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May 17, 2014

Key with Explanations for English Sentence Correction Exercise - Set 4


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Friends, here is the key with explanations for our English Sentence Correction Exercise-Set 4 . Take the test from here before Checking these answers. Thank you.
  • Politics gives a number of theories about the state
    • Explanation : Politics, like mathematics, linguistics, economics, and other domains ending in -ics, is syntactically singular. Not plural. So you have to use gives instead of give.
  • Inspite of all my advice, he started drinking. 
    • Explanation : There is no word as advices. Advice is an uncountable noun so we can never say advices.
  • The girl resembles her father.
    • Explanation : No "to" before resembles.
  • He discussed the problem with me.
  • I received your letter last week.
    • Explanation : Last week is not immediate past. So you shouldn't use have before received.
  • John had sent a message that he was going to Delhi.
  • She has been working hard for the last two months.
  • One of my friends has gone to paris.
    • Explanation: One of your friends (a single person) gone to Paris. So you shouldn't use have. 
  • The boy is very arrogant, isn't he ?
    • Explanation: Here you are talking about the boy. So in question tag you should mention "he".
  • Mary is the ugliest of the three girls. (or) Mary is uglier of the two girls. 
    • Explanation : Ugliest comes when there are three or more than three girls.
  • There is a danger of this old tree's falling on the nearby hut.
  • Scarcely I solved one problem than another cropped up. 
    • Explanation : If the second event occurs immediately after the first, we can express that idea using the structure "Scarcely … than".
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  1. thank u i learnt some new grammar rules

  2. I wrote many exams. But i can't clear any of them. iam very depressed. But now i feel a positive energy bcoz i regularly visit this site.Thankss Mam.

  3. Thnxx for good explanation with solution.
    Can u plz tell is there any sectional cut off in this postal assistant paper...plz reply as soon as possible

  4. great job done,we want more sentences with explanation.Thanks


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