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August 21, 2014

Quiz on Union Budget 2014-15 : Set 3


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Friends, here is the 3rd set of our Expected Questions on Union Budget 2014-15 series. You can read Set 1 from here and Set 2 from here

The union budget 2014-15 announced to set up a Hastkala Academy for the preservation, revival, and documentation of the handlom / handicraft sector in PPP mode in ?

Govt proposed to launch which programme to ensure broad band connectivity at village level as announced in Union Budget 2014?

The National Industrial Corridor (NIC) that was proposed to be established in the Union Budget of 2014-15 will be at?

EPFO to launch which Service for contributing members?

As announced by the Union Budget 2014-15, under Ajeevika, the provision of bank loan for women Self Help Groups will be extended to another 100 districts. At what rate is bank loan provided to this programme ?

According to the Union Budget 2014-154, a project on Ganges named "Jal Marg Vikas" will be developed between which two states ?

Name the TV channel announced for farmers in Union Budget 2014-15?

Name the TV channel announced for North East in Union Budget 2014-15?

The Union Budget 2014-15 announced that "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" will cover every houshold with sanitation facility by the year ?

Name the new programme announced to give impetus to watershed development in the country with an initial outlay of Rs. 2142 crores?

Name the scheme announced in Budget to generate awareness and help in improving the efficiency of delivery of welfare services meant for women?

Two National Institutes of Ageing announced to be set up in Union Budget will be at?

For the welfare of tribals, which scheme was launched by the Union Budget 2014-15 with an initial allocation of Rs. 100 Crore ?

Rs 2,037 crore set aside for Integrated Ganga Conservation Mission called?

How much fund has been allotted to support about 600 new and existing Community Radio Stations?

As per the Union Budget 2014-15, how many habitations affected with arsenic, fluoride, heavy / toxic elements, pesticides / fertilizers will be provided safe drinking water through community water purification plants in coming 3 years ?

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to cover every household with sanitation facility by the year?

Fund allocated for increasing safety of women in large cities?

To provide institutional finance to landless farmers, the Union Budget 2014-15 announced to provide finance to 5 lakh joint farming groups of "Bhoomi Heen Kisan" through which organization ?

What special feature has been proposed for currency notes in the Union Budget 2014-15?

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