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May 17, 2014

Sentence Correction Exercises in English


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Friends, here is the third set of Sentence Correction Exercises in English. Take a rough sheet and rewrite the given sentences with correction. We will post answers in 15 minutes. Happy Reading :)
  • Politics give a number of theories about the State.
  • In spite of all my advices, he started drinking.
  • The girl resembles to her father.
  • he discussed about the problem with me.
  • I have received your letter last week.
  • John sent a word that he was going to Delhi.
  • She is working hard for the last two months.
  • One of my friends have gone to Paris.
  • The boy is very arrogant, isn't it ?
  • Mary is the ugliest of the two girls.
  • There is a danger of this old tree's falling on the hut nearby.
  • Scarcely I solved one problem when another cropped up.

 Check the Answer key with explanations from here

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  2. Can u plz tell is there any sectional cut off in this postal assistant paper...plz reply as soon as possible.


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