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June 17, 2014

Idiomatic Expressions Practice Exercises


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In each of the following an idiomatic expression and its four possible meanings are given. Find out the correct meaning of the idiomatic expression. If you do not find any correct answer, mark 5, i.e., None of these as your answer.

  1. Something up one's sleeve :
    1. A grand idea
    2. A secret plan
    3. A profitable plan
    4. Something important
    5. None of these

  • To blaze the trail :

    1. To set on fire
    2. To be annoyed
    3. To oppose
    4. To initiate the work in a movement
    5. None of these

  • To turn the tables :

    1. To defeat
    2. To oppose
    3. To create chaos
    4. To change the scheme
    5. None of these

  • Castles in the air :

    1. Perfect plans
    2. Ideal plans
    3. Imaginary plans
    4. Romantic plans
    5. None of these

  • To be up and doing :

    1. To recover from illness
    2. To be actively engaged
    3. To progress satisfactorily
    4. To be expressive and explicit
    5. None of these

  • In apple pie order :

    1. To change for the better
    2. To escape from danger
    3. To make a gain that is legitimate
    4. Perfectly methodical arrangement
    5. None of these

  • In the blues :

    1. Behave like a lord
    2. Low-spirited
    3. Being colorful
    4. Having many blue things
    5. None of these

  • To make a long face :

    1. To be short of money
    2. To be friendly with
    3. To look oppressed
    4. To make a gain that is legitimate
    5. None of these

  • The rank and file :

    1. The ordinary members of a society
    2. Bring about settlement
    3. A fuss over trifles
    4. A secured right
    5. None of these

  • To lose face :

    1. To gain an advantage over
    2. To wait eagerly for
    3. To fight unfairly
    4. To avoid being an enemy
    5. None of these
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    1. Good one.

      Thanks :)

    2. great work team.... excellent website for bank exams preparation... :) :)
      As we have 4 months for IBPS PO 2014 from now,,can u give us the daily preparation timetable for it??
      It will be helpful for all of us.. :):)
      Thanks in advance... :):)

      1. Rut...we really need the timetable n preparation strategy.

    3. I wrote many exam. but i can't clear any one . am depressed

      1. so I hope ur one step ahead for success...... come on dudu

    4. For postal assistant speed test will they call all the candidates who have passed the sectional cut off or is there any other criterion..?? Plz reply.

      1. They'll call in accordance of the total cut off marks....By the way wts ur score & which circle you belongs score?

    5. Great work team ...kindly provide q for Ssc gs..also

    6. Thankxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx team once again :D

    7. Pleas sir/madam provide previous year cutoff of sbi clerck odisha circle..

    8. Mam I want authors and books name.please

    9. Any one here from BHILAI preparing for bank exam reply me at

    10. Give notes and preparation tips about SBI clerk exam .


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