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October 01, 2014

Quiz on Banking Awareness - Set 38


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  1. POS is the acronym used in banking. It means ? 
    1. Point of Sales Terminal
    2. Personal Omission Script
    3. Pending Off Sales
    4. Pointed Open Sales
    5. Post Office Sales
  2. NIM Stands for?
    1. Net Interest Minimum
    2. Not Interest Margin
    3. Net Internal Margin
    4. Net Interest Margin
    5. Net Interest Module
  3. Ways and Means is the load of Advances provided by the RBI to ?
    1. Central Government
    2. Banks
    3. State Government
    4. NABARD
    5. None
  4. Which bank opened Customer Service Point (CSP) to extend financial inclusion targeting urban poor ?
    1. Union Bank of India
    2. ICICI
    3. SBI
    4. Syndicate Bank
    5. Yes Bank
  5. "Maa Thota" scheme in Andhra Pradesh sponsored by ___________ to improve the lot of tribal families ?
    1. Andhra Bank
    2. Union Bank of India
    3. NABARD
    4. NGB
    5. RBI
  6. Which Bank in India opened India's first offshore banking Unit ?
    1. SBH
    2. ICICI
    3. SBI
    4. Axis
    5. Bank of Baroda
  7. ___________ promoted Securities Trading Corporation of India Limited (STCI) jointly with the Public sector banks ?
    1. RBI
    2. SBI
    3. UTI
    4. LIC
    5. SEBI
  8. Ballon Loan means ?
    1. a loan offered at highest rate of interest for consumer loans
    2. a loan which does not fully amortize over its term
    3. loan offered to joint borrowers only
    4. loan offered to the Large scale industries 
    5. None of these
  9. India's First Dedicated Education Loan Company CREDILA is the associate body of ?
    1. SBI
    2. Andhra Bank
    3. United Bank of India
    4. HDFC
    5. SBH
  10. CER was established to prevent frauds in loan cases involving multiple leading from different banks on the same immovable property. CER means ?
    1. Central Electronic Recognition
    2. Central Ethics Registry
    3. Central Electronic Registry
    4. Central Election Registry
    5. Central Entry Registry
  11. Soft loan characteristic feature is ?
    1. Short period and more rate of interest
    2. Long period and more rate of interest
    3. Long period, More rate of interest with grace period
    4. Long period, Less rate of interest with grace periods
    5. Long period, more rate of interest with no grace periods
  12. "Loan Servicing" means ?
    1. Lending the money
    2. A mortgage bank or sub-servicing firm collects the timely payments of interest an principal from borrowers
    3. Helping the customer to get loan in other banks by providing the details of the running account
    4. Giving a loan if the customer has any deposit
    5. Giving second loan after payment of first loan regularly
  13. Who headed the study group constituted by Indian Banks Association to give the recommendations on Education Loans ?
    1. Rangarajan
    2. Kelkar
    3. R. J. Kamath
    4. Subrahmanyam
    5. None of these
  14. When any asset ceases to generate income for the bank, It is called ?
    1. Official Asset
    2. Non-good Asset
    3. Non-Performing Asset
    4. Non-Commitment Asset
    5. None of these
  15. In a news paper it is read that "Higher Provisioning erodes public sector banks' profit". Here "Provisioning" relates to ?
    1. Daily Expenses
    2. Cost to erect ATMs
    3. Conducting exams to recruit new personal 
    4. Bad Loans
    5. Establish new branches
  16. The SSI said there must not be two regulators on home loans. One regulator is Reserve Bank of India and another one is ?
    1. HDFC
    2. SBI
    3. SEBI
    4. HUDCO
    5. NHB
  17. Loan given for undertaking repairs, renovations and / or up gradation is called ?
    1. Home Damage Loan
    2. Home Improvement Loan
    3. Home Custody Loan
    4. Home Consumption Loan
    5. All of above
  18. Who introduced the concept of Microfinance in Bangladesh in the form of the "Grameen Bank". He is the Nobel laureate known by many as the "Father of Microfinance Systems" ?
    1. C. D. Deshmukh
    2. Amartya Sen
    3. Muhammad Yunus
    4. Sheik Haseena
    5. Muzibaer Rahman
  19. The usual deposit accounts of banks are ?
    1. Current accounts, electricity accounts and insurance premium accounts 
    2. Current accounts, post office savings, bank accounts and term deposit accounts
    3. Loan accounts, savings bank accounts and term deposit accounts
    4. Current accounts, savings bank accounts and term deposit accounts
    5. Current bill accounts and term deposit accounts 
  20. Loan to poor people by banks have many limitations including lack of security and high operating cost. So to help them which type of finance system developed ?
    1. Ponzi Schemes
    2. Micro Finance System
    3. Money Laundering Schemes
    4. Money Tampering Finance
    5. Supervision Finance
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  1. Thanks mam .can you provide a guide for computer and Ga for upcoming po exam .my exam is on 11th.

  2. I think credila associated with HDFC

  3. I think Q19's ans should be 4

  4. Satish Chandra JugranOctober 1, 2014 at 12:01 PM

    Yes answer is 4

  5. Satyannarayana YedlaOctober 1, 2014 at 12:15 PM

    Thank you :)

  6. hi sivani mam i think for the question no 19 answer is 4 please correct me if i am wrong ...

  7. Credila associated with hdfc

  8. can please provide previous years papers for railway rrb Junior Engineer and Senior Engineer Exam please.....for ECE

  9. You are right GANI.

    In Banking Awarness MCQs 24 question no. 15 is the same question and answer is given HDFC

  10. Mam post some quantative n reasoning quizzes

  11. Credila Financial Services is a Subsidiary of Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) .

  12. answer for 19 is wrong....correct answer should be option 4

  13. offshore banking unit means?......
    but bank of india opened first branch outside india..........can you tell me difference

  14. please check 9th and 19th readers will be misleaded....

  15. Do u have a notes of computer network internet.. if yes, plz do provide

  16. the results r came out or not?? please tell me

  17. Mahaboob Aitan KhanOctober 1, 2014 at 7:04 PM

    sir plz download ssc cgl pre 2014 material in pdf

  18. please check 12 ans1

  19. credila is associated with HDFC

  20. ans of 9th question IS HDFC

  21. 3rd question
    These are temporary advances (overdrafts) extended by RBI to the govt. Section 17(5) of RBI Act allows RBI to make WMA both to the Central and State Govt. Objective – to bridge the interval between expenditure and receipts.

  22. Hi Anshu u can download it from site.

  23. Aynosh Michael PulickalOctober 4, 2014 at 12:33 PM

    pleasse upload ibps po study materials

  24. Aynosh Michael PulickalOctober 4, 2014 at 12:34 PM

    11th oct

  25. Is there any shortcut for given multiplications

  26. Test Day Answer Key 2

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