Den I don't hav time to read passage so I answer meanings and opposites 3Q, blanks 5Q, cloze test 10Q) I LEFT WITH 7 minutes :(

    LASTLY I did 20 questions in GA :(( (our friends already gav questions soo so .. :P)

    Over all my attempt -105.. (except GA and ENG , I did 95% accuracy)

    1)I wasted my time in syllogism (its my strong sec but in exam it was down!)
    2) be strong in calcultions (tKe 2 min to calculate but dont do wrong) get patience to frame the eqution in numerical and be conscious in sloving

    GOOD LUCK floOoks :D

  25. I love the way you people calculate your accuracy percentages...
    As if you have the answer keys with you... :D
    btw, Why do you need prayers if you were so accurate?
    and why do you spread rumors when you don't have a hint of what you are talking about?
    GA cut off 20? rest below 20 ?
    none crosses 10 for the General Category.
    Cut off will be between 60 - 65.

  26. I believe the answer choice was US Secy of State, so Sonal's right.

  27. U attempted only 118 and saying exam is easy how....according to me reasoning, English nd quants is tough friends....we can't attempt in given time.... So try to see all the questions nd attend only those which you are perfect....

    Accuracy is very very important friends Plz remember..if you give 100 attempts then you will be great but here accuracy matters alot... I too attended the exam...maximum we can attempt 110 for today's per my opinion cutoff may vary around 70-80 marks

  28. To my point of view gk nd computers is scoring purpose so be prepared for that but English, quants nd reasoning don't take risk just maintain the accuracy it's enough

  29. Same like Ibps po mam, no need to worry coz no section wise cutoff so be perfect in the sections which u r convenient.... As time is very prepare for the sections in which u r perfect ok....and last year cutoff was 104 this year also around same we can expect

  30. yoo...same pinch for maths and computer....:D....sorry friend...i am not good at predicting chances......All the best.....(Y)

  31. Not any simplification question like clerk exam, but two questions were from geometry

  32. man if it was easy then may be you should join ibps exam panel..

  33. by the way in syllogs make sure you read the question guys... ans is what is definately false.. and read the questions carefully or else you will have a great exam but contradictory result.. :p

  34. Quantitative 28
    Reasoning 26
    GA 34
    English 27
    Ca 18
    Total 133

  35. i'm partly covered ncert books that's enough for gk va. or any other specific materials.

  36. settelment in RTGS Is in 2 hrs only not in 1 day
    1 day taken in NEFT

  37. -

    Hai friends,
    i attended IBPSmorning shift on 12 oct 2014. my attempt is
    reasoning 26
    QA 13 all are correct
    computer 16
    GA 25
    english 21
    i expect 70 - 75 cutt off total 101 attempts out of 200
    friends what do you think is there any possibility to get job ?please reply me


  38. i m not using any material. whatevr gr8ambitionz giving us that z enough and i read daily news.

  39. ya i know difficult 4 general but my catagory z OBC.

  40. hai pankaj... plz tell me the material u hav studied for gk(banking)section

  41. ppf 1 to 1.5 laks financial year or calendar year?

  42. satya narayan mishraOctober 13, 2014 at 7:22 PM

    Hi jisha ... i am afraid of English section how i prepare well for this exam is on 18th oct

  43. hi gr8ambitionz.... do you have any online test series for upcoming SBI Associate PO exam which is expected to be held in november ?

  44. Further amelioration ...*It's "check on **the net". cheers

  45. That's just downright unwarranted disdain..Contain yourself sir.We all make mistakes.

  46. thankk you kb :) gor banking awareness and for the whole ibps po and clerk :) :) its really usefull to you

  47. Practice more friend.....revise grammar basics.....(Y)

  48. Alexander ChaturvediOctober 14, 2014 at 1:01 AM

    PD for last four months + NCERT history, geograpphy, polity + class eleven macroeconomics book, thats it u will fly in gk.

  49. Hahaha m embarrassed .....btw its check it on internet ....just chill ...if ur english is dat good u would hv gone sumwhere else not here u waecko

  50. PD is Pratiyogita Darpan right......

  51. PD is Pratiyogita Darpan right......

  52. Hi can someone share about eng section for 12/10 morning shift?Please...

  53. John Kerry is foreign mins not finance mins

  54. Well said my frnd ... my attempt was 76 wit 99% accuracy .. lets hope for the best.

  55. im sorry dear frnd Rathee...i didnt meant to spread rumors or make anyone panic.i jst tried to share my anxiety with u fellow realy sorry if i hurt anyone..

  56. Hai... u guys got pdf, linux in ga?
    Not in cse

  57. 198!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for what?

  58. Is there a chance to clear the exam with this attempt-
    GA+computers -- 50 (92% accuracy)
    english -- 34 (90% accuracy)
    reasoning - 34 (90% accuracy)
    aptitude -10 (75 % accuracy)

  59. my attempt 80 question :
    engilsh 18
    reasoning 11
    computer 14
    aptitude 6(one guess)

    with 90% accuracy

    from Sc category....
    is there any chance ????

  60. Plz tell me Best source for Genl nd banking awareness


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