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October 12, 2014

Expected General Awareness Questions for SBI Associates Clerks Online Exams 2015 Set 8


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  1. Who among the following was recently appointed as the CEO of Infosys ?
    1. N S Raghavan
    2. K . Subrahmaniyan
    3. Ashok Arora
    4. Vishal Sikka
    5. None of these
  2. Banking Ombudsman is Appointed by ?
    1. Government of India
    2. State Governments
    3. RBI
    4. ECGC
    5. Exim Bank
  3. Interest below which a bank is not expected to lend to customers is known as ?
    1. Deposit Rate
    2. Base Rate
    3. Prime Lending Rate
    4. Bank Rate
    5. Interest Rate
  4. Where was the 40th G-7 Summit held during 4th and 5th June 2014 ?
    1. Brussels
    2. Sydney
    3. New York
    4. Formosa
    5. Denmark
  5. According to the UN Comtrade in Global Textiles as well as Apparel Exports data, Which country became the second largest exporter of textiles in the World ?
    1. Bangladesh
    2. India
    3. Sri Lanka
    4. China
    5. None of these
  6. On which one of the following "Head Expenses", the expenses of the Government of India are highest ?
    1. Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak
    2. Food Subsidy
    3. Fertilizer subsidy
    4. Oil SUbsidy
    5. None of these
  7. Who is the author of the recently published book titled "The Accidental Prime Minister : The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh" ?
    1. Nidhi Razdan
    2. Sanjay Baru
    3. Vinod Dua
    4. Vikran Seth
    5. Pankaj Pachauri
  8. Which of the following is considered by banks as a risky form of lending ?
    1. Education Loan
    2. Loan against Property
    3. Credit Card
    4. Housing Loan
    5. None of these
  9. Who among the following has been honoured by Queen Elizabeth with a GBE (Knight Grand Cross), one of UK's highest civilian awards, recently ?
    1. Anil Agarwal
    2. Azim Premji
    3. Ratan Naval Tata
    4. Mukesh Ambani
    5. Lakshmi Mittal
  10. Which of the following countries has been suspended from the powerful G8 grouping recently ?
    1. Italy
    2. Germany
    3. Russia
    4. Canada
    5. None of these
  11.  Now a days, Google and other internet / e-mail services rely on a form of encryption abbreviated as TLS. Which among the following is the correct full form of TLS ?
    1. Transport Layer Security
    2. Thread Level Security
    3. Transmission Line Security
    4. Tunneling Layer Security
    5. None of these
  12. Which of the statements given below is / are correct ?
      • A. Raghuram Rajan, the Governor of RBI, on 15th May 2014 announced that plastic currency notes will be launched in 20151 after filed trails.
      • B. The introduction of plastic currency notes would help stop counterfeiting of Indian rupees as they are difficult to imitate.
      • C. Modern plastic currency notes were first developed by the Reserve Bank of Australia in the year 2000.
    1. 1 and 2
    2. 2 and 3
    3. 1 and 3
    4. All of these
    5. None of these
  13. Recently, Japanese firm "Softbank" has unveiled a robot which can read human emotions. The robot has been named as ?
    1. Humanoid
    2. Peeper
    3. Mindset
    4. Beetle
    5. Terminator
  14. As per latest report by Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), India has been ranked 143 among 162 countries in Peace Index. According to the report the biggest threats to India's internal security is ?
    1. Terrorism
    2. Maoist Movement
    3. Ebola Virus
    4. Communalism
    5. Political Instability
  15. Jambusar area, where the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) had recently drilled first assessment well for finding out the possibility of commercial production of Shale Gas, is located in which among the following States ?
    1. West Bengal
    2. Andhra Pradesh
    3. Gujarat
    4. Rajasthan
    5. Kerala
  16. India's largest electricity generating plant is located in ?
    1. Kudankulam
    2. Kalpakkam
    3. Kaiga
    4. Kakrapar
    5. Ernakulam
  17. In the context of banking sector, DRT is associated with ?
    1. Recurring deposits
    2. Loan Recovery
    3. Deposit Insurance
    4. Demand and time liabilities of Banks
    5. None of these
  18. Who is the winner of 2014 edition of the Templeton Prize ?
    1. Jan Sokoi
    2. Dominik Duka
    3. Tomas Halik
    4. Miloslav Vlk
    5. None of these
  19. The issue of fresh securities by an unlisted company for the first time is called ?
    1. Exchange Trade Fund
    2. Initial Public Offering
    3. Rights of Issue
    4. Follow-on Public Offering
    5. None of these
  20. What does letter "A" denote in the term LAF ?
    1. Adequacy
    2. Addition
    3. Adjustment
    4. Advance
    5. Accrediation

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  1. Mam post some quizzes n material related to ssc cgl 2014

  2. for the first time i managed 20/20....nice

  3. thank u so much for quiz the math paper set only for DI in difficult level.....pls mam

  4. bhagirathsinh jadejaOctober 12, 2014 at 1:48 PM

    fixed ques asked in all 3 session in po exam.are
    ques related to jan dhan yojna
    census 2011
    4 ques on currency capital
    4 full forms in banking terms mainly
    rtgs and neft either will be asked
    tagline of any one bank
    rbi, sebi,mutual funds any of these 1 ques
    1 ques related to nuclear energy

    these topics are repeatedly asked with few ques repeated but marginal variance in options in all 3 session till today morning try to cover this topics deeply and current affairs in last 3 months should be enough + basic bank terms their definitions and used for what

    no ques asked from budget or asian games till now so dont focus more on it

  5. ga questions asked in today's po exam 12/10/14 morning session
    1.hanoi capital vietnam
    2.yaun currency china
    3.q on regulatory body gram sadak yojana
    6.nuclear reactor locatn. kakrapur
    7.coalgate scam-vinod rai appreciated for revealin d scam
    8.jan dan yojana
    9. rtgs (2q )
    11. shg linkin with banks finding fanny director
    13.governor general who was in news recently
    14.least populatn density arunachal pradesh tag line 'the bank that begin with u' united bank of india

  6. A student obtained 50,65,and 45 marks respectively in three tests and 80 marks in the final test. The three tests are of equal weightage where as the final test is weighted twice as much as the other tests. Find the average marks of all the tests.

  7. plz sir why dont u upload GK Capsule for every exams like Bankers Adda

  8. HI sis,
    My total attempt was 102 eng-20 quant -12 i cant remember other sections.Good experience need to practice a lot and shortcuts to simplifications.Answered only which r sure.May be 7-10 wrong at the most.

  9. X=-13,-12 , y=-11,-12 ans. Cannot be derermined.

  10. Vidhya Indira lekshmiOctober 12, 2014 at 8:13 PM

    hai jisha

  11. Crct ans given in the paper is 64

  12. Vidhya Indira lekshmiOctober 12, 2014 at 8:36 PM

    mam please post DI QUESTIONS

  13. Vidhya Indira lekshmiOctober 12, 2014 at 8:39 PM

    q 8 I have doubt .i got 1 as answer

  14. nice to see you here..

  15. my attempt with 95% accuracy. but i have no confidence na. i don't know wat to say, today mng , my dad scolding me (neeeyum exam eluthi kitae iruka , oru exam layum select aghura madhiri theriala nu).only 2 exams are left for me SSC-CGL and IBPS clerk. plz guide me d crt way to handle tis exams team. bcoz i'm so depressed.

  16. Dont get depressed.Surely u r going to clear this po mark my words.

    Cut off for sections will be single digits and over all cutfoff will be same as the previous year.Just prapare for clerk exam take a one week rest just concentrate on your weak sections.

  17. Dont get depressed.Surely u r going to clear this po mark my words.

  18. anna tell me shall i apply for lakshmi vilas bank r not. nan apply panna venam nu ninaikuran .irukurathu la select aghi vandha pothum nu expect panran. actually sbi clerk, ibps officer & assistant,po. eluthi irukan. ethulayumae nan select agha matana.

  19. No.Don't apply they didn't mentioned about vacancy.Just prepare for ibps clerk.

  20. can anyone from 11th morning session tell that in syllogisms what we had to choose, the one that follows or the one that does not follows

  21. thank u for ur information

  22. (1*50+1*65+1*45+2*80)/1+1+1+2

    = 64 answer

  23. Hello.

    you please tell me how to solve the equation based questions coming in
    IBPS PO 2014. Should i use the quadratic equation formula or solve it by
    factorization method?

    for ex: 3x2-4x-32= 0 and 2y2+5y-3= 0
    you solve it? (i solved it by both methods and the values for x & y
    are coming different not the same.) And how to compare the values of
    "x" and "y". i mean there are two values of each. which one to compare
    with which or should i compare both the values of one with other.

    please help me ma'am my exam is on 18th october.

  24. Hello friends.Can anyone please tell me how to solve the equation based questions coming in
    IBPS PO 2014. Should i use the quadratic equation formula or solve it by
    factorization method?

    for ex: 3x2-4x-32= 0 and 2y2+5y-3= 0
    can you solve it? (i solved it by both methods and the values for x & y
    are coming different not the same.) And how to compare the values of
    "x" and "y". i mean there are two values of each. which one to compare
    with which or should i compare both the values of one with other.

    please help me guys my exam is on 18th october.

  25. helloooooo mohan yar ye jyda cutoff expect nahi ho gai........itni jane ke koi chance he nahi h

  26. try by sridharacharya formula u will get answer

  27. x will be -12 n -13 and y =-11 n -14

  28. There won't be detailed scores and cutoff's given for PO IV. Only result status will be shared. Read notification.

  29. thank you so much.hope it will help :)

  30. mam, 3rd answer is 1

  31. hello! i wud lyk to answer ur questn... if u solve these 2 eqtns..u'll find that x and y have 2 roots each since both eqtns hve same degree ie, 2. well dats quite deep...let it be.. wen u'll solve these eqtns u'll find x= -13, -12 and y= -14, -11. thus its easy to answer dat x>= -13 and y>= -14. from these 2 values u can see dat x>y since the more a nmbr ngtv the more it is smaller.. i think i hv satisfied u.. if any1 else has a dfrnt answer frm dis kindly do reply.

  32. hai na hw r u? r u there

  33. Hi Sister i am fine how r u ?

  34. fine na.sry yesterday i was slept. ibps result came la my score in asst 137, under obc-exs, tamil nadu region. officer scale pochu parava illa. nan athigama la expect pannala just clerical level pona pothum. wat abt ur's? is there any chance for me to call interview

  35. online la iruntha ungaloda chat pannalam nu ninaichan free ah iruntha sollunga.

  36. Sure u ll get selected dont worry.
    I didn't wrote RRB exams.

  37. anna i am passed in ibps asst

  38. first time ah oru exam la select ayirukan i feel happy

  39. Oh.Me too happy for u.Start preparing for interview.

  40. en cutoff anupunan patheengala. interview call ku chance iruka

  41. sry na wat abt ur score? namma TN region la pandyan nd pallavan so kedaikathunu solranga

  42. I didn't apply for RRB.Dont worry about cutoff start preparing for interview.Be positive.

  43. before that i need mock interview na wat to do? wat is the next process. individual ah rrb ku apply pannanuma or ibps la irunthu call for pannuvangala.

  44. result vandhapo en score ku chances pathi ketan enaku vandha rply na.OBC means i think no chance. bcz in our tamilnadu., only two reg banks. so vacancy may be less and in ur categry., ur marks are not suficint. But Dnt oose HOPE., if vacancy is more than 500 mrans., u'l get 85%. all the best

  45. Sorry Sis.I don't know about process of rrb.Because this is my first time writing the bank exam.

  46. innum score edukanum nu solranga. ibps clerk nalla pannanum nu irukan. sbi associate clerk apply pannalama venama nu yosichu kitu irukan. job confirm agura varaikum exam apply pannu, padi nu solranga. wat to do? banking sector kulla porathukulla nan noodles ayduvan pola. ethavathhu information kedacha sollunga....:-)

  47. Hi Sis if your parents are willing to pay apply to IBPS Specialist officer and SBi associate clerk.As this will be learning experience for you.
    U ll get real experience only in online exam not in mock exam.This will help you in later stages of your life if required.

  48. u there na.........

  49. i'm not eligible for ibps specialists officer bcoz my degree is biotechnology. but sbi associate clerk i'm gng to put under exserviceman so fees is 100rs . and moreover i will tell them about applying new exams means they are always telling like this u r nt gng to select. nan apply panni padichukitae iruka vendiathu thaan.........

  50. Today there is lot of competition and u cant get job in first attempt.
    Hope your parents understand the present situation of unemployed.

  51. ya i know that. i was studied in GCT coimbatore ur area. 2013 passed out na. in my degree only higher education is the right choice i have a gate score 38 but my parents won't allow me to study.

  52. k vidunga nan polambikitae thaan irupan. ungaluku bore adika poghuthu.. bye take care.

  53. IBPS clerk exam mine on 13th dec second shift in eshwar engg college yours ???

  54. mine is kln colg in madurai

  55. Hi Sis got shortlisted in SBI Clerk Roll No 2800506122.You ?

  56. i don't know. now only i saw the advertisement. i'm searching my roll no is 2831309573

  57. congratulations bro....... i feel happy for u

  58. anna result check panreengala plz confuse ah iruku my roll no is 2831309573

  59. anna i'm also selected..... so happy we will prepare for interview......

  60. anna u thr . plz na i want to chat wt u

  61. anna my exam date 7 dec,

  62. anna interview tip, neengathan tharanum.

  63. interview konjam help pannunga plz. i'm child. i don't know much abt anything.

  64. This is also my interview.Don't be afraid just be positive.
    Answer those question u know and be frank accept if you don't know the answer.

  65. I'm not selected in PO IV what abt u ??

  66. bro, i'm not selected in po-IV, wat abt u?

  67. Not selected.Need to see marks and work hard on weak sections.I think i m done in quants as i attempted only 12.

  68. i'm also not selected. na....

  69. eppadiavathu sbi clerk la select aghanum illa enga veetla enna konnuduvanga.

  70. My secondary mail id is now on we ll chat from gmail.

  71. Sure you ll be selected.

  72. nan mattum illa. both will put our hardwork and crack this sbi na..

  73. Accept chat invitation.

  74. can u pls explain ques 10?

  75. dear friendsz plz tell me solution of Q no 10 and 13.

  76. admin tell me solution of question no 10 & 13 plzz

  77. Plz yarachi konjam entha sum explain panunga

  78. What is the difference between Simple and Compound Interest for two years on Rs. 24000 at 7% rate ?
    Rs. 117.50
    Rs. 116.56
    Rs. 127.36
    Rs. 116.40
    None of these


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