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June 28, 2014

General Awareness Expected Questions for SBI Clerks Online Exam 2014


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Which Indian company has recently launched its first 'Design Studio' here as part of the it's strategic expansion to move closer to its customers in the UK and Europe ?

Indian cueist (billiard player) Chitra Maagimairaj wins World Women's Senior snooker title on 22nd April 2014 by defeating  Alena Asmolava of Belarus. Chitra is from which state ?

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) headed by ….

The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has recently approved the extension of the tenure of ISRO Chairman by 4 months till the end of this year. Name him ?

In a major step towards protecting animals from human cruelty, the Supreme Court of India on 7th May 2014, has banned a bull taming sport of Tamilnadu by favoring the elevation of rights of animals to the constitutional rights. Name that sport ?

Arpinder Singh of Punjab qualified for Glasgow Commonwealth games. He belongs to ….

First rank in the Global Peace Index holds by ….

In the Global Peace Index, India got which rank?

An eminent Odia poet and Odisha Sahitya Academy awardee has recently passed away. Name him ?

Switzerland’s central banking authority SNB on 19th June 2014 said that Indian money in Swiss banks has risen to over to Rs.14,000 crores. SNB stands for …

Mamta Abhiyan is the maternal and child health campaign of which state ?

Recently, an Indian-origin scientist has been awarded with the highly competitive Fulbright Nehru Fellowship. Name him ?

In may 2014, 245 killed in coal mine blast at Istanbul. It is located in which country ? (Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan)

‘The price we pay’ is the slogan of which campaign ?

Baiji refinery was captured on 17 June 2014 by militants. It is in __________

India moved to which rank in terms of foreign money lying with Swiss banks as per the latest data. UK ranks top position..

In the Banking technology, IMPS stands for..

On 24th May 2014, Jacob Zuma took oath as the president of South Africa. He was sworn in for the __________ term.

Called the Southern Kashi of India, a famous temple in Pandharpur, Maharashtra, has recently announced that it is going to break a centuries-old tradition as it prepares to appoint its first-ever non-Brahmin and women priests. Which temple it is ?

Ace Indian discus thrower Vikas Gowda has recently won a medal in the IAAF Diamond League Series in Doha. Which medal it is ?

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  1. thank you..very the regular visitor of this site..My coaching center is

  2. plz give in pdf file.

  3. plz give in a pdf file

  4. 10 years ago, the ages of A and B were in the ratio 13:17 respectively. 17 years from now the respective ratio of their ages will be 10:11. what is the age of B at present ?

    If the perimeter of rectangle is 138 meters and the difference between the length and the breadth is 7 metres, what is the area of rectangle ?

    The product of three consecutive numbers is 3360. What is the least number ?

    i want answers with explanation

    1. Que1.
      Present age of A= 13x+10 & B= 17x+10
      After 17 years,
      13x+10+17/17x+10+17= 10/11
      => x= 1.
      B's age 17x+10= 27 (Ans)

      As per que L-B= 7 => L= 7+B
      Again perimeter of rect. is 138
      So as formula 2L+2B= 138 => 2(7+B) + 2B= 138 => B= 31
      So now L= 38
      Area= 31*38= 1178 (Ans)

      x+x+2+x+4= 3360
      => x= 1118 ( It's least number)
      Other two numbers are 1122,1120.

  5. if you want pdf let's as do install google chorme in pc, open in this webpage press cltrl+p select destination option, select save as pdf.

  6. Thanks team, for providing this stuff. :D

  7. Dear sir/mam please upload these question in PDF version

  8. In sbi po quick reference guide, for IMPS it is given as 'Interbank Mobile Payment Service ' but here it is given as 'IMMEDIATE Payment Service '.. Can you clarify which one is correct??!!

    1. Initially they used to abbreviate it as Interbank Mobile Payment Service. But now they have changed it as Immediate Payment Service (source : National Payments Corporation of India's website).

      In this case, both the answers are correct

  9. plz anyone can solve this machine input logic:
    i/p=mean 13 issue 67 roads for 25 55 age over 97 38
    step1: 13 for mean issue 67 roads 25 55 age over 38 97
    step2: 13 25 for mean roads issue 55 age over 38 67 97
    step3: 13 25 38 for mean roads issue age over 55 67 97
    step4: 13 25 38 for mean roads over issue age 55 67 97
    step5: 16 49 121 for mean roads over issue age 100 169 256

    i/p= to that 13 74 41 on land 86 own until 17 20.......?

    1. step1: 13 land to that 74 41 on own until 17 20 86

      step2: 13 17 land to that 41 on own until 20 74 86

      step3: 13 17 land that to on own until 20 41 74 86

      step4: 13 17 20 land that to on own until 41 74 86

      step5: 13 17 20 land that to until own on 41 74 86

      step6: 16 64 04 land thatto until ownon 25 121 196

  10. 1)13x+27/17x+27=10/11 solve n find x put x in any equation Thu will get ans
    solve both find l n b, put in lxb.
    3) (x)(x+1)(x+2)=3368 solve abs find x

  11. Nice ans but Que 3 i am not asking sum of the numbers i am product of numbers

  12. Plz hindi mai current affairs de dijiye.

  13. thanks geetha but i want explanation

  14. n *(n +1)*(n +2)=3360
    Solve for n it is the least number

    Either way
    Check the limit of the cube root of 3360, in this case it is between 11 and 15.
    3360 contains factor of 5.. So one of the number should be 15.., now it must be 13*14*15 or 14*15*16.

    You can check this with options or fast calculation of 14*15*16 which is nothing but (square(15)-1)*15

  15. really its good...thankyou


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