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July 03, 2014

Names of Groups of Things


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Friends, in English we have different names for various groups of things. Below list consists the names of collective references of various things. This list will be helpful for you while solving Analogy and Classification topis of Reasoning and English section of competitive exams. Happy Reading :)

Collective References of Things  

  • An Anthology of Poems
  • A Budget of News / Letters
  • A Bunch / Bouquet of Flowers
  • A Bunch of Keys / Grapes / Plantains 
  • A Bundle of Sticks / Hay
  • A Carillon of Bells placed together for a tune to be played on them
  • A Century of Years
  • A Chain of Mountains
  • A Chest of Drawers
  • A Clump / Forests of Trees
  • A Cluster / Galaxy / Constellation of Stars
  • A Cluster of Nuts / Grapes on a bunch
  • A Clutch of Eggs
  • A Code of Law
  • A Consignment of Goods
  • A Convoy of Merchant Ships (protected by Warships)
  • A Course of Lectures
  • A Crate of Fruit / Crockery
  • A Fall of Snow
  • A Fleet of Ships
  • A Field of Athletes
  • A Garland of Flowers
  • A Group of Islands
  • A Hamlet of Houses (in village) 
  • A Heap of Stones / Sand
  • A Herbarium of Dried plants
  • A League of Nations
  • A Library / Pile of Books
  • A Nest of Machine Guns / Shelves
  • A Pair of Shoes
  • A Peal of Bells
  • A Pencil of Rays
  • A Rope of Pearls
  • A Series of Events
  • A Set of Tools
  • A Sheaf of Corn
  • A Shower of Rain / Arrows
  • A Skein of Woolen Thread
  • A Stack of Wood / Corn piled together
  • A Suite of Rooms / Furniture
  • A Train of wagons / and Carriages
  • A Tuft of Grass
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  1. Thanks team I think it is really a good collection and really help us a lot. :D

  2. i do not understand please help me

  3. Great work team:)
    plz provide us ibps po 4 daily study plan.... it wil b helpful for all of us....

    Thanks in advance:):)

  4. Thank you very much sir! It's really important ....please post more section.


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