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June 22, 2014

Review of SBI PO Online Exam held on 22nd June 2014 - Morning Session


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Review shared by Kaivalya Kashyap

Friends, Today (22-06-2014) I had my exam in the morning session... And the exam was difficult as everyone said..
As I have read previous week's reviews and yesterday's ones, I could manage the time in section... I solved only 12 questions in DI in 55 minutes.. For me the General awareness section seemed to be difficult... There were more questions from Banking and Marketing, of which the latter was a bit difficult and questions from Computers were fewer today... The questions were very tricky and no straight questions.. Only one question was direct: Which was declared the Best Movie in the 64th National Awards.

DI was too calculative and very time consuming... Full of Pie charts, bar diagrams and all other stuff.. Reasoning was okay... To my surprise, there was no circular seating arrangement... Only one seating arrangement that too in a single straight row, some sitting facing north and some South... Syllogisms were easier.. 3 questions came from possibilities type.. English was also okay... Skipped the passages, so had enough time to do the remaining...

Descriptive was easy... Essay Topics: Effect of National Economy ion Common people; Friend's influence on us..; Letter Writing: Write a letter to the manager, asking to make your daughter as the nominee..

Over all the exam was Moderate - Difficult

Section wise analysis:
  • DI - Moderate - Difficult
  • Reasoning - Moderate
  • English - Moderate
  • General Awareness - Tricky & Difficult...
Review shared by Arti Khatri

Hello friends this is Arti from Jaipur...i want to share the review of today's paper.
GA quite easy I attempted 35 in 15 mins
English easy I attempted 32
Reasoning moderate I attempted 33 ques
DI toughest section actually not tough but too much calculation is involved I attempted only 11 with doubt in 1 ques...

Descriptive paper very easy
Questions of letter writing
  1. Write a letter to your friend telling him about health hazards of junk food
  2. Letter to branch manager to add your daughters name as second nominee in your savings account
  3. I didn't remember this exactly..its a letter to editor about feathers of birds causing allergy

  1. Influence of friends in life
  2. Qualities of a good bank officer
  3. Forgot the 3rd one
Effect of economy on a common man
this is all I remember...

Review shared by Santhosh Reddy

hi I am Santhosh Kumaar Reddy... I took my SBI PO exam today in the morning session... I'm very sorry to inform that the paper is very hard..

DI :  Very Hard
Reasoning : Hard
English : Moderate
GK : Moderate

Data Interpretation:

This section is very tough with full of calculations. Every question information say total income and ratio of men and women in it which takes a lot of time.


This section normal level of syllogisms, cause effect problems but the Seating arrangement problems are very tough


very lengthy passages, easy blanks and error corrections
Time taking parajumble


GK questions were moderate and computer as well as marketing questions were easy..

Descriptive paper was normal...

Letter to friend to advice him to avoid junk foods....

Essay on nations economy impact on common man

Passage on marketing

Precise on progress of marketing..

Review shared by Venu Latha

Hi friends, I am Venu from Rajahmundry (Andhra Pradesh). I've appeared today's SBI PO Online Exam. I'm a regular follower of So I have been reading the reviews posted by our friends here. As a number of people have been saying that the Data Interpretation paper was very tough, I was mentally prepared for that. But, to my surprise, today's General Awareness and English sections were also tough. In general awareness maximum questions are from marketing and banking acts. The English section was also time consuming. There were two passages in English section. Below is my version of review on today's exam.

General Awareness : I felt this is the toughest with all those marketing terms and acts.

Reasoning : Moderate section. I feel few questions are same from yesterday's paper. Somebody shared the question of seating arrangement (8 people on a single line facing north and south). I could see maximum number of questions from comparisons ( >, <, => type questions).

Data Interpretation : I was mentally prepared for this section. But I felt today's DI was easier. One question was a mixture of bar chart and tables. Two tables, The descriptive question was about the staff of an office who read different news papers. One question was different ( I don't know what it called). It appeared like bar chart, but the bars have three shades in it (three different values). The question is about the metal production of various states (UP, Bihar, MP, Goa and Andhra Pradesh). Some questions are given for 7 marks.

English Language : I felt this section was also tough. There are two reading comprehension exercises. One from banking and other is from Marketing. Both are time taking in reading. I usually feel that english is a cake walk section for me. But, This section told me that I should reconsider my English skills.

Descriptive Test :
  • Letter Writing :
    • Letter to your friend asking him to avoid Junk food (you have to convince him by saying all the health problems with junk food)
    • Letter to editor complaining about the Kabhootarkhana (a place where people feed pigeons) in a park near your home, by saying that you are facing allergies due to the pigeons droppings and feathers.
    • Letter to the Bank manager asking him to add your daughter as the second nominee in your account.
  • Paragraph writing :
  • Essay writing :
    • Pros and cons of opening savings accounts for 10 year old
  • Precis was about Marketing expansion
  • Comprehension was about Banking
Review shared by Arjun

Hi, I am Arjun from Kerala. Today I gave my exam in morning shift. Here is my review.

I attempted around 120 questions in total with more than 95% accuracy.

Time allocation and questions attempted
GA- 10 mins- 35 questions.
English- 25 mins- 34 questions.
Reasoning- 35 mins- 30 questions.
DI- 50 mins- 21 questions.

I think GK section is getting tougher and tougher. The first day questions were way more direct and simple.

English and reasoning were not at all difficult. There were passages, and one was a bit lengthy. I didn't bother to read the second passage.. just did the antonym/synonym question from it. Reasoning section also has got a similar story to tell.. Most them were doable. But I skipped a complex puzzle.

I had 50 mins left when I reached DI section. I was expecting the worst so didn't get surprised by seeing the questions. As mentioned by many others all the questions were involving lengthy calculations. Managed to do 21 in 50 mins and I think all are correct.

Advice for the coming session candidates:

Just stick on to your plan and clear the sectional cutoffs of difficult sections.

Actually I would recommend everyone to allot just 40 mins to DI (if you are confident of answering atleast 15 questions). The time you save on DI can be used in some other section such as reasoning or english (Actually I did a big mistake in allotting 50 mins to DI, I could have given some more time to reasoning since the reasoning questions takes only less time to solve). Oh yeah.. One more thing.. There will be around 10 sets of DI questions, and out of them each set will have at least 2 less complicated questions. Just try to answer those.. I will guarantee your success in getting past the sectional cutoff by miles.

Best of luck everyone!!

Review shared by Sunny Sharma

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……all my exam is today(22/06/2014)in morning shift. Exam started from sharp 9…..and now  the battle starts ….i started with GA its is normal as expected computer and GA is too easy and straight forward….and marketing is practical tht is which is answer from ur basic and high level of knowledge of marketing...its level is moderate …after then I shift to english which is also normal two paragraph one cloze test ,sentence rearrangement and error finding ….this section is also as u expect …level we can say is moderate …then I came to reasoning …I done selected questions from here without involving in puzzles ….input/output is very easy nd tht  too is syllolism…I cant able to comment on puzzle as I skip it …I attempted 22 here……now its cruciai I have 43  minute left with me ….and it’s the most horrible type DI need to be answered in this time ….i got a good system and my vision is also good ….but I really face problem in interpreting the diagram as it is small…..really too much calculation tht u cant even imagine…after solving eleven questions ….times ends .
Now Descriptive…..
1-Essay on prons on cauns of allowing Minor of age 10 year and above to open Saving account.
2-Paragraph on good Qualities  a bank manager should have.
3---Precise on Changing Scenario of market.
4---Comprehension on Intermediaries (mainly bank)…..Descriptive is really easy no need to bother about it…

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  1. Me too felt that today's GA is tougher than remaining days'

    1. yes compared too remaining exams general awareness di are tough in 22-06-2014 morning session paper

    2. expecting cutoff will goes down and may be 65

  2. Hai iam Manukumar from kerala. Today's exam was moderate. DI moderate.but lengthy calculations,English moderate,GA comp and mark not easy as compared to previous exam.Reasoning moderate.attempt is very difficult to read the figures in Different as it was very small.DI is not comfortable in online exam.

  3. hai frnds I attended after noon session its too difficult except reasoning and English.....

    1. exactly, people are saying that reasoning is moderate,,,,but it's very time consuming......hope cutoff goes down this year than last one

  4. is the syllabus of ibps clerk nd sbi clerk is same..??pls reply..

  5. Please give an example of DI questions asked in the exam......

  6. GA-35

  7. Attended Afternoon Session ..1st time for SBI PO..
    By following Gr8Ambitionz reviews ..1) I started my exam with GA/Marketing section ..I felt it is Moderate but GA is tough compared to last week papers ..attempted only 28 ( computer knowledge helped me).
    2) Engilsh - Moderate ..skipped passages and attempted remailng ---38
    3) Reasoning - Easy but tricky calcultions 3 syllogisms,5 ineqalities,3 decoding,2 i/p o/p ..Finally 30 attempted.
    4) DI - OMG seeing DI problems ..I felt that the paper is prepared by Some ****** Idiots . Do they
    think we r humans r not ? Very lengthy Problems , huge calculations involved ...No sufficient time ..All these made me to attempt only 4 in DI ..that's it .
    As am preparing only from 1 month , I could not practise more .. But I had a great experience in First attempt ..
    Thank You Gr8ambitionz Team for ur materials , reviews etccc...

    1. it seems that sbi unlike to recruit the people.they earned huge amount on applications.

    2. I felt that in DI graph line was not clear if any line goes on 320 and we feel it 340 then how answer will be correct.....they should clear the image of graph....I did lot of preparation of DI but no use of that....

    3. di was not clear, values are not clearly visible almost time consuming

  8. ya as said by most of them today GA was tough den previous exams english tenses and errors finding are ok DI pictorial representation is understandable but calculation involved in it eats more time...reasoning is easy all the best guys for others who r going to write the exam

  9. be ready for less cut offs...

  10. expected cutoffs out of 250?

  11. I am the person who wrote one of the above reviews.
    Don't expect DI cutoff to be very low. But the total score can come down.

    1. The numbers mentioned by is ideal. You ma be a genius but everyone cannot achieve such a high score. So, the cut-offs for DI and also the total cutoff will definitely comedown.

  12. Sbi people making fool
    They got 18 lakh applications
    1800000*500=900000000 rs
    What they are doing

    1. bhai to tum fool kyo ban rahe ho.mat bharo form..

    2. It was for huge fees they charge..
      Ot does not means that people will not fill up forms...

    3. It was for huge fees they charge..
      Ot does not means that people will not fill up forms...

    4. Tum jse firi fokt ke he to fool bnte jo muh utaye chl dete h xm dene..

    5. above said is right wt they paid us that money is ours only, exam cost should be minimal we worked for them so thats why they paid us but wt about this money 90 crore is pretty much high value and for students we have to fill the form cz we dnt have any other option............... wt they think they need only 2000 students and received 18 lakhs applications they should first review all the applications and consider only 1 lakh applications for 2000 post i think its sufficient then they can choose 2000 students from 1 lakh............. all the forms for first round whether it is govt or pvt shoul free of cost cz its no use for students...............

  13. be ready for expected cut offs

    my review is for general cast student-


    and the total cut off may be around 75-80

    1. and for checking of descriptive paper ?

    2. 20 on descriptive.

  14. Ibps charge rs 600 sbi clerk fees 450.
    Instead of giving employment
    They are charging huge amount of money from students and making their benefits..

    1. yes they are charging and fulfiling their desires

    2. very true it should stop its our money..........

  15. attempted 129 questions

  16. its ur wish frnds if u think they r making fool then don't apply for any exam next time..

    1. yes true we should not fill the form but this is only possible when no student fills the form but we are only few if 1 lakhs students doint fill the form from 18 lakhs students do u really think does it care for anyone............. think ............. not only suggest ....................

  17. great mohit good attempt..

  18. Marketing - ethics , DI - Pie chart with datas like A,B... and below comes the table with ratio some Romania : XXX : Y YY (compare 3 values), Second DI -- Table (total no is given), Comparison of both... Percantage, Income and Expenditure (as normal),, DI is not tough but involves lengthy calculation., Syllogism - 3 qtns are direct, IP/OP - make sure you are aware of all methods else u will b stuck, Inference - easy , Inequalities - easy, Height order qtns, data provided, find ut the right one..... English - If strong in basics then you are safe, GA - 5 qtns as expected from previous batches, others you have to think, Computer - as you guys know....


    1. hai can u tell me nearly how many DI questions have %??? and i resng NON verbal is there or not???

  19. i thnk dat seatin arrangement prob is continuously repeatin in all d sessions.. evn last week v had d same qn...

    he mi8 b of thought dat, any aspirant cannot remember d qn to share it vth.. so is gng on repeatin d same..

    huhhh SBI PO... easy to prepare, hrd to achieve :(

  20. does any1 get high marks in onl9 test but in descriptive become vry low marks..should they consider...???

    1. u need to get minimum cut off marks on descriptive too .or u will be disqualified.

  21. Marketing questns were lyk -
    Wat s cause marktng ?
    Eco marketing
    Marketing questns were not d usual ones lyk d previous years

  22. ga-35
    english -41

    descriptive was awesome..

  23. how was the seating arrangement questions ?? complex or mid level ?

  24. In DI except line graph all were easy had the exam been on paper I could have attempted easily 35 and reasoning was a bit tough and rest were moderate

  25. Arjun has shared the bests review .It is going to be a really helpful for me and I hope u will get selected.If u have more to share contact me on

  26. guys kya descriptive paper bhi online hai kya??????

    1. Yes and u have to do it using on-screen keyboard. Even if by mistake u touch d keyboard, the alarm will go off.

    2. no descriptive paper is not online
      objective paper is online of 2 hour

    3. no descriptive is not online

  27. I am an arts graduate. Obviously DI was tough for me, and i believe it was time consuming for there were several confusing parameters . I wasted my time trying to solve complex questions. Reasoning and english was easy. GA was unexpectedly tough and confusing, there were a lot of ques on marketing; ques on computers were few but luckily were easy.
    Expecting the cutoff goes down than the previous year. I attempted 92 only.

    My prediction
    Gen- 75.
    Sc 65

  28. there was no manager in question of technical and non tech staff type question, but they still asked quest on manager, sbi should give grace for this.........

  29. Attempt 134(GA 46,Eng 42,reason 34,Di 12) chance for me ...what to do now

  30. can any1 pls tel me wat shd i take along wit my hall ticket to d centre....
    is it enough if i get attested photocopy of my ID card as a proof???? pls do reply me

  31. not only DI was hard but 2 sets of puzzles in reasoning were also very time passage in verbal was very long......and the exam was online for the very first time
    but still some people are predicting cutoffs(out of 250) 130+ for GEN category...I think it should be as less as about 110

  32. Cut offs are not what we decide... definitely there will be some black sheep scoring gud in exam and they deserves it... Others have to keep on posting and extend the threads.... GET READY FOR SBI CLERK YAAR....

    Wish u all the best :)

  33. English comprehension passages were too lengthy n time consuming....!!!!!!

  34. hai friends...........I attempted 115 in all about 90-95% accuracy i stand a chance .......and caqn we expect a lower cut-off this time.....DI ke section mei boht time kharch hua........40 min me sirf 18 attempt kiye........i wanted to attempt atleast 125 but could not :((
    my attempts are
    GA-38 (15min)
    Eng-34 (25 min)
    Reasoning - 24 (40min)
    DI - 20 (40 min)
    if i hope to get around 105 in objective and 40-45 in decriptive am i safe???


  35. Rakesh BhattacharjeeJune 24, 2014 at 3:26 PM

    Hi Friends! In DI I think one question from the iron, steel and copper graph didn't had the right answer I got 200 some difference was asked and i got my answer as 200 while there were options like 201, 221 etc. I rechecked it twice but i got the same answer. Is there anyone else who got the same answer. I marked that question for review by clicking 201 as my answer.

    1. exactly....i face d same pblm...i got d ans 200 bt it was nt in d option..

  36. hi i attended 22nd afternoon session i want to know about the cutoff marks for general

  37. pattern vale ques ni aate h kya ab reasoning me?

  38. Super kon h Jo English me 50 krke aaya h.


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