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September 28, 2014

IBPS RRB Office Assistants Online Exam Reviews dated 27th September 2014

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Review shared by Roshani Rupali from Uttar Pradesh
Hello frndz.... I am Roshani Rupali from Uttar Pradesh. I'm again with my experience of CWE RRB's Office Assistant exam :)
first of all  i attempted Computer Section
you can easily do 30 out of 40 que :)it was quit easy
some questions  are -
  1. What is windows explorer
  2. Alt and shift are what type of keys
  3. Ctrl+F for what ??? in a document
  4. What is spoofing
  5. Trojan horse is what??
  6. Protocol use for internet
  7. What is C in MICR...........etc etc.
then GA     Some que are :
  1. Taka is the currency of?
  2. Murli vijay,arpindar kaur,jitu rai associated with? (all r single que)
  3. Name of first sattellite of india
  4. India's operation 'VIJAY' for which war
  5. No. of proposed express trains in india
  6. In budget what % of tax expand on education?
  7. A maths prize recepient is from which country?
  8. Robert adevedo is chief of?
  9. Which org have 28 members
  10. Recently sebi gets which type of right from the court?
  11. What guidlines airlines get from the court when A class seat arestill not booked (50 or 60% discount )
  12. 'hole' associated with which game?... etc etc

rest out of my mind (sorry)

then Hindi
its soooo simple.. :-) like a piece of cake
easily attemped 40/40

then Reasoning
very easy
there are circular seating arrangement,inequatity,syllogs,data
suffecieny,numbering,linear arrangements bt nt puzzle :-(

then Maths
as i m slow in this time i reached 30 que (happy for that)
it means this section was alsn easy :-P

My attempts :
  • GA- 30
  • computer-30
  • hindi-40
  • reasoning-35
  • maths-30
 total -165 :-)
not so easy not so high but m satisfied with my accuracy :-) and i can do it because of gr8ambitionz (a perfect teacher ) :-) :-)
thank you ..
Now waiting 4 results..

Review shared by Ashish from Haryana
Hello Friends, I am Ashish from Bhiwani, Haryana. I am going to share of IBPS RRB office Assistance (Multipurpose). Morning shift 27 Sep

  • Capital of mizoram.
  • taka is the currency of which country.
  • "work for your country not for your" who said this line.
  • sanjeev rajput related to which game.
  • jeetu rai is related to which game.
  • adani power in which country coal block permission.
  • long term capital gain tax.
  •  highest no of stundent in which country.
  • robort azevedo is the head of which institution.
  • ravinder kaur is related of which games.etc

English :- this section was very easy. i attemp all 40 question easily.

Reasoning:- this section was also easy. Circular arrangement,decision making,alphabatic arrangment etc was present.i attempt all 40 questions

Math:- this section is little tough. simplification,square, rectanguler, compoung Interest,Problem on ages,problem on boat stream, five series.i attempt all 40 questions.

Computer:- this Section is very easy. i attempt 39 questions

My total Attempts:-
  • English:-40
  • Math:-40
  • Reasoning:-40
  • Computer:-39
  • Gk:-26
Total =185

Best of luck to you all for upcoming exams.

Questions shared by Premrohit Lawaniya from Rajasthan
  1. General Awareness Que asked in Today’s Evening RRB Office Assistants:
  2. Long term Rural credit fund is managed by?
  3. Agro-biotech cluster is proposed at?
  4. According to Judicial Appointments Commission Bill, 2014Judges eligibility criteria?
  5. Income Tax limit for Individuals (Except Sr. Citizens) ?
  6. ISRO Head Quarters
  7. Lionel Messi belongs to which Country?
  8. Gangtok is capital city of?
  9. Govt. proposes Credit Guarantee Fund to whom?
  10. Which bank proposed to open digital branches at malls?
  11. How many house hold did not have access to financialservices?
  12. 2013-14 fiscal deficit is ___ % of GDP
  13. Outstanding Parliamentarian Award 2011?
  14. No. of New IIMs?
  15. New Expenditure Commission Head?
  16. Yuan is ____Currency
  17. Who is Dilam Rouseff?
  18. Vikas Thakus, Silver medalist at CWG 2014 _____ sport?
  19. Swavalamban Yojan is for?
  20. Volley is related which game?
  21. Which car is Pre-Launched as Smart City Car?
  22. Shri Jitendra Singh is MOS of which portfolio?
  23. Naveen Patnaik is CM of?
  24. SEZ full form?
  25. Slogan “Come, Make in India” is given by?
  26. India won Kargil in which year?
  27. 100% FDI is allowed which sector during 2014-15 budgetsession?
  28. In 2014-15 budget Govt. funded Rs.1000 crore to meet riskface by the banks in providing the financial assistance to unbanked customers.Who will manage that fund?
  29. Who is Niripendra Mishra?
  30. First Governor general of India?
  31. Who will be Covered under the Rashtriya Swastha BimaYojana?
  32. Shreyasi Singh, silver medalist at CWG 2014 belongs towhich sport?
  33. Yuki Bhambri is ____ player?
  34. According to PM, each member of Parliament Member should develop at least one model village in his/her Constituency by ____ year?
  35. Award recommended to Dhyan Chand?
  36. Deduction limit on interest on home loans is ____ lacs?
  37. USOF full form?
  38. Ryder cup related to?
  39. Arjuna Award is given to Jai Bhagwan under ___ sport?
  40. Vinesh Phogat won Gold medal at CWG 2014 under ____?
  41. Zoji-La tunnel is proposed to construct on? 

Questions shared by Premrohit Lawaniya from Rajasthan
  1. Lionel messi is from which country?? 
  2. Dilma rosseff is president of which country?? 
  3. Gangtok is capital of which state?? 
  4. Best MLA award?? 
  5. How many new IIM open?? 
  6. Which bank is going to open their branches in malls?? 
  7. Vinesh kumari is related to which game? 
  8. Vikash thakur is related to which game? 
  9. Who is narpendra misra?
  10. CM of orisha?
  11. Uki bhambri is related to which game?
  12. India s first governor general?
  13. Headquarter of DRDO?
  14. Full form of UPS?
  15. Who said "come make in india" 
  16. Jitendra singh is from which ministry?
  17. GUI full form?

Questions shared by Anija
  1. Yuki bambri associated to which game 
  2. Y uvan is the currency of which country
  3. Gangtok is the capital of ? 
  4. Volley is the term related to which game? 
  5. Tax exemption  limit(other than senior citizen) 
  6. Lionel messi which team 
  7. Make in india the term introduced by 
  8. Jai bagwan associated to which game 
  9. Year of Kargil war 
  10. First goerner general of india 
  11. Vikas thakur got silver medal in Glasgow in which item? 
  12. Shreasi singh associated to which game 
  13. Tax exemption limit  in case of home loans 
  14. Vinesh poghat associated to which game 
  15. Credit guarantee fund is provided to whom 
  16. Minster for state jitendra singh associated to  
  17. One question is related to swalbhman scheme

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