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July 01, 2014

English Grammar Exercise with Answers


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Friends, below are some English grammar exercises. Read the instructions carefully and try to solve them according to the given instructions. We will post the correct answers with explanations in 15 minutes. All the best :)

Transformation of Sentences :

Instruction : Re write the sentences based on the given hint.
  1. The man told me that he wanted to see my father urgently.
    • Start with : "I want ______________________
  2. The old man did no9t take the medicines regularly. SO he fell ill again.
    • Start with : If ____________________________
  3. She was hungry. But she worked hard.
    • Start with : Although _____________________________
  4. It is very expensive to run a care these days. 
    • Start with : Running ___________________
  5. He was generous, Yet he was called a miser.
    • Start with : In spite of _________________
  6. If you don't concentrate on studies, you can't reach your goal.
    • Start with : Unless ___________________
  7. I don't want to advise you. You are old enough to take your own decisions. 
    • Start with : Now that ___________________
  8. They will inform all the winners individually.
    • Start with : All the winners ______________________

Parts of Speech :

Instruction  : Write down the parts of speeches to underlined words.
  1. She smelled something burning in the kitchen, so she immediately raised alarm.
  2. When the door finally opened, I felt a gentle  pat on my shoulder.
  3. The tall building and the garden attached to it are for sale.
  4. "I've had an exhausting day at the office", he said wearily.

Correction of Sentences :

Instructions : Below sentences have some errors. Correct them and rewrite. 
  1. We are living in the same house for the last ten years.
  2. The captain walked among the two lines of soldiers.
  3. When I went to my friend's house, neither his father nor his mother were there.
  4. Both teachers and students bother about marks and ranks only.
  5. Rarely he has discussed the problem with me.
  6. I agreed going with him to a picnic.
  7. All the students were quarreling between themselves.
  8. They are discussing on the merits and demerits of child marriages.  

Making Improvements :

Instruction :  Rewrite the below sentences in your own words with improvements.
  1. Last week we decided to go on a picnic. We went to a nearby park. We chose a nice shady spot beside some trees in the park. We ate lots of food. We also played games. We had a very nice time.
  2. Camels are found in deserts. Camels are the largest animals found in deserts. Deserts have harsh, waterless environment. Camels are well-suited to the harsh waterless environment.
  3. Football is a game that can be really said to be universal. Football is played in all countries. The rules of Football may vary slightly from one place to another.
Punctuation Marks :
Instructions : Add punctuation marks to below sentences. 
  1. How are you Sreeja said I am fine said Lavanya
  2. Come with me she cried leave me alone he said
  3. You are so beautiful she said in a loud voice
  4. Are we going out tonight he asked I don't feel like it why don't we go tomorrow she asked
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