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August 02, 2014

Banking Awareness online Practice Tests for IBPS PO IV - Set 19


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Friends, you know how crucial the Banking Awareness section is to clear IBPS Bank Exams. We've already shared complete Banking Awareness lessons and 18 Online Tests for last year's IBPS PO Exam. As a continuation for that, from today onwards we've decided to provide you with more online practice tests for upcoming IBPS PO IV Online Exam. Happy Reading :)
  1. The features of Demand Draft given, Locate the wrong option ?
    1. It is drawn by a bank upon its own branch or another bank.
    2. It is payable on demand and it cannot be made payable to bearer.
    3. Payment of a demand draft cannot be stopped or countermanded. Due to this reason, the payment is demanded through a bank Draft.
    4. Demand Draft valid for 3 months.
    5. None

  2. A Demand Draft payable to bearer may be issued only by ______________
    1. RBI
    2. SBI
    3. SEBI
    4. Private Banks
    5. Note of above

  3. Payment of a lost Demand Draft is made to the ________________
    1. Purchaser
    2. RBI
    3. Friend of purchaser
    4. Guarantor
    5. None

  4. If the Original Demand Draft is lost, the bank issues duplicate Demand Draft, by taking ___________ ?
    1. Permission from RBI
    2. Assurance form the purchaser of Draft on white paper
    3. Rs. 50 as simply penalty
    4. Indemnity bond from the purchaser of Draft
    5. Permission from district authorities of state government 

  5. Unsigned Demand Draft is presented for payment, then drawee branch should ?
    1. Dishonor it, since it does not have a mandate of the drawer bank to pay.
    2. Honor it as it is a negotiable instrument
    3. Honor it after seeking complaint from the collecting bank.
    4. Pay simply as it is issued by another bank
    5. None of these

  6. Shivani deposited Rs. 10000 in Union Bank of India and got Demand Draft. He wants to cancel the Demand Draft. Then ?
    1. Once Demand Draft issued, it cannot be cancelled
    2. Demand Draft can be cancelled by Union Bank of India. However the cancellation charges may be there. 
    3. He can approach any public sector bank to cancel the Demand Draft, as Union Bnak of India is also a Public Sector Bank.
    4. Only after 90 days the Demand Draft can be cancelled, as the Demand Drafts cannot be cancelled during the valid date period.
    5. Shivani should get permission form RBI to get the cancellation of Demand Draft. 

  7. Cash credit is one of the forms of ___________
    1. Recurring credit to NRI
    2. Withdrawal facility in minor account
    3. Loan
    4. Cash Deposit slip in bank branch
    5. Credit deposit slip

  8. One of the highlights of the cash credit is ?
    1. Very useful for industrial concerns
    2. It can be given by taking security of raw materials and finished goods also.
    3. Flexible schedule of payments is attractive in this loan
    4. Renewable loan, if there is no default in the payment of interest
    5. All of the above

  9. Bharath has an account in Punjab National Bank. He issued a cheque of Rs. 1000 to Raghu. Who is the drawee in the above case ?
    1. Bharath
    2. Punjab National Bank
    3. Raghu
    4. Bharath and Raghu
    5. Raghu and Punjab National Bank

  10. Amar has an account in State Bank of India. He issued a crossed cheque to Satish. Then sathish ___________
    1. Should deposit cheque in his bank account.
    2. Can go to bank counter and get money directly
    3. Can ask the bank to change crossed cheque in to bearer cheque to get cash
    4. Satish can cancel the crossing to get cash
    5. Satish can change the crossed cheque in to bearer cheque by putting his signature on reverse side.

  11. Narasimhan deposited Rs. 10000/- in his savings account and got counterfoil. In his pass book, the deposit entry made and his present balance is Rs. 15,000/-. Later he got mobile alert that he deposited Rs. 1000/- only. Then __________
    1. Narasimhan is eligible to withdraw Rs. 10000 only.
    2. Mobile alert resembles the balance and his present balance is Rs. 11,000/- only
    3. Bank asks Naraimhan to deposit Rs. 4000 again
    4. He need not worry because mobile alerts need not resemble the accurate balance in account. His balance stands at Rs. 15,000/-
    5. None of the above statement applicable

  12. Ananth received PIN (Personal Identification Number) for his debit card by registered post. Then ____________
    1. He should not share this number with anybody
    2. He can share this number with anybody
    3. He should inform this number to the Bank Manager
    4. PIN is not confidential so he can share this anywhere
    5. He should share this number in his Facebook account

  13. If the point of sales terminals are non complaint of the fraud card transaction, issuing bank should pay the disputed amount to the customer within __________ working days.
    1. 10
    2. 20
    3. 40
    4. 7
    5. 2

  14. The wrong statement relating to Mutual Funds (MF) is ?
    1. It collects the savings of a large number of investors for investment purposes
    2. MF invest in capital markets like stocks and other securities
    3. Additions from the investment process shared among the investors
    4. Profit generation and investment process shared among the investors is a continuous process, as MF business is profitable both to investor and fund manager
    5. None

  15. The reason to say Mutual Funds (MF) safer than share trading because ?
    1. Professionally Managed
    2. Tax Saving Option
    3. Diversified Portfolio
    4. Transparent Dealings
    5. All of the above

  16. Who regulates the Mutual Funds ?
    1. RBI
    2. TRAI
    3. SEBI
    4. TROY
    5. None

  17. Unit Trust of India was the first mutual fund set up in India in the year ?
    1. 1963
    2. 1971
    3. 1981
    4. 1991
    5. 1997

  18. Usually, the performance of a particular scheme of a mutual fund is denoted by NAV. NAV means ?
    1. Net Asset Value
    2. Non Accessible Value
    3. Net Assignment Value
    4. Not Asset Value
    5. New Activation Value

  19. A mutual fund is set up in the form of a trust, which has sponsor, trustees, AMC and custodian. AMC means ?
    1. Asset Management Company
    2. Asset Money Company
    3. Assign Management Company
    4. Assignment Management Company
    5. None of these

  20. India is one of the founding members of Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). KPCS is related to ?
    1. Import and Export fo Rice
    2. Import and Export of Computers
    3. Import and Export of Home Appliances
    4. Import and Export of Rough Diamonds
    5. None

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