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September 30, 2014

Expected Questions on Committees 2014 - Set 1


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  1. According to Rangarajan Committee on poverty line what is per capita expenditure in rural and urban areas respectively ?
    1. 30 and 45 rupees
    2. 27 and 42 rupees
    3. 32 and 47 rupees
    4. 45 and 67 rupees
    5. 35 and 45 rupees
  2. What is the purpose of K. Sivaramakrishnan Panel ?
    1. Bring black money from Swiss accounts
    2. Effective guidelines to handle violence against women
    3. Find new capital for Seemandrhra
    4. Tax reforms
    5. None of the above
  3. Bezbaruah panel is set up regarding ?
    1. Woman empowerment in factories
    2. Issue of khap panchayats
    3. Concern of northeast people about racial attack
    4. Price rise in food items
    5. Information about tax reforms
  4. The Mayaram Panel has proposed new foreign investment norms to increase the foreign inflow of the country. Which category / categories is / are being considered to split overseas inflow ?
    1. Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI)
    2. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
    3. Foreign Direct Insurance
    4. Both 1 and 2
    5. None of the above
  5. Shah Panel report is related to what ?
    1. 2G Spectrum scam
    2. Commonwealth Scam
    3. Illegal minings
    4. Adarsh Scam
    5. Coal Scam
  6. Mayaram Panel Report is related to which one of the following ?
    1. Foreign Investment in India
    2. Environmental Issues in India
    3. Reforms in Indian Railways
    4. Reforms in Banking Sector
    5. For analysis of operations of Air India
  7. According to Mayaram Panel, Foreign Portfolio Investment (FPI) will include ?
    1. FDI and FII
    2. QFI and FII
    3. NIR Investment and QFI
    4. FID and DRDA
    5. None of the above
  8. Who has joined Mudgal Committee on IPL spot fixing as an expert ?
    1. Sunil Gavaskar
    2. Sachin Tendulkar
    3. Sourav Ganguly
    4. Kapil Dev
    5. Rahul Dravid
  9. India has been selected on which United Nation's Committee ?
    1. IMF's committee on Financial Stability
    2. WTO's committee on Trade Disputes
    3. World Bank's committee on Development funds
    4. UNESCO's committee for safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage
    5. None of these
  10. Nayak Committee has submitted its report, it is related to ?
    1. Merger of Banks
    2. Governance of Boards of Banks in India
    3. Privatization of Banks
    4. Conservation of Western Ghats
    5. None of these
  11. Who is the head of the committee on improvement of customer services in Banks ?
    1. Narasimham
    2. Chandrasekharan
    3. Parthiban
    4. Damodaran 
    5. Kesavan
  12. 7th Central Pay Commission is headed by ?
    1. Justice Arvind Mayaram
    2. Justice Chidambaran
    3. Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur
    4. Justice Sadashivam
    5. None of these
  13. The purpose of Sampitroda Committee is ?
    1. to review the functionalities of Bharatiya Mahila Bank
    2. to review the performance of RBI
    3. to review National Planning commission
    4. to review the institutional frame work of Prasara Bahrti
    5. None of these
  14. Which committee is looking after the Money Market in India ?
    1. Sambamurthy Committee
    2. Vaghul Committee
    3. Vishnu Sahay Committee
    4. Narasimham Committee
    5. None of these
  15. Vasudev Committee is for ___________ reforms ?
    1. NBFC (Non Banking Finance Corp) Sector Reforms
    2. Tax Reforms
    3. Trade Reforms
    4. Small Business Reforms
    5. Banking Reforms
  16. Raja Chellaih Committee is for __________reforms ?
    1. NBFC (Non Banking Finance Corp) Sector Reforms
    2. Trade Reforms
    3. Small Business Reforms
    4. Banking Reforms
    5. Tax Reforms
  17. The purpose of P. J. Nayak Committee is to  review the Governance of Boards of Banks in India. P. J. Nayak is the former Chairman and CEO of which of the following organizations ?
    1. SBI
    2. ICICI Bank
    3. Axis Bank
    4. NABARD
    5. SEBI
  18. Which Panel is to suggest suitable remedial measures to address concerns regarding security of people from North East ?
    1. Sarayya Committee
    2. M P Bezbaruah
    3. B Sambamurthy
    4. Vishnu Sahay Committee
    5. Anil Kaushal
  19. G. Padmanabhan committee appointed by RBI to give the recommendations on ___________
    1. Financial Inclusion
    2. Export Finance
    3. Customer Service
    4. Financial Sector Reforms
    5. RRB
  20. RBI constituted committee under the chairmanship of ____________ to review the Ombudsman Scheme on 7th January 2013 ?
    1. Sudha Chakravarthy
    2. Sudha Sharma
    3. Suma Verma
    4. S. K. Kailash Chandra
    5. None
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