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July 03, 2014

SBI Clerks Online Practice Tests : Marketing Aptitude - Set 18


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Bank marketing is aimed at providing services to satisfy customer's ____________ needs.
  1. Physical
  2. Financial
  3. Primary
  4. Market
  5. None of these

Objective of marketing is ______________
  1. Target market
  2. Fulfil needs
  3. Integrated Marketing
  4. Profit by customer satisfaction
  5. All of the above

To make proper marketing decisions we need to be done ____________
  1. Market research
  2. Financial product
  3. Targeted marketing
  4. Publicity
  5. None of these

To survive in the growing competition banks need to implement ______________
  1. Free schemes
  2. Service orientation
  3. Marketing Orientation
  4. Core banking
  5. None of these

Gathering information about customers or market is known as _____________
  1. Customer inspection
  2. Checking market area
  3. Need of a bank
  4. Market Research
  5. None of these 

Treating of the market as a homogenous group and offering the same services to all customers is a ___________
  1. Mass marketing
  2. Segment marketing
  3. Local marketing
  4. Group marketing
  5. None of these

Process or methodology used to learn more about customers' needs and behaviors is ?
  1. Selling process
  2. Customer relationship management
  3. Believing in customer
  4. Customer facing
  5. None of these

Labelling means ___________
  1. Identifying the product or brand
  2. To provide information about the product
  3. Promoting the product through 'attractive graphics'
  4. All of the above
  5. None of the above

Developing and spreading persuasive communications about an offer or a product is known as _________
  1. Promotion
  2. Information
  3. Channel usage
  4. Distribution
  5. None of these  

Converting an opportunity to revenue by salesperson depends on ________________
  1. Sales manager
  2. Pay scale
  3. Skills and willingness of the sales person
  4. Competitors 
  5. None of these  

Why banks having less focus on customer although they use direct marketing ?
  1. Due to lack of appreciation of need for marketing in banking
  2. Banks do not need customers much
  3. Direct marketing never gives importance to customers
  4. Banks need money than customers
  5. None of these  

Identify the direct marketing tool from the following 
  1. Core banking
  2. Kiosks
  3. Direct mailing
  4. Websites
  5. All of these

A set of tools used in marketing is _____________
  1. Direct marketing
  2. Sales personal
  3. Marketing mix
  4. Market value
  5. None of these  

One of the following is NOT included in 4 P's of Marketing _____________
  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Place
  4. Policy
  5. None of these  

What are the four stages of product life cycle ?
  1. Introduction, Growth, Maturity and Decline
  2. Starting, Sales, Service and End
  3. Introduction, Sales, Service and End
  4. Starting, Growth, Sales and Decline
  5. None of these  

SWOT Stands for ______________
  1. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats
  2. Selling, Willing, Opening and Treating
  3. Sales, Winning, Opportunity and Team
  4. Sales, Weakness, Opportunity and Team
  5. None of these  

Difference between marketing and selling is ______________
a) Marketing focus on customer and selling focus on seller
b) Marketing practices integrated approach and selling practices fragmented approach
c) Marketing converts customer's need into product and selling converts product into cash
d) Marketing makes profits through customer satisfaction, selling makes profits through sales volume
  1. only a
  2. a, b and d
  3. b and d
  4. all a, b, c and d
  5. None of these  

Modern style of marketing include ___________
  1. E-Commerce
  2. E-mail solicitation
  3. Social media marketing
  4. All of these
  5. None of these  

One of the following is not included in market segmentation. ___________
  1. Geographic Segmentation
  2. Demographic Segmentation
  3. Sales Segmentation
  4. Behavioral Segmentation
  5. None of these  

Census means __________________
  1. A stock market index
  2. A complete canvas of a polulation
  3. A list of voters in a constitution
  4. A channel in marketing 
  5. None of these 

The legal term for brand is _________
  1. Trademark
  2. Name
  3. Identity of Product
  4. Symbol of Product
  5. None of these

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  1. Some tables are hunts. No hut is Ring. All rings are bangles. Conclusion: some bagels are table. No bangle is table. Which one is Follow?

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    plz provide us ibps po 4 daily study plan.... it wil b helpful for all of us....

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