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August 23, 2014

Afternoon Session Reviews of SBI Clerks Online Exam dated 23rd August 2014


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Review shared by Shanthi from Andhra Pradesh

Hi i am shanthi from andhra pradesh today my exam on 23/8/2014 in Afternoon Session... I want to share my experience regarding exam...

Exam exactly startd at 2 :00 exam was moderate...coming to indivizual topics...

Firstly i attempted G.A.,it was moderate for me totaly i attemptd 26...

Some of the questions are
  • malaysia currency?
  • IMF?
  • Nine th G-20 summit?
  • Fifa world cup 2017 is going to held in?
  • Question on CRR?
  • Question on demand liability?
  • Who is northeast external affairs and overseas minister?
  • If any fault from borrower under which act bank going to take
  • action?(didnt rember exact question )
  • Neeranjal programm launched by arunjatley for which cause?
That's all i remember ..concentrate on banking to..

Next Marketing and computer...
Marketing was tricky but computer was easy if now basics its enough..
Prepare marketing in deep...

English was also easy not very easy...if u havf gud practice u can do best..

Reasoning was easy but very time consuming.. Parallel Seating Arrangement was very tough facng north and south...remaing its moderate...

Aptitude..was as usual moderate ..simplifications are easy decimals in this..DI was easy...

On Total I attempted 135 with 95 %accuracy..hope for best

That's all friends...thank you and all d best who are going to write

Review shared by Gaurav from Gujarat

Good  Evening Friends, Myself Gaurav Adesara From Jamnagar.

I want to Share My Exam Experience of SBI Clerks dated 23rd August 2014 (Afternoon Session)

I Reached Venue At 12.50 P.M. And Exam Started by 2:00 P.M.

I Attempted Total 168 Questions With 75% Accuracy.

G.A. 38

English 35

Q.A. 30

Reasonig 25

Computer 40

Paper Was Easy. G.A. Section Quite Moderate.
Maths Was Little Time Consuming.
English Too Easy.
Reasoning Quite Moderate.
Computer & Marketing Very Eay.

So, Tomorrow Candidates Don't lose hope Be prepare Last 6 months
Current Affairs.
Do well. Best Of Luck.

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  1. Hi all,

    I had attended today's afternoon session exam. Paper was relatively tough as compared to the reviews of our previous mates here.Coming to Individual Sections:

    Concentrate mostly on banking concept like demand,liabilities,liquidity,interest on savings deposit for different banks etc like today's one question was : Which bank gives 6% interest on Savings Deposit account.
    And about General awareness part. One needs to go through the Union Minister of the State with independent charge as well. one question was like : Who is the Union Minister of the state for "North eastern Development".

    This section is relatively easy. Just basics and one can get it all correct.Do not skip Comprehension passage as its easy.Just reading the passage takes 4-5 mins and its 10 marks are all yours. Other questions needs basic command over language.

    This section is very time consuming and very tricky. No direct questions like given in previous Years Paper.I can give an example of one question today.
    Interest was to calculate for total 4 years but for first two years its given for Simple Interest and another two years if for Compound interest.So it makes the questions confusing.
    Similarly other questions were tricky.
    My personal suggestion is first try all the Simplifications part, then go for Data Interpretation, then do the remaining questions.

    Seating arrangement was pretty tough. Inward outward circular arrangement, Two rows with people facing north and south and seven people having exams of seven days and they like seven different kinds of Chocolate.All together 15 questions from arrangements. These were real Mind-boggling. First try other question which are relatively easy then go for arrangements.

    Computer/Marketing--both are Easy
    Computers are just basic and marketing are easy but tricky.

    My attempts:
    G.K--> 30

    Good luck to all the aspirants who are yet to give their exam tomorrow and next week too.
    Lastly, I want to thank "Gr8ambitionz" for helping us with such wonderful materials which gives us Silver-lining in our exam preparation. You guys are truly doing a wonderful work.

    Thank You,

    1. Thanks for your detailed review.

    2. Yes guys Today Exam was Tough

    3. Reasoning puzzle and seating arengements are very tuff

  2. thanks prajjwal for ur nice analysis

  3. perfect review prajwal

  4. Acha paper tha overall

  5. Replies
    1. for marketing study gr8ambitionz study material,only material without practise sets is also enough.i wrote my exam on 23rd aftn and i attempted all marketing questions easily with this material.

      some questions asked in exam:
      1.a call in marketing means
      2.which of the following is a traditional style of marketing
      3.if marketing is done properly which of the following is not needed
      4.what is market segmentation
      5.question on crossselling

      some questions were repeated from previous papers.

  6. yaar paper was really tough


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