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September 13, 2014

IBPS RRB CWE III Online Exam Reviews dated 13th September 2014


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Review shared by Varun from Hyderabad
Hi all, I'm Varun, from Hyderabad. I would like to share my experience regarding today's (Sep 13, morning shift) RRB exam.

I think I had gone in with high expectations. My targets and my strategy::
  • GA - > 30 - 32  (8-10 min)
  • Computers -> 32 - 35  (8-10 min)
  • English -> 36 - 38  (20-25 min)
  • Quant ->32 - 35  (55 min)
  • Reasoning -> 32 -35  (55 min)
Overall, I had hoped to attempt around 160 questions. Was it too unrealistic?! I don't know... But, as you all can sense it, I couldn't. This was my 3rd bank exam (my very first one was RBI Grade-B conducted last month. Second one was the SIDBI exam)

My order of attempting the questions was in the order listed above. I had attempted 16,32, and 29 in GA, Computers, and English respectively, in the first 43 minutes. I had 107 minutes remaining for Quant and Reasoning. I could solve only 28 each in Quant and Reasoning.

So, overall,
  • GA -> 16
  • Computers -> 32
  • English -> 30
  • Quant -> 28
  • Reasoning -> 28
Total attempted -> 134.

Regarding the level of difficulty:

I think the reasoning questions (9 people facing centre; 7 people live in 7 floors etc.) would require quite some time. I tried solving the first set of 5, but couldn't do so quickly. So, I left them as time was running out. In quant, I did two number series (left the other three). I think I left the apparently time-consuming questions, which I can't really recall right now. In English, I left 4 sentence rearrangement questions (guessed 1 in the last minute!), and the RC passage questions. GA, as far as I had attempted, I found it easy. The remaining 24, many of which I had no clue about, and some, I wasn't sure of. So, I think, one gets good at GA by keeping oneself updated on a daily basis. I did not take major risks guessing. So, I think, the accuracy is fair. GA has proved to be my Achilles' heel time and again! (any good tips would be highly appreciated guys!)

Overall, I think I did okay in the other sections, except GA. It was way below what I had targeted.

Regarding the exam centre:

My centre was Tirumala Engineering college, Bogaram.

One irksome issue with this center was we had to call the invigilator whenever we needed extra rough sheets. They could have provided enough beforehand, but they didn't and were adamant that the sheets would be provided during the test, if need be! But, at my SIDBI exam centre, the invigilator had provided me with a lot of sheets beforehand on request. So, there are no hard and fast rules I guess. Also, two of the systems got hanged during the test. I just thank god mine worked fine!

Anyways, guys, I think this is one of the stepping stones to success (in the future!).

Share your tips and suggestions in the comments, if any. Thanks...

Review shared by Roshani Rupali from Uttar Pradesh
Friends, I am roshani rupali from u.p.
Here is the review of today's Exam
Reasoning - easy
1-sitting arrangements(9 people are facing centre)
1-puzzle (time consuming)
5 -coding decoding
Hindi-very very easy
Maths -its toughest section
computer-easy to moderate
GA-easy to moderate
some questions are-
  1. capital of euthopia-adis ababa
  2. 19 aug 1919 which country's independence day -afganistan
  3. antioxident of ebola virus-zmapp
  4. minister of small enterprises-kalraj mishra
  5. rupay card made by
  6. abberivation of-IIET
  7. ammount of insurance of pm's new launched a/c scheme etc
My attempts
  • reasoning 30
  • hindi 35
  • computer 25
  • ga 26
  • maths 20
total 136
thats all .. :)
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  1. gr8 team pls cover on excel and word 2007 commonds

  2. also security question related to banking in computer section

  3. plz provide ibps po online 2013 papers.... plzzz....

  4. My attempt was 137

  5. Buy kiran book

  6. reasoning 24 (1 wrong)
    QA 22 (1 or 2 wrong)
    english 36 all correct
    hindi 31 may be 5 or 6 wrong
    computer 29 all correct
    gs 26 ( 7 or 8 wrong)
    is there any chance of shortlisting???

  7. hi all, i want to share few questions of my attempt in aftrn shift RRB scale 2 it officer
    most of them are on windows 2007 excel/windows
    1)paste button in windows 2007 used for
    2)end of paragraph after that some spaces, how can identify - Tab
    3)adding data in cells - autosum in excel
    4)smallest number in excel using function - MIN
    5)Class is ____ ans: user defined variable
    6)questions disaster recovery
    7)rules that restrict entry of data in tables - constraints
    8)questions on visual basic :-( i am not aware but 3 are asked
    9)questions on oracle 9i - basics
    10)ASP.NET is ---- clinet side or server side
    11)quesytion on override
    12)question on polymorphism
    13)smallest one capable of holding data in microprocessor - resgister i guess

    questions in financial awareness are pretty straight like :
    1)currency b4 2005 to be exchanged by jan 1 2015
    2)transactions in other banks to be reduced to three will be implemeted from - nov 1 2014
    3)EMC committe head - bimal jalan
    4)total defaulters from different loans valued to 54000 crores
    5)BHARATIya mahila bank is esatblished under /joint/cooperative/public - which sector
    6)question on natural gas - vijay kelkar committe
    7)question on post office savings some caluculation committe -
    8)savings bank question

    financial awarenss set 21 has some direct questions i guess
    i have followed g8tambition and in particluar which is enough to clear financial awarenss

    over all i attempted 166 questions .. my reaoning section not that good.. all the best.. hope this helps 2mrw batch

  8. Today officer's exam? Or office asst(multi purpose)

  9. Gurwinder Singh NagpalSeptember 13, 2014 at 10:04 PM

    officer's exam

  10. hii deepika.. can you plz mail me the online ibps po 2013 papers as i already have practice books (2013)... i don't want to buy them again.. as they will contain the same material except 2013 papers... plz i u can send me.. my id is thanks in advance...

  11. English and Hindi both?
    Were we not told to attempt any one of those?

  12. No baby ...there is no chance ..u will get selection in NASA .

  13. can anyone tell me tht ques: menu is program or action planning ?

  14. Hey.. Plz share ur review after exam is on 17th Sep. Good luck to you 😊

  15. piyush can you share financial awarness question.If you remember?

  16. 162 attempt .... 90 to 95 percent accuracy

  17. No its not mendatory ... But for cutoff u must attempt atleast 15 or more questions..

  18. i think paper was easy except aptitude....i have done 160 quetions

  19. 1.Pradhan mantri Jan Dhan Yojna-How many accounts to be canvassed?And till when?

    2.Nomination in Savings Bank Account.

    3.Till when the transaction limit would be revised from 5 transactions per month to 3(Date).

    4.White lebel ATM.

    5.Minium Balance Requirement in which type of accounts will be eliminated?

    6.Till when pradhan mantri jan dhan yojna should be completed?

    7.RBI has givin relexation for age limit for opening more no. of accounts for students so,what will be the age limit?

    8.Minimum Chukta Poonji for new banking licences?

    9.IDFC and LIC got the licences for opening bank branches in india,In How much period they have to open the branches?

    10.Bhartiya Mahila Bank

    11.New committies

    12.Abreviation of "REER"?Real Effective Exchange Rate (REER).

    13.In India how many RRBs are in existence?Total Nos.?

    14.RBI new Policies

    15.RBI recently given the relaxation in KYC norms for opening an savins bank account to give only.....options 1.Only permanent address proof

    II.permanent and communication address proof etc.this is based on financial inclusion.

    16.What is money Laundering?Options.

    17.One Question on Indian Standard Organisation.Like ISO200011,ISO20012.

  20. Can we download the po material.

  21. Good material .please provide pdf form also

  22. plz tell me , what is nominative nd objective case ??

  23. plz gr8t team give us a marged set of english subject in pdf form plzzz

  24. please explain rule no 15?


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