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June 17, 2014

SBI PO Online Exam Resview - 15th June 2014 / IInd Batch / Dehradun


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Hi Friends , I'm Saurav Ranu. I appeared the afternoon's session of SBI PO Exam which was held on 15th June 2014. Please find below the review of the Exam :

Time : 2:30 PM

Before starting I would like to share with you all that due to some unavoidable personal circumstances I could prepare only for 7 days for SBI PO. I started my preparation from 7-8th June.

GA Section : I started with GA . It was easier than expected. Very few questions were from GA &  Current Affairs . This Section was dominated equally by Banking Awareness , Marketing & Computers.
  • Banking Awareness questions were of basic level which can be answered by all aspirants.
  • Marketing was also moderate except 2-3 questions which were of high level.
  • Computers was very easy.
Some of the questions are :
  1. FIBA is related to which Sports ? ( I think many must have thought its FIFA but FIBA is actully related to basketball )
  2. CBS
  3. CTS
  4. Banking Ombudsman is appointed by ?
  5. A question on Kushwant Singh..
  6. EMI related question...
  7. BRIC summit was later on become BRICS with addition of which country ?
  8. Governor of Kerala ?
  9. Other name of Laptops & Mini Computers ? - Notebooks
  10. MP Bezbaruah Committee ?
  11. RBI ACT...
  12. NPA..
  13. Exchange of cash flows in what kind of market ?
  14. Value added services
  15. New Oil plant in which state ?
  16. 1 billion KB = ?
  17. Role of modem ?
  18. Wht is C in CPU ?

Surprisingly , no questions for new appointments , elections , State CM's & Currency. I attempted 43 questions hopefully with at least 60% accuracy .

Suggestion : No need to waste your time mugging up the above mentioned topics of current affairs. Instead , go through the Marketing Material.

English : Afterwards I began with English Section & have to admit, it was much easier in comparison with the IBPS PO English. I didn't even bother to look at the 2 passages & straightaway started with the other questions. Spotting errors , Cloze Test etc. were not trouble making. I attempt 30 question with 80% accuracy.

I completed both the above sections in 28 mins. So I was left with 92 mins. , then I took a deep breath :) & planned for DI & reasoning for 2mins. I decide to finish DI & Reasoning in 40mins each and the rest 10mins I left for Review of questions those were left or for English Comprehension which later on I couldn't use : P

DI : DI was tough & lengthy also. A person like me with very less practice cant even think to crack it. You have to practice real hard to attempt even 25-30 ques. I spent 45 mins on this & result was only 14 questions were solved.

Reasoning : Was not difficult nor easy but it was definitely doable with bit efforts & concentration. Input Output was easy , 2 puzzles { 1 Circular &  2nd Straight line - where some were facing North & some South } I cracked the 2nd one easily but got stuck & almost cracked the 1st also. However I moved on , Syllogism and others were easy. I attempt 32 with hopefully 80% accuracy. Time was over !

So in all I attempt 114 questions. I'm not expecting anything positive from the results but anyways It was a wonderful experience as this was my first SBI PO attempt.

I think I not need to elaborate the Descriptive test as lot of other students have already posted about its details. It was not tough so no need to worry.

Kindly ignore the mistakes if any in the review. All the Best to the rest :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Experience..

  2. Your review is same as mine . I attended exam on 14th morning session. Guys just concentrate on marketting. a lot rather than Current affairs. My paper was very easy. Those who prepared well will get through

  3. Acc to u... We hav to attempt english on first or last???

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Upcoming SBI Recruitment Notification 2014 for 7200 AO & PO Vacancies in FY15 at

    State Bank of India which the largest bank of the country has announced that it will be making a recruitment of about 7200 new employees as about 8100 of its previous employees are going to be retired in the coming months. As the bank is expecting to depend more on the new technology for banking, it is going to recruit 7200 new employees.

    The Chairman of the State Bank of India, Arundhati Bhattacharya said that she is looking forward to make more and more use of technology to help the people working in the bank in those tasks that do not really require a lot of effort from the people such as counting the cash and other routine tasks. In this way, the staff can work more efficiently.

    It is planned to make use of cash deposit machines in the bank so that there will be a decrease in the number of teller counters. They have also announced that they will be making use of cash recyclers which are able to tell the fake notes from original ones and the clients only get that amount in their accounts which come from original currency notes.

    The Chairman said that they are planning to install about 4500 cash recycling machines in the State Bank of India. There has an overall shortage of man power in the banks of India and the situation is worse in the state banks where it is estimated that about three fourth of the staff members from executive seats are going to be retired in the coming four or five years.

    Now State Bank of India has also announced the recruitments of more than 1800 Probationary Officers. It will also be recruiting about 5400 clerical grade assistants. About 7600 of the staff members of the State Bank of India retired in the last fiscal and more than 36,000 are going to be retired by about 2019.

    Now, there are private banks working in the state which are very efficient and it has made the competition tough for the State Bank of India in terms of attracting the attention of the talented staff and employees.

    Privately owned banks are being provided licenses and the State Bank of India needs to work more for the benefits of its staff members as the need for the human resources is increasing and they are already limited.

    Misra from the State Bank of India recently said that in his opinion, the new banks are not going to be a threat for the SBI in terms of man power and human resources.

    This statement was based on the fact that State Bank of India offers its fresh graduates a handsome salary of Rs. 70,000 who join the bank as Probationary officers and he also said that the new probationary officers are glad at what they can have at the State Bank of India.

    However, let’s wait and see as to what the bank does in future and how it copes with the problems that it is facing.

  6. hmmmmm.... bindhaaaaaaaas.... mei tho salary(70k) ke liye padoonga...

  7. thanq 4 sharing gr8 info guys....


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