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September 13, 2014

Reviews of Today's (13th September 2014) IBPS RRB Officers Scale-I Online Exam - Morning Shift


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Review and Questions shared by Crown Moses from Andhra Pradesh

Hie this is Crown , From AP,  here I want to share my experience of today's IBPS RRB CWE III Online Exam..first i took Aptitude, cuz not to face problem with sectional cut off, first i did 18 questions from this section. this section is moderate to tough, and then I moved to General Awareness section, this section is easy to moderate level,  and then moved to Computer Section this is easy , but I left some questions which are big to read, and needs to read twice to understand , cuz this questions carry less marks, I attempted 30 qus from here, and then moved to English , this section is easy to moderate, first question is passage, here i didnt read the whole passage, but i attempted. Same meaning, and opposite, which can be done by reading one line in the passage, and cloze test, it was easy, and moved to reasoning, it is easy to moderate. and then came back to aptitude and answered some extra questions.. 
Here i want to say something, that my friend , seated next to me, he wrote all shortcuts, finding square , cube, and alphabets, and numbers, before the exam started, when rough sheets  are given, the three invigilators in the room saw his paper. but they didn't say anything, and i asked him, is it first time,? he said, he used to do.. so what am suggesting here is, if you want to take some little risk, in order to save the time and avoid confusion.. write some shortcuts, which saves you the time, but don't expose it to them, and they usually don't check., but do it if you found your invigilators are not racists.. :)

My attempts were
  • Reasoning -33
  • Q.A - 23
  • GA-32
  • ENG- 32
  • Computers-30 ,
Overall 150, with good accuracy..

Some G.A questions
  1. Capital of Ethopia 
  2. US medicine for Ebola 
  3. International park 
  4. P.M resent scheme for poor creating bank accounts, what is the insurance amount? 
  5. Currency of Libiya 
  6. Micro small medium industries minister? 
  7. Industrial corridor ? 
  8. Special train for attracting tourism ,in which state? 
  9. Bank related to small, medium industries? 
  10. Vitamin relate to Beriberi? 
  11. Name of the sport that climbing ,with out ropes 
  12. Nuclear power project started by PM recently in which state? 
  13. Question related to PM speech 
  14. Red cross Day? 
  15. Question related to Census 2011? 
  16. Some festival relate to which state? 
  17. Some sports man related to which Sports? 
  18. IIST full form 
  19. New submarine? 
  20. Some committee consists , how many numbers?
I put "some" for some questions ,which i don't remember, but its not matter , concentrate on topic..

  1. Memory that cant movable 
  2. Why RAM has short memory ? 
  3. Which of this memory is already programmed? 
  4. Which of this memory storage consists magnetic ? Ans Hard disk 
  5. Question about BIOS RAM 
  6. Correct step? Ans- input,process, output,storage 
  7. Why data not stored to ram 
  8. Question about Android 
  9. Software license used by medium company? 
  10. Every computer must have? operating system 
  11. Which companies provide computer services? 
  12. Save As ? 
  13. Output devise? 
  14. Arrow keys uses? 
  15. Question related to microsoft word?
thats all i  remember ,thanks... :)

All the best to RRB Assistants.. :)

Review and Questions shared by Shashank Mishra from Delhi
Hello Friends, I attended RRB scale 1 exam today morning.
It started at 9:30. I Started with Reasoning and was going good before I went for GA,,May be it was easy for some other students but I found it difficult as It was not following the same pattern as that of last week's exam.

Reasoning : Easy.
  • 5syllo,
  • 5 inequality,
  • 5 tabulation(floor),
  • 5 circular(all facing centre)
  • 5 coding decoding,
  • 5 blood relation,
  • 5 data sufficiency,
  • 5 (alphabetical order and word formation related)
Quantitative Aptitude :
  • 1 tough DI,
  • 2 moderate each of 5 questions
  • 5 series out of 2 were easy (one of doubling and adding 3 ,
  • other simply doubling and subtracting 7)
Hindi/English :
Moderate/easy.attempted Hindi,,,found antonyms and synonyms questions hard to answer..(attempted to save time,, was not prepared for this before)

General Awareness
  • 10 basic questions,
  • 5 e commerce related,
  • 10 moderate questions and other were tricy
GA was Disaster for me.. Attempted 15 questions ,,,left some questions about which I was more than 80% sure , but because of less attempts I couldn't dared to take a chance.

GA questions :
  1. Sunidhi got dada saheb phalke for which song: kamli
  2. Rupay is given by  National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)
  3. About kamotra
  4. One about ebola medicine
  5. Curreny of state of libya dinar
  6. Small ,medium and micro,,minister  kalraj mishra
  7. Authority for small,medium and lmicro orz
  8. Which commission has been removed by Pm of independence day speech.
  9. Recent Rbi deputy governor: s.s.mundra
  10. Jan Dhan yojna Insurance cover- Rs 1 lakh
  11. One about the gandhi filmmaker who died recently
  12. Red Cross day
  13. PAC chairman K.V.thomas
  14. About cartoonist pran kumar sharma
  15. NDTL full form- Net Demand and time Liability
  16. Members in NJAC(for judge recruitement) 6 members
My attempts:
  • Reasoning : 31 (1 or 2 may be wrong)
  • QA: 22 (not sure about 2 questions ,rest correct)
  • GA: 15 (one is wrong)
  • Computers : 26
  • Hindi:32
  • Total 126.
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  1. Now a days toughness increazsa day by day.... Tomoro my rrb asst exam worried bout the exam toughness

  2. my attempt 159

    reasoing 34 with 100% just unable to solve 7flours puzzle in adjusted time... and 1 qustion from arugumnts

    as iam weak in quant only attempted 28 (20 with 100%) and remaining i took risk

    gk 35 (28 with 100%) and reaming 4 are wrong and 3 where yet to know their answers as i cant remember it

    com 28 with 90%(12 questions where difficult to me so idid not attempt it)

    eng attempted 34( i hope atleast 28 should be correct so that i can scre well)


  3. all the best dear...

  4. Tomorrow rrb asst exam or rrb scale -1

  5. please update this page with latest statistics..............

  6. i attempt 150 ans with 90%accuracy

  7. Don't worry about the number of enemies instead have a confidence on ur weapon.

  8. Can anyone help me to find out best coaching centers in bangalore near by BTM OR JAYANAGAR. ...

  9. maths 23
    reasoning 32
    hindi 39
    computer 38
    gs 29

  10. Query: is it mandatory to answer or attempt at least 15 questions in every section?

  11. Help me

    Today exam is rrb officer 1 or office assistant? Pls answer me friends..
    Because i have office assistant(multi purpose) exam on next week..

  12. Tomorrow is office asst exam because my frend is going to write tomorrow...but i dont know what is today exam is officer 1 or asst

  13. Today i have attempted RRB scale 2 exam and i did total 146 questions.In maths 20 out of 40,reasoning 24,hindi 39,computer 35 and financial awareness 28. what about my chances?

  14. Good...
    Wht is ur exam today officer1 or office asst? Pls reply me frend

  15. Good attempt...
    What is ur today exam ? Is it officer 1 or office asst

  16. As i fill dear,you shoul attemp atleast 160 question s with atleat 85% accuracy and be cautious for Sectional cut offs.

  17. Can anyone tell me that today is office asst exam or officer 1 exam? Pls tell me

  18. Which state you are from

  19. Aryan_The_Brain_HackerSeptember 13, 2014 at 8:11 PM

    All the best ..:p

  20. One of my friends has attempted 180 in morning session and 173 in evening session.

  21. wao they are selected congrts...............

  22. There was a question about nevia or something like that. Can anyone tell what exactly that question was ?

  23. "Mahendra" has opened it's branch in Jayanagar. According to me its one of the best for banking. Others are Time, BSC..etc

  24. nivea has setup R&D setup in which of the following places..answer is sanad in gujrat

  25. कृपया बताये की मुझे एम. पी. के बैंक में मिलने की कितनी संभावना है...I'm getting 135-145 marks....general category.....thnx and Happy HINDI DIWAS in advace to all.

  26. this is Giridhar from Karnataka... done with RRB PO (morning shift)
    total attempt-177

    detailed explanation as follows

    1) reasoning-2 puzzles,one was circular sitting easy and floor problem difficult,5 syllogisms easy, 5 data analysis moderate, 5 in equality moderate, rest miscellaneous, overall an easy to moderate section

    2)quant- 5 series moderate, 5 simplification easy, 5 quadratic equation easy, 2 sets of DI,one was moderate and lengthy and another was on SI and CI which i dint touch, 5 on venn diagram problem easy rest miscellaneous overall moderate section

    3) english- everything was easy to moderate...cloze test, 5 fill in the blanks, RC, that covers 25 i m unable to recall...again an easy to moderate section

    4) GK- i don know about others but it was bit difficult for me...some were guesses still i can score doubt...questions on various websites

    5)computer- this was difficult section..thats what i felt...some guesses...questions were confusing

    overall a moderate paper... good luck for those who are attending tomorrow

  27. my attempt


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