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July 01, 2014

Answers with Explanations to English Grammar Exercise


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Friends, here are the answers with explanations for our English grammar exercise. Please take the test here and try to answer it on your own before checking these answers. Happy Reading :)


Transformation of Sentences :
  1. "I want to see your father urgently", said the man to me.
  2. If the old man taken the medicines regularly, he would not have fallen ill again.
  3. Although she was hungry, she worked hard.
  4. Running a car is very expensive these days.
  5. Inspite of his generosity he was called a miser.
  6. Unless you concentrate on studies, you can't reach your goal.
  7. Now that you are old enough to take your own decisions, I don't want to advise you.
  8. All the winners will be informed individually.
Parts of Speech
    • She - Pronoun
    • Something - Noun
    • In - Preposition
    • Immediately - Adverb
    • Finally - Adverb
    • Gentle - Adjective
    • Felt - Verb
    • Pat - Noun
    • Tall - Adjective
    • And - Conjunction
    • Attached - Verb
    • For - Preposition
    • Had - Verb
    • At - Preposition
    • Office - Noun
    • Wearily - Adverb
Correction of Sentences :
  1. We have been living in the same house for the last ten years.
  2. The captain walked between the two lines of soldiers.
  3. When I went to my friend's house, neither his father nor his mother was there.
  4. Both teachers and students are bothered about marks and ranks only.
  5. Rarely has he discussed the problem with me.
  6. I agreed to go with him on a picnic.
  7. All the students were quarreling among themselves.
  8. They are discussing the merits and demerits of child marriages.
Making Improvements :
  1. Last week we went on a picnic to a nearby park. We had a nice time eating lots of food and playing in a shady spot.
  2. Camels are the largest animals found in deserts where the harsh and waterless environment is well-suited to them.
  3. Football is a universal game but the rules may vary from one place to another.
Punctuation Marks :
  1. "How are you?" Sreeja said. "I am fine", said Lavanya.
  2. "Come with me!" she cried. "Leave me alone," he said.
  3. "You are so beautiful!" she said in a loud voice.
  4. "Are we going out tonight ?" he asked. "I don't feel like it". "Why don't we go tomorrow ?" she asked.

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  2. 2nd answer in transformations shud b "if the old man had taken the medicines regularly, hr would not have fallen I'll again" susmitha

  3. thank you mam , please provide computers practice test and more english test


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