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September 28, 2014

Baning Awareness Quiz for IBPS PO and Clerks 2014 - Set 35


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  1. The RBI revised premature deposit rules of ?
    1. Small savings accounts
    2. Small value fixed deposit accounts
    3. Big size savings accounts
    4. dollar savings accounts
    5. Large value fixed deposit accounts
  2. The familiar combination come under "Demand Deposits" ?
    1. Fixed deposit, Current Account
    2. Current Account, Recurring Account
    3. Saving Account, Fixed Deposit
    4. Fixed Deposits, Savings Accounts
    5. Saving Account, Current Account
  3. The highlight of demand deposit is ___________
    1. multiple deposits
    2. multiple withdrawals 
    3. any time banking
    4. tax relaxation if any
    5. All of above
  4. Interest payable on savings bank accounts is ?
    1. De-regulated by RBI
    2. Regulated by State Governments
    3. Regulated by Central Govt
    4. Regulated by RBI
    5. Regulated by Finance Minister
  5. As per the order of RBI on 28th May 2013, who is not eligible to become an account holder in Joint Account ?
    1. Minor
    2. Who crossed 18 years of age
    3. Senior citizens 
    4. People with diseases 
    5. Bank Employees
  6. In the opening of Savings Account (few other accounts also) bank ask to write Nominee name. Who shall be the nominee ?
    1. Any person
    2. Known person only 
    3. Female only
    4. Close blood relation only 
    5. Account holder in the same bank only
  7. Nominee's age in the savings account ___________
    1. below 10 years only
    2. above 8 years only 
    3. below 60 years only
    4. any age
    5. must be major in that state
  8. Now a days various banks are offering ADDON on savings accounts, ADDON means ?
    1. Insurance facility
    2. Online banking
    3. Demat Account
    4. All the above
    5. None of these
  9. Which lab in India became the first aquaculture pathology lab to be accredited by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) ?
    1.  Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture
    2. Central Fuel Research Institute
    3. Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology
    4. National Botanical Research Institute
    5. None of these
  10. In terms of geographical area, which among the following is the correct rank of newly formed Telangana State among all states of India ?
    1. 10th
    2. 11th
    3. 12th
    4. 13th
    5. 14th
  11. Engineers India Limited (EIL) inked a consultancy deal for a refinery and polypropylene plant with which country ?
    1. Nigeria
    2. Ghana
    3. Egypt
    4. Sudan
    5. China
  12. The NIC is an essential statistical standard for developing and maintaining comparable database according to economic activities. NIC Stands for ?
    1. National Information Council
    2. National Industrial Council
    3. National Information Classification
    4. National Industrial Classification 
    5. National Industrial Corporation
  13. In which among the following countries Asia's first solar-wind power system has been inaugurated recently ? The project, completed under Asian Development Bank's regional technical assistance was part of the bank's "Energy for All" initiative that supports increasing access to energy in remote rural areas 
    1. Bhutan
    2. China
    3. Nepal
    4. India
    5. Korea
  14. Which among the following countries is the newest member of the Euro Zone; slated to adopt Euro from 1st January 2015 ?
    1. Slovakia
    2. Slovenia
    3. Romania
    4. Lithuania
    5. Nigeria 
  15. According to the Environmental Performance Index, which is the world's largest greenest country ?
    1. Australia
    2. Luxembourg
    3. Switzerland
    4. Singapore
    5. India
  16. Which among the following general insurance companies has introduced "Insurance on Wheel" concept for faster renewal of policies ?
    1. United India Insurance Company
    2. New India Assurance Company
    3. Life Insurance Corporation of India
    4. Oriental Insurance Company
    5. National Insurance Company
  17. Savings account cannot be opened by ?
    1. Teacher
    2. House Wife
    3. Farmer
    4. Person doing Money Laundering
    5. Person doing more than 2 businesses
  18. Minimum amount to be remitted through RTGs is Rs ___________ Lakh and there is no upper ceiling for RTGs transaction. 
    1. One 
    2. Three
    3. Two 
    4. Five
    5. Nine
  19. On 9th June 2014, the NABARD reduced the rate of interest by how many basis points (bps) on long term refinance facility to banks with an objective to promote from sector investments ?
    1. 15 bps
    2. 20 bps
    3. 10 bps
    4. 25 bps
    5. 35 bps
  20. Which of the statements given below is / are correct ?
    • A) Raghuram Rajan, the Governor of the RBI, on 15th May 2014 announced that plastic currency notes will be launched in 2015 after field tirals
    • B) The introduction of plastic currency notes would help stop counterfeiting of Indian rupees as they are difficult to imitate
    • C) Modern plastic currency notes were first developed by the Reserve Bank of Australia in the year 2000
    • D) Indian government has already tried to introduce plastic currency notes in the year 2005, but failed
    • E) We can recycle plastic bottles as Plastic currency notes.
    1. A and B
    2. B and C
    3. C and D
    4. A and E
    5. All of these
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  1. The National Industrial Classification (NIC) is an essential statistical standard for developing and maintaining comparable data base according to economic activities.

    Mam kindly check ques no 12 again..plz

  2. is minor can't open a
    joint account?

  3. A parent can open a joint savings account with a minor child.

  4. thanx for ur replay

  5. Thank you mom. I am requesting Please provide all these 35 sets of banking awareness in pdf format if it is possible.i think this is very useful for ibps po exam.

  6. Hi Gr8 ambitionz plz provide quick reference guide for IBPS PO exams we have only 10days for exams

  7. I think First plastic notes are introduced by Australia government in the year 1968.

  8. Good material IBPS CLERK SYLLABUS.

  9. Thank you :)

  10. plz provide quick referance guide for po4 my exam is 11/10.plz plz

  11. Sushmita RoyChoudhurySeptember 28, 2014 at 8:39 PM

    plz provid gk guide for po

  12. for ques 6 nominee can any one who we trust


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