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June 28, 2014

28th Morning Shift SBI PO Online Exam Review


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Hi Friends, this is Bhargav Kartik Tunuguntla. I had my SBI PO Online Exam today (28-06-2014). I really curios to share my experience here coz I'm one among those aspirants who waited for others' exam  reviews over here. :))

My attempts are : 97 (90% accuracy..hope so)
  • English : 32
  • General Awareness : 35
  • Reasoning : 19 (100%)
  • Data Interpretation : 11

Descriptive questions: 
  • Letter to friend who failed in univ exam, suggest him to apply for re-evaluation..blah blah! 
  • Big essay topics: what's more imp to empower women, education or employment? risks and risk management in banking and some other one 
  • Short essay on taking loans and investing in share market is irrational

Don't bother about the questions.. after all these questions wont be repeated for the next days for sure!! really really sbi has got a huge database of questions..not even a single question in general section got repeated, I came across some 50 questions on various websites, not even a single qn came from that previous ones!! Smart SBI ;)

Exam will definitely reach ur expectations :P many ppl said..DI is tuf..hard..very difficult! yes all these are absolutely true, even with calculator you'll need more than 1 and half hour to solve all the questions. Trust will blow your mind! 

You don't call a question as tough which you cannot solve it..You'll call them as tough if it takes more than 90 secs to solve it! so I'll say..DI is undoubtedly tuf.

Reasoning is full of puzzles..tried one..left it in middle! solved all the remaining questions which I'm perfect in. I'm absolutely perfect in arrangements..but I couldn't solve them, as I thought of giving some 45+mins to DI.

Di: 45+mins..11 questions! rest you imagine :)

All the Best to all


  1. Ya .... I too felt paper was very time consuming...especially DI & Reasoning.
    General Awareness and English was all-right.
    My Attempts-

    Accuracy should be about 80-90%.
    For people appearing tommorow and the next week ,concentrate on English & GK coz these 2 sections will be the game changers as DI & Reasoning will be difficult for all.Also try to put in good efforts for the descriptive part.

    All the best.

    P.S. Brush up IT and Marketing basics...can be very helpful in scaling past cut-offs.


    1. ENG-30, GA-43, DI-17,REASONING-27

    2. I dnt know why SBI is making DI section so tough..!! Reasoning evalutes the logical power and IQ of a person but DI has nthin excpt vast calculations n nly calculation..! is there any logic to make this section so tough..!! attempting 10 to 12 questions in such a constrained time limit is like climbing everest in a day..!! Does SBI POs have the job of calculating manually in office..?? i think they are saving money on calulators.. :P

    3. U just read my mind

    4. M content with ur comment. I too appeared for the exam on 28th in Bangalore..i have completed gk,English in 20min as I attempted 30 questions from each of these two section thought of giving much time to reasoning and DI but m sure even calculator will not help u to solve those questions within limited time frame whole lotz of calculations were there n in descriptive part I was totally shuttered as objective was not good so there was no point in giving my best in descriptive.

  2. i felt gk section little confusing, math was full of calculations,reasoning section was confusing but managable and final english section was ok.
    I attemp

    1. questions asked in gk.........?????plz share

  3. GA questns
    Financial inclusion committee head...
    CPI adopted by rbi to measure...
    Pulitzer prize in poetry section...
    Dada phalke award...
    NEFT remittance max limit in cash ...
    Committee headed by P J nayak...
    1st white lable ATM started by...

  4. Plzz elaborate GA syllabus for RBI grade B asap ...plzzz admin..

  5. todays DI section was really tough...resoning was very confusing n time cosuming gk section marketing questions was bit difficult n English was attempt eng 29 DI 16 GA 28 Res 20

  6. Totall i attempt 112 qts with 80-85% accuracy
    i started with english i will tak 30min for english then go for GA it will take me 10 min & then reasoning in just 20 min it was easy topic for me i think coming to di i had 1hr time but i can solve on 16 with 100% accuracy remaing 4 are doubtfull qts friends i just told u one thing prepare well in ga&eng and dont tak DI in first

  7. Mam, What type of devices are CDs and DVDs. Is it Storage or Input? and one more Is Zip disk or Floppy disk which is the smallest storage capacity. Pls answer me

    1. CDs and DVDs are storage devices and Floppy disk having smallest storage capacity. :D

  8. did anyone attempt magazine question and that HR finance and marketing students question?

  9. Hi All, I wrote my exam today. I can say that overall it was moderate exam but DI was on tougher side.
    My attempts were 142,

    DI : 25
    GA : 42
    English :41
    Reasoning : 34.

    I am hoping to get around 105-110 marks.
    Hope this would be enough to clear exam. Finger crossed

    1. Bhai ,,, definitely you will get one post of SBI PO.

      Please don't give bluff comments to the website ...

      this my sincere advice to you. happy day ;;;;)))

    2. hahahahahahahaha sahi h bhai :D

    3. bhai even those who set the paper they won't be able to attemt this much questions. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz be honest here.

    4. ^ Lol, true dat...........!!!!!
      one can assume 130 to be achievable but 140........uuuuuuffff too far-fetched............!!!!!
      try again later, may be with more realistic no, bru............!!!!! :D

      Btw I attempted 116, R:DI:GA:English :: 27:17:36:36

    5. Bhai how you managed ur time to attempt 142 ques...... clap u bro

  10. i have exam tomorrow....any suggestions?

  11. Guys any suggestion for descriptive section??

    1. bhai i wnna ask 1thng , i knw it shws my carelessness bt m ready to get insulted.plzz let me knw i hve used your sincerely in that friend letter. is it okk or it would be marked zero.

    2. Na bhai. They may reduce 1 mark for that. They won't mark it zero. So don't worry :)

  12. DI was HELL!!! I dont understand if SBI wants humans to work or they want Robots.

  13. resoning 38
    DI 34(100%)
    english 32
    ga 36

  14. please tell me guys kisi ka exam 5 july ko h???????

  15. is it true? non of the GK/GA/MAR/COM are repeated in sbi po exam???

  16. this my first bank exam ever, even i have not prepared ever for banking. i went to exam without preparation. i made my mind to do with 100% accuracy. my attempts were: english: 19, GK: 19, DI: 7, reasoning: 7. although much less as compared to others, but this i did without any preparation in 1st attempt with 100% accuracy.

  17. My marks would be DI 10.45 (11 attempted 1 wrong) Reasoning 24 English 28 GA 28 with 99% accuracy ..!!!!! Worried about DI. what would be the cutoff guys?????

  18. today was my exam over all all section goes well
    but di few advice who are going to take exam
    take a magnifying glass with you it would really help u
    and fix a microprocessor inside your head
    can u solve that
    ans( i)332221.55 (ii)32221.12(iii)32221.21 (iv)32221.54

    1. Exactly true what you some questions he asked to calculate simple and cmpnd intrst fst nd their differce

    2. It is approximately question

    3. Its approximately question

  19. How can we post a review ??

  20. tomorrow s my xam......
    som wat tensed.....
    give som suggestions..... to get ready with DI & GA plzz

    1. For DI, nvr try all questions. Just attempt 10-20 sure answers. Means, u dont have to run after all the qstns of a single section. Just attempt easy qstns like ratios and totals. Dnt try to do percentage if it involved two data both in numerator and denominator.

      GA . revise all the committees and various sanctions of RBI from jan onwards. Sure u cn get 30-35 easily.

      Fr eng., plzzzz dnt waste time to read the three biggggg passages cmpltly. Jst attempt antonyms and synonyms those wud be bolded by reading the sentances in which they are invlved.

      Reasoning, its luck. For me, i cud get the arrangements in my first trial itself. So sorry, no suggestions.

      All the best dear.

    2. just first attempt 10 question from di.Then do other 3 sections.If time left attempt rest di.
      Read a marketing book,otherwise you willn't able to answer.
      Only 2-3 easy qs from computer.

  21. I think the cut off will be around 60-70mrks..........and DI will be between damn sure..........

  22. Attempted 170 questions.
    with 90% accuracy

    1. u r sure 2 b directly absorbed as chief general manager

    2. i will replace arundhati

    3. feko mat jindgi bhar fekte hi rah jaoge

    4. ghar pe apne pitaji ko tune bola hoga ki tu 210 karke aaya hai.

    5. tum to superman ho........muje bhi tora apne powr share karo na..

    6. Tumlog 24*7 facebook karte ho,all bollywood movie 1st day 1st show jateho,all cricket matches enjoy karte ho,gf sath bhi bahut time spend karte ho,daru pk time waste karte ho,examcentre pe bhi laundiyako line marke apna concentration khote ho.You guys study after downloading callletter.To mark kahanse ayega.Leave above things for 1 yr. and study hard.Then you will be also be able to attend a healthier no. of question.
      And you willn't be called for interview with less than 120marks.

    7. I agree with u. Just every one need to focus on the preparation for exam, for this Your smartness is more important than your excellence to get the call letter for GDPI.
      Best luck to everyone!

    8. how u have prepared.wich book u ve followed for gk bcs i did not get even single question form notes

    9. and you say " willn't " be after studying for 18+ years????? lolz

  23. Attempted 180 with 100 percent accuracy :p lol jalo ab

  24. I attended today's exam.
    Except DI all othes were comparitively good.
    Suggestions to friends...
    Eng I attempted 35 questions and am sure all are true. While u hav to attempt essays, plz dont read it completely. Only attempt questions regarding antonyms and synonyms. Leave those asking the themes etc.

    Resoning 38 (95% acc)
    General 41 (I am sure all are true) for grneral plz refer
    All qstns asked regarding banking sections like committees, white label ATM, kissan credit, NEFt etc. Only some like pulitzar and dada sahib falke etc were asked outside banking section.

    DI was really very time consuming. I could attempt nly 17. Last two was not sure.

    Writing part are really easy. Dont bother about it. If u hav a good habit of reading hindu, u can easily crack writing section easily.

    All the best dear friends...

  25. Di was mind blowing . Three minutes to read the long question .find the ratio if percentage of literate females of stat x and y of year 2005 and 2008 over the ratio of male graduates of states p and q during years 2002 and 2006 . When you understand the question , these will be the figures
    Percentage 48
    Ratio 13:12
    Number 45345800

    All the best to all .

  26. i have attempted 200 with 0% accuracy

  27. In Di section, there were questions from simple interest, profit and loss, distance and time? Or only there were Di problems? Please somebody let me know who have given the exam

    1. THr was qstns based on smple intrst. But it was smwht tuf. Dnt attempt time consuming qstns.

  28. Hi this is Rohit, I would like to share my experience of the exam here.
    First time i have given this exam and find it a bit difficult only on the time management side. If one can manage time better and attempt accordingly can succed and that is where fails here, I couldn't manage time properly. My attempts were 121.
    GA- 42

    DI was time consuming and a bit difficult and lengthy.
    My accuracy wud be 85%.
    But due to low DI score I would fail.
    Rest I could suggest the people taking exams in the coming days to attempt atleast 20 questions in every section. 20 in DI and res should be marked Correct.

    Thanks and all the best :)

  29. bhai abhi dekh comments me log teri kaise bajate hai woh... :P

  30. hello I have my exam tomorrow. Can anyone please tell me the format of "Letter" and other type of questions asked in descriptive writing

  31. attempted-84
    Di- 8
    Baki yaad ni..
    NOw lets concentrate on SBI Clerk

  32. in DI the magazine question gave data for A-F magazine but in its first question they asked about magazine K
    and in the hr finance and marketing students question the first question was about arts science and one more stream..
    i thought the question is wrong and hence left them....
    did anyone else felt the same or it was my reading mistake

  33. What do you think would be the expected cutoff for today evening paper.. I did 85 with 100% accuracy..What are the chances?

  34. I guess cut,off
    general awareness,marketing,computer -35
    di- 10
    so prepare accordingly
    descriptive is easy so - 20

  35. I attempted 87 qs in all,paper was lengthy and time consuming,did attempt the gk fully,while the guy sitting next to me solved did not use any rough work,while i used 2 sheets of rough work still was unable to solve all.

  36. Mam,if this toughness is going on how can we get chance..?Our future will be blocked

  37. if review question are attempted but not pressed saved and next button..will it be valued or not...????

  38. Koi batayega ki pwd ki kitni cut off aane ki umeed hai section wise

  39. my attempts
    di 17
    res 35
    eng 46
    ga 46
    total 144

  40. If you marked answer wirh marked for review then it ll be processed as an answer only.

  41. DI was really tough and time consuming:-(

  42. DI did it to me. Still, let us all hope for the best and stay focussed.

    Mohammed Sazid Ahmed

  43. my attempt

    di 22
    resng 27
    eng 28
    G.awernes 44
    total 121

  44. DI : 10
    Reasoning : 34
    English : 44
    GA : 50 (Was not prepared for this section much, just knew 9-10 questions. Hence, attempted it full)

  45. I think who ever attempted more than 40 questions in GK! 40-50% of the answers will be wrong...You'll always feel the ans u r marking is right and u can gain the marks you'll lose in other sections! but ul realise the truth later..


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