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June 15, 2014

SBI PO Online Exam of 15th June 2014 : Reviews and Questions Asked


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Review and Questions shared by Karthik Gopal 

Hi, I am Karthik from Madurai, tamilnadu and I had my SBI PO exam today in the first batch.

 First of all i have to thank the admin and the team for their tremendous efforts in preparing such awesome materials !! these materials are more than sufficient for the exams :)

The paper was quite easy but too lengthy, I started of with general awareness section and completed within 12 mins. general awareness question were of "ok" kind, its enough that one reads the material provided. Computers were damn simple and marketing questions were also of moderate type.
The most easiest part was the English, be it comprehension or spotting errors or synonyms, it was easiest to the core, almost 45 questions were of attending type,

The reasoning part was quite lengthy and of moderate type.

To complete all these, it  took almost 1.15 hrs...
the remaining 45 mins i wanted to dedicate to the quants. But the quants were too lengthy, and to solve eaach question it took more than 5 mins, i was unable to attend more than 12 questions.

PS: never start your test with quants or reasoning, you wont be able to finish,.. try to atttend questions you know.. manage time for these two sections

Written test :
it all fun !!  writing a letter to editor was the one which i chose, and others were a formal letter and an informal one,, choosing a letter to editor would be a wise choice i believe

Precis writing was also damn simple, it was about banking and its role in economics

Paragraph writing topics were :  addiction to online games and other 2 topics were regarding banking, i dont remember the titles exactly

Essay topics :  research in india, role of mutual funds and something about ukraine( i suppose) !!

Comprehension was easy again, one could directly find answers.

you would find ample time in written test, write neatly without grammatical flaws in simple language !!

Review and Questions shared by Jesu Dasan

Hi, I am Jesus Dasan @ Christofher from Puducherry, today i attended the morning session of SBI PO Online Exam, here are some of the questions I remembered and my review of today’s exam. Hope it helps all those friends who are going to appear on the upcoming weeks of SBI PO…

General Awareness / Marketing / Computers : :)
it was very easy !!! Especially marketing were only from the basics, if you are strong with the basics you can clear it easily , and cs were so simple same as marketing.  Some of the questions were 4 p’s of marketing in order wise, holistic marketing, and questions related some types of marketing like cross selling etc.
SLR full form, World environment day, One question related with white label brown label ATM, Term deposit, MICR code number,  Changing national flag  -  I think New Zealand, Padma Vibhushan – BK.S.Iyengar for Yoga ..
Anything you can able to touch is – Hardware, Scanner is used -  to input or output etc

Be strong with the current affairs of six months …… and the most which helped me is the 10 practice sets by our gr8ambitionz team … I am sure you will get questions from that and similar to that model….. Be through with those 10 sets.

English :
English was moderate level same as like IBPS PO..With spot the error, close test, comprehension,jumbled sentences etc…

Reasoning :
  A level similar to ibps po … seating arrangements, puzzle test, syllogism, machine input, data sufficiency, strong weak argument etc.  If you are good enough with a lot of practice in this section the puzzle test is easy but seating arrangement is tough so give a attempt to that finally .

Data Interpretation :(
This section is tough with more calculations ,  the bar graph itself seemed very tough for knowing the values it was in thin lines … and i thought the cut off would be around 10-15 so i planned to do any 3 sections.. But all the sections were with complex calculations so even that didn’t work for me .

Descriptive paper :
it seemed very easy : ( choices were given )  :)
  • letter writing : 
    1. A letter to bank for applying educational loan providing all particulars.
    2. A letter to friend for encouraging and wishing him for civil service examination which he is writing for the third time.
    3. A letter to editor for publishing some articles on stress management since these are exam season.
  • Paragraph writing : 
    1. Slate is changed to white board, fountain pen to ball pen , what is next ?
    2. An influence in online gaming.
    3. The unpredictable human life.
  • Precis writing about banking operations 
  • Essay : 
    1. Benefits of investments through mutual fund .
    2. India in research (something like that i don’t remember the full sentence).
    3. UNO actions towards ukraine ( i don’t remember the full sentence it was about that issue)

that’s all i remembered friends ,

                                             my suggestions is practice and concentrate on DI more because it seems the toughest section and be strong with the basic marketing and computer science sure you can clear it and general awareness have a good look at complete reference guide by gr8 ambitionz team :)

You can contact me at if you have any doubts. wish you all the best !!!!!!!!!!!

Read complete study materials and online tests of SBI PO Online Exam 2014 from here

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  1. Thank you guys for the detailed reviews

    1. hi u really help me so very very thank

  2. I too attempted 12 or 13 questions only in aptitude.. remaining ok

    1. attempts in reasoning and what about your overall attempts.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. hello can u plz tell me how many question attempted by you guyz....

  3. What time it will take to complete 20 questions

  4. Thank you both of u


  6. DI was vryy lengthy and 2 questions were wrng....I attempted nly 17 qns in 50mins..Dammnnn !!!

    Rest sections were ok type..reasoning was above avg set...

    disappointed with DI section..

  7. I hve regisrtd sbi clk frm on 11 june
    Can i deposit fees on 16 june ..

    Accding to thier add..
    I can fill fees frm 13 , 14 , 15
    But 15th was sunday ..
    Is it possible to deposit fees tomorrow ..

    1. sry to say dude.............but it's not possible

    2. bhai apne etne late form kyu dala

    3. Yes , you u can depoist ur fees tomorrow ..

      eg ;
      If u reg .. On 12 march then u can desposit ur fees between
      14 to 17 ..
      Considering 16 is a non working day ..

      In ur case ur given 13 ,14 ,15
      Nd 15 is nin working day so u can deposit ur fees nxt day ..

      Relax nd deposit ur fees tomorrow ...

    4. Yes friend, U can deposit ur fee on 16th june. I had came across similar situation while filling form of SBI PO, but they accepted my challan and now I had already got my admit card.
      Also, the bank staff told me that fees can be submitted till last date and this instruction is only given to avoid crowd on counter during last days

    5. Thanks. Anon.. @12 :59

    6. Done ...... Thanks almighty


    1. You can find in the exam hall. The toughest. Dont worry.

  9. in reasoning have they asked input output questions

  10. Thanks for the review..

  11. DI was Totally a Blast... Practiced more than 100 sets of DI questions. Finally i cound attempt only 12 :(

    Fully Disappointed..!!!

    Targetting IBPS PO 4...

  12. Kya result on the spot de dete hai online exam ka

    1. Bhai tu rehne de.. tumse na ho paega

    2. han aur sath me direct posting bhi milti hai ....aapko is sawal ke liye red n white bahaduri puruskar diya jata hai

    3. Brother !! Result to nahi milta but yes agar aese questions puchoge to Goli jarur mil jayegi wo bhi on the SPOT ☺


  13. evenin shift essay topics
    1) is man is slave of technology.
    2) is generation gap myth?

    short essay
    benifits of startinng your day early.

    write a letter to inspector of your locality regarding the regular attacks happening to persons coming out of the atms.
    you withdraw 50,000 cash from atm but the money didnt dispense but your acoount was debited, write a letter to the manager regarding this issue.

  14. sbi po in GA section more focus is given to which month

    1. Loads of Questions were asked mainly from marketing and computers.
      Even they asked question from recent election facts and from census 2011 What is the total urban population as per census 2011?
      Tallest building in the world?
      Pak Ambassador to India. Name him?
      A question related Padam Bhushan
      Scanning - input or output?
      Types of ATM white, brown etc
      How many digits are there in MICR ?
      Four P's of marketing
      Marketing Segmentation
      Target marketing
      A question from Sales promotion and Advertisement
      Penetration Pricing and Skimming Pricing
      Holistic marketing
      A fruitseller seeling fruits on the side of the road to consumers denotes which marketing concept?
      Which country recently change its national flag?
      Minimum Limit of RTGS
      SLR stands for
      One question related to relationship between loan and interest
      Name the Swimmer who recently got shoulder injury - Ian Thorpe ( Australia)
      Term deposit
      Cross selling
      World Enviroment day observed on
      Repo rate
      What is the Procedure to search files or folders on computer?
      Computer process data in which form?
      Fastest computer among the following PC, Laptop, PDA, Mainframe etc

      Thats all stored information in my pea sized brain. Will post, if something comes in my mind. Practice DI as much as you can as It squeezed my brain + In reasoning easy questions were asked from Input Output, Data sufficiency, Direction sense test, Puzzle, seating arrangement, Three statements syllogism, 6-7 question from coded inequalities overall you can easily attempt 40+. English was easy.

      Descriptive paper was damn easy. No need take stress on it. Rather practice Bar diagrams, pie chart, Line graph, and other 2 tabular form question in which data was given and you need to solve according to questions asked.

      Thnxx Tk cr Cya

  15. All sections were easy except Data Interpretation. Calculations really complex. Istead of reasoning, DI was High Level. Practice DI Part friends as much as you can. Best of Luck.

  16. kya gk mein bankng ka b aya tha aj ke exam meinn

  17. Yaar sach kahu to mar gai

  18. Hello to all SBI PO Aspirants 2014.

    Name: Vijay Soni
    Exam date: 15 June 14, afternoon session
    Time: 2:30 PM (Yes it actually started one hour late)

    I am sharing here my exam experience and hence review might be different from others who are sharing.
    English Section:
    I started with English section because I wanted to finish the English plus General awareness in first 30 minutes. English questions were easy and smooth as expected. But here is a tip: Keep an eye on clock while you read comprehension. It is better to avoid actually reading the passage as it takes time and covers only 6-7 questions. If you are planning to try only antonym and synonym related to comprehension then you need to quickly switch because all such question are not given together.

    General Awareness Section:
    Section was again as expected (Current affairs + marketing + computer). Few question that I remember are:
    1. FIFA is related to which sports?
    2. Full form of CBS
    3. CTS system of cheque
    4. Who appoints banking ombudsman
    5. M P Bezbaruah committee
    6. FEMA
    7. Brand Equity
    8. What C stand for in CPU ......and so on.
    Overall both sections can be attempted in 30 minutes as planned.

    Data Interpretation:
    Then I started with DI and that’s where I think I committed mistake. DI section was little tougher than expected. Lot of big calculations were involved. I should not say this as I am not sure whether questions were tough or my approach was wrong. All kind of pie chart and bar charts were asked. When I was at 34th question I looked at clock and only 36 minutes were remaining. Finally I left the section instantly and switched to Reasoning section.

    Reasoning section:
    It was as expected including 3 statement syllogism, analytical decision making, input output, inequalities, arrangement problem etc. Because of lack of time I could not see last few reasoning question but this overall section went well.
    TIP: Try to finish English plus General awareness in 30 minutes, then Reasoning in 40 minutes then Data Interpretation in rest of time.

    As the descriptive paper is taken in computer lab you might face some problem while writing the paper as computer desk has very limited space.
    Letter writing:
    1. You are withdrawing money from ATM, ATM malfunctioned and money didn’t come out but deducted from account. Write a letter to bank manger for refund. (Always the case with SBI and PNB ATMs :P)
    2. Letter to regional manager for change in bank timing as it is inconvenient for customers.
    3. Letter to Superintendent of Police for the increased cases of theft near ATM.
    Precise writing: An article on investment banker. (Little tough to understand)
    Comprehension: An article on type of bank and role of RBI (Easy one)
    Article writing: Only topic I remember is ‘Downside of education loan’
    Essay writing:
    1. Is generation gap a myth?
    2. Enslavement of man by technology.
    3. Is presidential form of government is suitable for India?

    1. I had d same paper... But in my paper.. FIBA was there instead of FIFA

    2. Same for me too..... it was FIBA......

  19. :'( :'( DI was hell. could attempt only 11 ques in 60 mins. practice DI as much as you can and from arun sharma... R S Aggrawal wont work. rest of the sections were easy... took me jus 60 mins to attempt 40 in each bt still m out of race because of DI. All the best

    1. are the values in graphs (like bar graphs)clearly given or we must find it by looking at the graph and then approximating?

    2. Nope not clearly given

    3. nandita
      could you please tell from where to prepare for english and reasoning???
      i am not good at grammar and vocab.

    4. i jus practiced R S Aggrawal for reasoning.... and read newspaper daily...The Hindu editorial left side columns. you will definitely improve.

  20. DI.... :( disaster!!!!!

  21. I had my sbi po exam today. All the sections are ok but aptit is tough and time taking. So i suggest u all friends that solve the problem slow and study because if we do in hurry we are not getting the answers very small mistakes i do again and again i have to do the problem so from first do it very carefully so that in time u get anserws corectly .....

  22. sir, please give some example of tough di questions . My exam on 21 june

  23. How to prepare & wat to prepare fo Di..Please suggest any site.It will be helpful for next session students

  24. Mam, Jesus dasan shared something about 10 sets provided by gr8 ambitionz team.
    Please help me providing link of it on or here itself.

    Please it ll be of a big help to me.

  25. Mam, Jesus dasan shared something about 10 sets provided by gr8 ambitionz team.
    Please help me providing link of it on or here itself.

    Please it ll be of a big help to me.

  26. Even if we practice for 3months, still DI section is blood sucker

    1. have you seen such questions any where else?or are they of CAT level?

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. In DI only 3 were attempted clear the cut off, i then attempted 16 questions by proper guess work ...4 each a b c d for 4 questions...same trick was applied in ibps po 13 as well..result of that is im going to join canara bank on 22nd...hoping luck again

    1. I got the one who have stolen my seat in IBPS PO...

  29. Directions (Q.113-119): Study the
    following information carefully and
    answer the given questions.
    A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around a
    circular table, facing the centre. Each of them
    has a different profession, viz doctor, engineer,
    architect, pilot, banker, teacher, businessman
    and politician.
    The politician sits third to the right of G. C is an
    immediate neighbour of G. The architect sits
    second to the right of C. B sits third to the right
    of H. H is neither a politician nor an architect.
    Only one person sits between C and the
    teacher. A and F are immediate neighbours of
    each other. Neither A nor F is a politician. The
    doctor sits second to the right of A. Two people
    sit between D and the engineer. D is not a
    politician. The pilot is not an immediate
    neighbour of the politician. The banker sits
    second to the left of A.
    113. Who amongst the following is a
    (1) A (2) H
    (3) C (4) F
    (5) D
    114. What is the position of F with respect to
    the politician?
    (1) Immediate right (2) Third to the left
    (3) Second to the right (4) Fourth to the left
    (5) Second to the left
    115.Who sit (s) exactly between the teacher
    and the engineer?
    1) C and H (2) Only the politician
    3) Only the doctor (4) C and B
    5) The architect and the banker

    Solve this and tell the approach.

  30. i gave the sbi po 2014 afternnon shift ,whole paper was fine except di,realy very tough and lengthy

  31. just guess the cut-off of the 15-june exam morning..... reply guys..... for general

    1. 8 - data inte.
      12- english
      12- general

    2. 8- DI

  32. can u please suggest any book for DI SECTION my exam was on 28th
    and one more thing ,is there is any option to attempt a particular question on hindi or english

  33. was there any questions from non verbal reasoning esp series?

  34. i think answer of 113 is (1) 114 is (3) 115(3)

  35. Friends was there any questions from probability

  36. Thnks dear ,

    we ll take care of that.

  37. on 15th june kya morning ya evenig shift me ' total vote kitne the' ye question bhi aya tha kya?

    1. Yeah they asked about the Total number of voters exercise their franchise in 2014? Around 81 crore

      One question from 2011 census Total urban population in India?

  38. plz reply and answer bhi bata de plz if u know

  39. To my knowledge cut off may fall in between 70-80.Because DI's impact will surely fall on rest of the be care-full guyz. one thing i can suggest.plan it in such way that one should spend at least 40 min for DI to crack 15-16 correct all the best

  40. sbi po exam 14 and 15-06-2014 view providded very very helpful for me very very thanks to you sir..........

  41. comp/gk/markt-28
    these are my attempts,exam held on 15/06/14 after noon shift,andhrapradesh.

  42. thanks vijay for d tip 4 time management my exam on 29

  43. Is there anyone who had exam in Turbo Machinery Institute @ HYDERABAD ?

  44. election se related question bhi a re hai kya?

  45. is da paper sheet given for calculation enough..plz rply

  46. is da paper sheet given for calculation enough..plz rply

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. is there any differnce in direct marking and personal selling?
    please reply...........

  49. I think cut-off for DI will be 10-12. It was very tough and we have to find some of the missing data..................

    I hope cut-off will be 10.....................................

  50. Data sufficiency questions are there in di ????

  51. I hv attempted around 120 but only 12 or 13 in Di ...& success ratio is 95% so wat r d chance of cutoff??????????

  52. Seems they are asking GRE level DI. is there are questions of probability is maths ???

  53. all those who still have to go for sbi po exam keep ur mobiles and bags at home. take only necessary things that are allowed with u in xamination rooom. otherwise for taking care of ur extra luggage xamination centers are taking 20 to 40 rs as fee and that too without any recipt.

  54. one thing we can request for to SBI is dividing the screen horizontally instead of vertically for DI section so that graphs tables etc are easily seen without scrolling them. lots of time is wasted in scrolling left and right and a great confusion is created.

  55. First of all I would request you all to stop bluffing saying that paper was easy.. It was PO 3 level, if one has given PO 3 in the past..

  56. Hello the great ambition team,
    Can i have a detail analysis on attempting the respective section in SBI PO 2014?
    I mean from which section we should start the test?

  57. Is there any analog N series questions. .... ????? In reasoning

  58. mng session exam starts at exactly what time.reply soon plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  59. you should reach before 8 am ..


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