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June 29, 2014

Review of SBI Exam on 29th June 2014 Morning Shift


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Review shared by Manu Pande

Hi friends, I am Manu Pande. I've appeared for today's SBI PO Online Exam. Here are the questions that I remember.

GA :
  • Writer of god of small things
  • Select the name of company which did not get right for making white label ATM
  • What is full form of pin in ATM Debit / Credit card
  • One question asked was related to commercial paper asking which types of it is(Promissory note)
  • One question was asked from uber cup
  • Narendra Modi is 15,14 or 13 th number of prime minister of India ?
  • One question was asked that what was the most important storage unit inside computer(hard disk and other options were given)
  • Another question was related to bit
  • One question related to 1 mb is equivalent to how much byte.

Reasoning :
puzzle was asked of form of sunday to monday it was very easy
          one puzzle was asked related to circle and it was lengthy
          one puzzle asked about parallel rows sitting.
          machine input was very easy,inequality and syllogs were also easy.

Data Interpretation :
Di was as usual time taking i have done only 13 question in it.


English passages were very lengthy.I expected a lot from this section but did average.


you got a letter from bank to acknowledge the receipt of debit card
but when you got the envelope debit card was missing from it,so write a letter containing your concern and to know the next step you have to follow.
your friend get laid off recently so write a letter to him that do not lose his heart and tell him the positive aspect of future

Small Essay:
Importance of morning walk in life

long essay:
Importance of setting financial goals in life

it was related to value of time in financial world

Paragraph:(questions were asked from the given para)

paragraph was related to stock and bonds in share market.

this is whole I could remember. All the best :)

Review shared by Sunny Patel

Hello friends. I'm Sunny Patel from Ahmedabad.  Today's paper was the toughest one.
Koi ek section ko b easy ya moderate nahi bol sakte aaj to.

My attempts:

  • GK - 38 (13 mins - 80% accuracy)
  • Eng - 30 (17 mins - 80% accuracy)
  • Reasoning - 37 (52 mins - 90+% accuracy)
  • DI - 12 (38 mins - 95% accuracy)

Total attempts - 117

Marketing (20 questions) was hell tough... I doubt even a management student can score more than 12 in it.

Current affairs ka jaise namo nishaan hi nahi tha.. shayad 5-7 questions hi the.

DI me comparatively easy questions ko pick kiya tha still it took almost 4-5 minutes to solve one particular question.
Hardly 7-8 ques easy the.

Reasoning was comparatively easy (at least i found it easy) bt input output questions were tough. I attempted it bt left undone. One linear sitting arrangement question (was totally a mess... i wasted more than 6-7 minutes in it still only left with babaji ka thullu...)
Solved circular arrangement n puzzle in a span of 10-12 minutes.

Worried about maths. Hope ho jaye clear. :/

Review shared by Sourabh Dutta
Hey I am Sourabh Dutta, Test started around 9 am sharp. I started with the Current affairs section :Moderate qstns attempted around 34-35.....many of dem were very easy like uber cups awareness was easy was bit of higher level included questions like innovators , early adopters,majority adopters, CRM,  but quite manageable

English : Passage was time consuming and bit confusing did error correction and fill in the blanks and attempted antonyms synonym from passage ..left one passage attemted around 40

Reasoning : One sitting arrangement got the answer but took some time ..statement assumption and inference types qstns were puzzle left which was time taking...syllogism was scoring...solved around 35-36

DI screwed it up 30 minutes to attempt DI at last but believe me it was breathtaking could not manage to solve more than 8 qstn but ate the end due to short of time had to take risk and attempted around 12 .....god knows if I can make it or not...

Total attempt was 128 with 80% accuracy lets c what happens ....

ATB to the upcoming xam candidates

Review shared by Siva Jyothi

Hevery one, today I have written sbi po in the mng session. I would like to thank gr8 ambitionz team for their grt efforts especially in GA, Letters section.

I would like to share my experience with you guys.

GA-> I felt it a bit tuff some unseen questions from banking marketing, Current Affairs part was pretty easy
Mody was ---- PM of INdia
similarly, very cool questions from CA part.

Reasoning -> Pretty easy, I left all the seating arrangement problems still able to solve 38 ques in 20 min

English -> pretty easy I have answered 35 ques in 15 min.

OMG DI: Those who r gng to write exam on 6th july, juz stop every other thing rite nw, start practising DI section dat too toughest questions
Eg: The number of Mba, Enginering and mbbs graduates from 7 different cities  are given in a bar chart
1. The average mba students from all the cities is what percent of average students of mbbs students.
this kind of questions are like very cool easy , other questions are like horrible....

in case studies they have given one questin dat was lyk horrible...

I have solved 17 DI accurately on whole...

Descriptive Section:
This is prettyyy eaassy but I was a bit afraid of this.

1. Letters:
you will get 3 letters
to editor
to bank manager
personal letter

Some letter to editor is given sorry guys i have forgot dat
We have got a letter from bank asking you to acknowledge the receival of debit card from the bank, but you did nt receive the card in the envelope.Write a letter to the bank explaining the situation, and for further course of action.
one of ur friends had laid off due to some reason, write a letter to him saying not to get dishearten etc etc

morning walk

3. Eassy
Explain the benefits of early personal financial goals in life.

Precise as usual abt some investments something

Reading comprehension was very easyyyy

On whole, paper was gud, DI is going to be the deciding section... Hope fr d best

All the best... Keep practicing DI...

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  1. Can you tell me few question of Current affairs that has been asked in SBI PO till exam is on it will help me a lot in preparing my CA.

    Kindly tell me those question


    1. question are not repeated in sbi po plz prepare hard it from the internet it will definately help u

  2. I also attended the SBI PO today(29th morning).......I've doubts in Syllogism...... they given the syllogs with atleast.. possibility..... etc and I've solved it but I don't know i've done it correct or not.... If anybody please help me in solving such problems........... please help me madam

    1. if u remember any question then post it here.

    2. I do not know the exact qns..... this an example.........
      Some apples are oranges
      All oranges are carrots
      Some carrots are mangoes
      All carrots are papaya is a possibility
      Atleast some mangoes are guavas

    3. i do got these questions in syllogisms... i was bit confused

    4. When ever they give "atleast" you should treat it as "some"

    5. sadasivam from were these papaya and guava came in the conclusion . plz. post right question .

  3. Can anyone explain this
    Q1.the sides of a triangle are in ratio 1/2:1/3:1/4 and its perimeter is 104 cm . The length of longest side find?

    Q2.if 50% of (x-y) = 30% of (x+y) then what percent of x is y ?

    1. 1. longest side is 48cm..
      2. 25%

  4. Can anyone explain this
    Q1.the sides of a triangle are in ratio 1/2:1/3:1/4 and its perimeter is 104 cm . The length of longest side find?

    Q2.if 50% of (x-y) = 30% of (x+y) then what percent of x is y ?

    1. 1/2:1/3:1/4 = 6:4:3. 13x = 104. x = 8. 6x= 48cm

      solve the equation. find y in term of x i.e y = 2/3 x. now find (y/x)*100 i.e 66 2/3 %

    2. Thanks ....for q2 wat equation is formed ....can u pl
      i cant put my name

  5. DI qns are harijans..the untouchables..qns of god..and one needs to be exxtra brilliant to solve at least 15-20 qns with 100% accuracy..cant understand why are they making it so tough ..had checked last yr DI qns..they were a cakewalk compared to this

  6. ans for the triangle question is 48 cm ...and the ans for 2 question is 25

  7. wat is happening man!!! xam is on 5 july and i m very scared wat will d level of paper rising day by day plzz smone help me out wid dis

  8. Hiiii....can anybody tell what kind of questions were there in marketing plzzzzz????

  9. hey!
    i attempted 107 questions with around 85%-90% accuracy.
    di-only 10,
    english-36 and
    i am from obc category,,, what are the chances?

    1. selected for interview

    2. if you clear tha di cut off than chances are good

  10. Worst exam 500 hole to my pocket

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. hi guys
    it was qite ok ppaper
    i solved 142
    DI 22
    reasoning 38
    GK 40
    English 42
    my accuracy is 90-95
    what do u think people, can i get selected...

    1. directly.... no need to appear for interview.

  13. Hi... I got 122.. What are the chances

  14. Hi guys.. I appeared in today evening session... Overall paper was very good... Ga 45 attempts with 95% accuracy thanks to be capsule all ga Que's are from them only,,, English 35 attempts with 90% accuracy, reasoning 28 attempts with 95% accuracy all this was completed in one hour.. Now comes the devil DI given 1 hour but was able to solve only 13 Que's with 100% accuracy.... Hell lengthy... Descriptive was damn easy 30 marks for sure.... Overall I am OK with this... Wat all u say... Is there any chances??????

  15. Hi guys.. I appeared in today evening session... Overall paper was very good... Ga 45 attempts with 95% accuracy thanks to be capsule all ga Que's are from them only,,, English 35 attempts with 90% accuracy, reasoning 28 attempts with 95% accuracy all this was completed in one hour.. Now comes the devil DI given 1 hour but was able to solve only 13 Que's with 100% accuracy.... Hell lengthy... Descriptive was damn easy 30 marks for sure.... Overall I am OK with this... Wat all u say... Is there any chances??????

  16. Can any1 here plz throw sm light on the respective proportions of questions asked in GA section w.r.t. banking, marketing, computers, current affairs,...

    1. prepare from download free pdf.

  17. Attempted 145

  18. ga- 47
    english - 39
    di- 23
    overall with 90% accuracy any chance.

  19. HI All

    I have attempted GA: 35
    ENG: 35
    DI: 16 (only 9 correct)

    I belong to SC.
    Any chances for selection?

    I studied hard for the exam but DI disappointed me :(
    Is there any chance of my selection ?

    Thanks in advance !

  20. jab SC ki ho baat to tension ki KUY ho baat

  21. Start partying from tonight.. :D :D

  22. Hi sunny / manu / siva / sourab

    Is there any banking coaching center available in your region which behinds your success, please tell me.

  23. hi
    i am sunitha atttempted 116 questions overall , with 99% accuracy
    english _30
    ga _38
    di -12
    i belongs to oc , can i expect the post

  24. Yes bro I ve attended mahendra's coaching class for 3 months. Which helped me a bit. Bt all u need is self practise. Caching center will help u 30% only. 70% depends on the individuals

    Sunny Patel

  25. i want to advise all aspirants to prepare current affairs from for SBI. most efficient way to prepare. you will get free pdf.prepare from january-may.leave unimportant facts.

  26. Some of the questions asked in 29th June Morning Session................

    1) Rickets is caused by the deficiency of ------ (Ans: Vitamin D)
    2) In IPL 7 final on 1st June Kolkatta Knight Riders defeated which team? (Ans: Kings XI Punjab)
    3) Rate at which RBI lends money to banks? (Ans: Repo Rate)
    4) Modi Is India's ------- Prime minister. (Ans: 15th)
    5) Full form of 'PIN' in ATMs and Debit cards (Ans: Personal Identification Number)
    6) 2014's Asian award (MS Dhoni)
    7)Which offers faster clering of cheques? (Ans: CTS)
    8) One Mega byte is related to ------ a) 1024 bytes b) one thousand bytes c) One thousand kilo
    ( Ans: One thousand Kilo)
    9) One bit refers to ------ (Ans: one pixel)
    10) Which one is largest memory device inside computer? (Ans: Hard Disk)
    11) Which one is not a storage device/ (Ans: Printer)
    12) Generally Compiler is used as -------- (Ans: translator)
    13) Which Software used for designing in structural, blah blah..(sorry!I couldn't recall exactly) (Ans: CAD)
    14) --------- is the process of finding errors in software code. (Ans: Debugging)
    15) Who is the author of the Book “God of small Things”. (Ans: Arundhati Roy)
    16) Rectangular box that displays information or a program (Ans: Window)

    These are the questions I have remembered.... From the above questions, you can guess.....GA section was easy. Without preparation, You can answer 15-20 questions for sure.
    * There is no question related to Important dates, country and currency, which I expected. So it may be focused on the upcoming week.
    In my view,
    * It's enough to refer our Gr8ambitionz to answer all the questions in Marketing.
    * No preparation is required for Computer.
    * Most of the Current affairs questions are also discussed in our Gr8ambitionz.

    A very lengthy comprehension passage was given. As I have already determined not to touch passage related questions, I attended only the questions of the type word with same, opposite in meaning. Since the words are n bold, we need not read the entire passage. Then as usual, 5 questions from rearranging sntences, 10 questions from fill in the blanks with suitable words, 5 from spotting errors etc etc......... This section was Somewhat easy.......

    The first question in this section was seating arrangement which is highly complicated. I started solving, but it looks time consuming. so immediately I skipped this. Another one puzzle was also of the same kind. (In a row some facing north and some facing south.) Many questions were from Information and conclusion which we cannot guess how will be the key decided.
    Then I enjoyed with Syllogism, Data sufficiency and inequalities.
    This section was moderate but due to hypertension, I skipped many questions. I didn't get satisfied. Because attended only 25 questions and allotted 50 minutes for Data Interpretation.

    Data Interpretation and Analysis
    I was able to answer only 15 questions in 50 minutes. Calculations were very lengthy as expected. Some questions were answerable. I skipped many questions at a quick glance and selected only the solvable.
    DI section needs more, more and more practice. If we put 100% of our efforts, hard work and practice in DI, then we will be able to attend atleast 20 questions.

    * I will not say the question was tough. The question met the expectations. We need to concentrate on the correct strategy of time management as well as nerve management.

    My great thanks to our Gr8ambitionz team which supported me to prepare towards the right path. I learned many things from this site which helped me a lot in answering GA questions.
    Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.


    GK: 30
    ENG: 35
    DI: 8

    Any chance of selection ?

  28. attempts

    do u think i'll be selected?


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