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July 22, 2014

Example Problems of Statement and Assumption - Set 2


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Friends, in our previous posts we've discussed important tips to solve Statement and Assumption problems of Reasoning section. Today we shall discuss some example problems with detailed explanations. Please read the introduction and tips from below links before taking this exercise.
Now lets work with example problems.
Read the following Statement and Assumptions.
Give answer (a) if only assumption 1 is implicit.
Give answer (b) if only assumption 2 is implicit.
Give answer (c)if either assumptions 1 or 2 is implicit.
Give answer (d) if neither assumption 1 not 2 are implicit.
Give answer (e) if both assumptions 1 and 2 are implicit.

Statement : Railway officials have started eight new trains and increased the frequency of sixteen trains. 
Assumptions : 
  1. The existing trains are not sufficient to provide accommodation to all passengers.
  2. The new and additional trains would have sufficient passengers so that they will be economically available.

Explanation : Such decisions are always taken keeping in mind the public requirements and their economic viability for the concerned department i.e., the Railways. So, both 1 and 2 are implicit.

Statement : A advises B - 'If you want to study English, join institute 'Y'.
Assumptions :
  1. Institute 'Y' provides good coaching for English.
  2. B listens to A's advice.

Explanation : Since A advises B to join institute 'Y' to study English, hence it is assumed that institute 'Y' provides good coaching for English. Secondly, it is also assumed that B listens to A's advice as it is the objective behind giving the advice.

Statement : 'Use 'Fair and Lovely'" fairness cream for fair complexion. - yami gowtham says in an advertisement. 
Assumptions :
  1. People respond to the advertisements.
  2. People like to use cream for fair complexion.

Explanation  : Advertisement has been used assuming that product is used by people for various uses. Secondly, advertisements are used for publicity because people respond positively to the advertisements. Hence, assumption 1 and assumption 2 are implicit.

Statement : In the recently imposed war, global public opinion was dishonored by the economically strong and scientifically advanced superpower. 
Assumptions :
  1. Superpowers need not take any heed of global public opinion.
  2. Global public opinion should have been against the imposition of war.

Explanation : Dishonoring the global public opinion by the superpower implies that the speaker must be assuming that global public opinion is against the imposition of war. But note that 2 says "..... should have been ...." hence, not implicit.  1 is not implicit either. It is, in fact, contrary to the speaker's assumption.

Statement : "Graduates with first class are eligible to apply for the admission to MBA courses in our institute". - An advertisement by a management institute. 
Assumptions :
  1. There are plenty of first class graduates who are likely to apply for admission to MBA. 
  2. Only those who are first-class graduates can cope up with the studies for MBA courses.

Explanation : Assumption 1 is obvious; that is why graduates with first class only are being considered eligible for the course. 2 is not implicit because of the word 'only'.

Statement : Traffic jams on most of the roads in the city have become a regular feature during monsoon.
Assumptions :
  1. Material used for road construction cannot withstand the fury of monsoon resulting into innumerable patholes on the roads. 
  2. Number of vehicles coming on the roads is much more in monsoon as compared to other seasons. 

Explanation : The problem of traffic jams arises during monsoons not because of increased number of vehicles but due to slow movement of traffic on account of bad roads. We can not say directly that number of vehicles is more in monsoon as compared to other seasons. So, only 1 is implicit. 

Statement : If you want to get a good job you must have at least the basic knowledge of Computers. 
Assumptions :
  1. Computer knowledge has been made an essential criterion by most of the companies nowadays. 
  2. All good jobs involve use of computers.

Explanation : Assumption 1 is implicit. It is this that makes the speaker say 'you must have at least the basic knowledge of computers. 2 is not implicit because of the word 'All'.

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