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August 24, 2014

SBI Clerk Online Exam - 23rd August 2014 Afternoon Session Review


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Review shared by Karan Mankatala from Punjab

Hi All,  I am Karan Mankatala. I attended exam on 23rd August (Evening Shift)

Total exam was moderate

Aptitude was easy but questions were molded, but solvable

Number Series were bit tricky
Simplification was little time consuming, DI was very easy (only addition and percentage)

Other Questions were from : 2 from SI_CI, 1 Profit & Loss, 1 Area, 3 Ratio, 1 Partnership, 
   1 Time & Work, 1 Pipes & Cisterns

Questions were like

* Find number of Revolutions to cover a distance of 6864 ----
* Two pipes fill tank is 16 and 24 mins resp. There is also a waste pipe. If all pipes are opened, empty tank is full in 20 mins. How long will waste pipe take to empty tank

Reasoning ---- Puzzle and Sitting arrangement (Inward - outward) was difficult ---- I     couldn't solve them
Rest all questions from Reasoning was very easy.

Computer and Marketing was very easy... just basic concepts

English ---- This section was easy

GK ---- Moderate level

Few GK questions were like :

* Question on SARFARESI ACT
* Highest Gold Producing Country in World
* Leader of INC in 16th Lok Sabha
* Which country topped Global Innovation Index
* Father of White Revolution
* Which of the following is a Demand Liability
* 9th G-20 Summit will be held in
* Malaysia Currency
* Qatar Capital
* U-17 FIFA World Cup will be held in
* Nehru Cup Associated with
* Uri II hydro project in which State
* India signed 4 hydro projects with which country
* 'One Life is not Enough' book written by
* Theme of World Water Day
* Overseas Affairs Ministers for Northern State
* Which of the following is not a negotiable instrument
* What is most liquid form of 'MONEY'
* If CRR is increased then its effect on Banks
* CBS full form 
* Bank providing 6% interest on Savings Account
* Neelanchan project associated with

Marketing/Computer Questions

* A call means 
* Lead means
* Marketing research is required for
* Proper marketing strategies don't require
* Types of Software
* Question on Web Cam
* Question on Audio Recognition
* Question on Internet
* CD is form of which device

My Attempt was

GA -- 36 
Marketing/Computer -- 39
Aptitude -- 37
Reasoning -- 30
English -- 37

On total 179

P.S Don't be nervous, give ur best.. Exam is not that tough but u have to manage time
All the best to all readers

Best Regards

Review shred by Sandip Narendran from Kolkata
Guys this this Sandip Narendran, I went for the sbi clerk exam afternoon  batch on 23rd august. overall the paper was

General awareness: Easy of qatar
2.currency of malaysia
3."neeranchal" scheme launched by govt for what
4.theme of world water day 2014
5.minister of state for north east ,external affairs
6."one life is not enough book" written by
7.fine on RIL by govt
8.santosh trophy which sport
9.under 17 fifa world cup 2017 host
10.liquid money.

English: easy.

Reasoning: time consuming, moderate.

Numerical ability: time consuming, moderate.

Computer: very easy.

Best of Luck guys.God Bless.

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  1. are yar maths nai ate mujhe

  2. hai karan ..
    It is good attempt.surely u will get also had exam in 23rd ..I just want to the ans of seating arrangement (lmnop south pqrst north).Is 1st questio ans is none of this?

  3. i appeared for the sbi clerical exam on 23rd august 2014 in the 2nd shift....i attempted 116 questions with 95% accuracy....what are my chances of clearing the cut-off?? plz reply

  4. i also appeared for sbi clerikal exam on 23rd august 2014 in 2nd shift. i attempted 110 questions with 98% accuracy. is there chances of my selection in the recruitment ?


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