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June 20, 2014

General Awareness Practice Tests for SBI PO and Clerks Exams - Set 16


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On 9th March 2014 an Indian Player stood top on ICC rankings of ODI Batsmen. Who is he ?

Name the 18th member of the Euro zone?

The Election Commission of India has conducted 16th Lok Sabha elections in India. These elections are held from ?

13-year old Indian-American student Kush Sharma is recently in news. What is the reason ?

To pay tribute to the 100 years of Indian cinema,  which country has released two postage stamps on 5th May 2014 ?

Name India’s supercomputer which was rated 1st in India, 9th in the Asia Pacific Region and 44th in the world among the most power efficient computer systems as per the Green500 List?

On 17th April 2014, the Election Commission has launched its own internet-based media arm. Name it ?

Forbes magazine has recently released its 28th Annual World billionaires list. Who topped this list with 76 billion dollars ?

Which state scrapped its approval for the foreign direct investment in multi - brand retailing on 1st February 2014?

Who appointed as the first woman director of  National Aluminum Company Ltd (NALCO) on 12th March 2014 ?

Recently, the researchers of National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) have developed a software to predict whether changes. Name it ?

Name the biblical epic movie which was banned by Malaysia and Indonesia on 7 April 2014 for its visual depiction of the prophet?

World Wetland Day is observed on ?

India with which country has signed an agreement on Cooperation in Public and Homeland security on 27 February 2014 ?

The Indonesian government has recently announced that it is going to build a new sanctuary for an endangered animal. Name it ?

First ever Asian Grand Prix Archery Championships was recently held at ?

Shooter  Pooja Ghatkar is in news recently. What was the reason ?

By delivering the largest online civics class  in the world using Cisco’s advanced technology, the President of Israel has recently created a world record. Who is he ?

Indian writer Pankag Mishra has recently won the Windham Campbell Literature Prize 2014. In which category does he won this award ?

Which country replaced India at the number two position in the Test team rankings of cricket released on 5 March 2014?

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  1. first one to see..........

  2. thank u very much Gr8.................

  3. it's really helpful to bank aspirants. thanks alot..... please provide more materials for sbi clerk

  4. Mam
    I am having exam tomorrow in afternoon sessions. If in DI I just keep practice for graphs and charts today will it be OK?
    As per your sayings how much marks questions will be there in DI from graphs and charts?

  5. Thanku so much Team :D

  6. thank you so much for this material i am very poor in writing correct english wr please please please please help me

    1. in gr8 po provided english reference is gud

    2. thank u for u r valuable information

  7. tats a grt job by u.... thanks so much...m satisfied


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