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June 29, 2014

Review of SBI PO Exam on 29th June (Evening Shift)


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Review shared by Nitin Pandey

Hello my name is Nitin Pandey. I am from Delhi. My exam was on 29th June (evening) at Faridabad.

 I had given IBPS PO-3 exam and i qualified it , but today exam was the toughest exam among my all examination which i had given. It was like the nightmare came true.

My Strategy before giving exam  : I thought i will first attempt all GK/MARKETING questions within 15 minutes. Then I will move to the English and will finish it in 25 Minutes. The rest 80 minutes I will give either 40 minutes to the reasoning or will attempt 40 questions and at last i will attempt DI. I thought of attempting 20 questions from DI. I made a target of attempting at least 150 questions.

BUT my Strategy was failed.

I reached examination hall at sharp 7:15 AM. There were many students waiting outside. I talked with many and come to conclusion that all were afraid from the exam pattern and toughness of DI. So i relaxed myself and i entered the Examination hall after showing them my ID proof with copy and one photograph. (Don't forget to take the photograph with you , and the Photo should be clear in the ID.)

At examination hall they completed some basic formality like signing in attendance sheet and the finger print.

AT Exam Hall : First i started with the GK/MARKETING . The marketing questions were tough. Current affairs were easy and less asked. The marketing questions took my most of time. I devoted 18 minutes to this

Second I started with the English. Passage was lengthy but not tough if your hobby is reading newspaper like The Hindu it won't be difficult to answer them. I quit the Para-jumble part. I devoted 25 minutes to this.

Now I came to the reasoning and the first question was machine Input. solved it in 5 minutes. The next questions were lengthy for reading. Inequalities were lengthy. I spent more time in puzzles. I solved one puzzle easily while I ruined 7-8 minutes in second puzzle of seating arrangements and could not able to solve it correctly. So i quit that and i progressed to the DI section because i had 40 minutes remained only.

Now the Demon came to haunt me. When i saw the questions( HOSH UD GAYE BHAI ). I searched for the easy question. I found 2-3 less lengthy questions not the easy ones. I solved 13 DI questions.

Now only 8 minutes were remained. I thought if i will attempt more DI questions i will solve 2 or maybe maximum 3/4 questions in this tenure. So i headed back to the Reasoning part and picked up my old Puzzle which i gave up earlier. I spent 6 more minutes in it and able to solve it and i answered all the questions of it. Now 2 Minutes were remained so i headed back to the GK/MARKETING session and tried to attempt the questions which i marked for the review later. I solved 2 more questions.

Now the time was up :
My attempts were
  • GK/MARETING - 38
  • ENGLISH - 40
  • REASONING - 35
  • DI - 13
TOTAL ATTEMPT - 126 (With 80-90% accuracy)

TIPS for candidates who have yet to appear : Don't make a strategy before exam( i am going to do this or that blah blah !!!). Make your decisions on instant time. Be cool and carry a bottle of water with you and keep yourself hydrated time to time.

And At last i would like to thank you Gr8AmbitionZ team for their valuable support and their material helped me a lot , especially their sets of gk questions . Keep doing good work guys.

Review shared by Sailu Peri

SBI Evening shift exam review

Omg the exam was pretty tough than what I expected.frankly speaking the questions are at average level that we can answer only if u have more time, they are truly time taking.

General awareness was mostly out of rbi, taxation policies, very few were asking out of general awareness such as ipl finals was played in which stadium,I don't remember them

English was okay types

Don't stuck up with puzzles in reasoning, theybare really time taking

Coming to DI, if u are fast at calculations you can attempt upto 15..if u attempt morethan that.we can surely say that u are robot

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    2. Unsolicited letter to bank to apply for suitable job 
    3. Letter to friend who got scholarship abroad but not willing to go because he/she is only son/daughter 
  • Short essay: 
    1. Steroids as lifesavers 
    2. My last wish 
    3. Qualities of good marketing personnel 
  • Essays
    1. Transformation caused on workplace by information technology In past two decades 
    2. Use of animals in scientific research 
    3. Economic importance of tourism

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  1. Dear readers,just want to ask whether the questions marked as review,counted for evaluation with similar value as that of a question answered by "save and next"..

    1. yes will be counted equally.


      pg no 11

      In case a candidate wants to skip a particular question and return to it later before submitting his/her test or a
      candidate ‘clicks’ (selects) an answer for a particular question but wishes to review it later, he/she may note down
      the question number on the sheet provided.
      In such cases the candidate may also click on the ‘MARK FOR REVIEW & NEXT’ button. In case an answer has
      been selected for a particular question which has been marked as ‘MARK FOR REVIEW & NEXT’, the answer
      marked will be taken for final evaluation.

  2. Mine 124 attempted..dhekhenge kya hoga

  3. What a terrible feeling today while attemting di attempt 115
    Reasoning -31
    And what about di.......just 13 in 35 minuts.....
    Those who want to attemt more than 20 in di....have to give at least 50 minuts to this section.....

  4. all was f9 DI will decide the result this d way to select best of best..

    35 min main DI ke 9 hi kar paya doston baki all 102 mera to last attempt tha for sbi DI ki bahut practice ki thi..
    hoping for some miracle

  5. i gave exam in evening shift today.di was tough today.guys plz save atleast 40 min for di.i did 12 in 35 was full of more in english and gk as they were easy.reasoning was moderate.i did total 110 stuck in di was good.descriptive was also easy.all the best to revise marketing concepts as they are getting tougher day by day.

  6. Yeah it will be counted for evaluation.

  7. The questions for Review are not counted during evaluation, only SAVE AND NEXT is the actual attempt, the Green color tells the attempts, Red color tells the current questions, and Brown ones are the ones kept for review.
    Review doesn't mean Attempt. 100 % TRUE statement.

      In case a candidate wants to skip a particular question and return to it later before submitting his/her test or a
      candidate ‘clicks’ (selects) an answer for a particular question but wishes to review it later, he/she may note down
      the question number on the sheet provided.
      In such cases the candidate may also click on the ‘MARK FOR REVIEW & NEXT’ button. In case an answer has
      been selected for a particular question which has been marked as ‘MARK FOR REVIEW & NEXT’, the answer
      marked will be taken for final evaluation

      Get the facts right and comment...Do not create confusion.

  8. eng -46 gk-35 gi-31 di-8 total-120 any chance???

  9. Eng 44
    Gk 40
    Reasoning 31
    DI 14
    Total 129...
    Any hope ??

  10. ..........50 questions of DI needs another half an least the 2hrs session needs to be of 2.30hrs..............................if you can give these types of hard questions...give us more it seems to be a challenge to solve DI rather than a need.........i have done 11 Di questions in 35 mins......woh 35 min is the most depressed moment.....................cutoff section wise 15-20.....................seems i have gone

  11. nitin ... it seems we both would get same marks because level of accuracy that u predicted and no. of attempts are same

    1. and in fact no. of attempts in each section is same

  12. Total 114 attempted.
    DI 17 .
    I attempted DI last.
    My centre was not airconditioned bakwas

  13. I took the exam on the first day morning slot.Started off with GK/CS/Mkt (39 in 15 mins),Eng (39 in 15 mins),Logic(28 in 38 imns) ,DI(21 in 52 mins).What I did was check out DI and Logic parts right after Eng.In a min or two figured out DI to be calculation intensive.So kept ample time for it (@cost of 5-7 logic Qs).Total 127

  14. The best way to prepare current affairs for SBI is to visit the
    you can download free pdf here.most efficient way to prepare for current affairs.

  15. I attempted total 109: English: 34, General Awareness 33, Reasonging 23, DI: 19
    DI paper is relatively tough having more calculations but one question involved less questions and I did it @ at the end, so able to do only 2 out of 5 in that. Watch out for easy questions (atleast try)
    General Awareness more concentrated on marketing and economy than current affairs.
    English passages and questions are above average standard. Passages are lengthy and some of the questions are tricky.
    Reasoning is relatively easy and moderate. Along with matching problems, sitting arrangements there are more questions on logical statements, statement validity & conclusions, decision making. [The 23 questions I attempted are from these last sections only as I have 25 min only for Reasoning]

  16. Questions which are answered and marked for review (purple ones with green tick mark) will be evaluated. All those questions which were just marked for review without answering ( purple ones without the ticknmark) will not be considered.

  17. MY exam was on 29th june evening shift
    i have attempted 79 question with 90% accuracy
    Is there any hope for me?
    DI -9


    GK: 30
    ENG: 35
    DI: 8

    Any chance of selection ?

  19. Guys,
    when this exam result will be out?

  20. The probable date of result...anyone knows??

  21. GA-38

    Total 145


    should this be enough for an interview call considering the increase in number of candidates this year and the continuous increase in cut off marks over the past few years.

  22. @Abhay If u r kind enough and free enough to just show ur face in GD and Interview, consider urself selected :)

  23. the exam was too much hard the DI part is easy but lengthy one

    my attempts
    reasoning 31
    GA 37
    ENG 34
    QUANT 23


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