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May 09, 2014

List of Words that are often Confused


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Friends, there are some pairs of words which are almost similar, but have different meanings. As an competitive exam aspirant, you should know the proper meaning of the word and should see that the work is used in the correct sense. A few of the similar pairs are given below.

List of Similar words with Different meanings :

  • Lie :  As the train was overcrowded, there was no place even to lie down to the floor.
  • Lay : The Prime Minister is laying the foundation stone yesterday.
  • Rise : The price of eesential commodities is rising very fast.
  • Raise : The management is planning to raise the wages of the workers.
  • Deny : The thief denied that he has stolen the money.
  • Refuse : He refused to accept any sort of presentation.
  • Imply : It is implied in his statement that he was planning to go abroad.
  • Infer : From his speech one can easily infer that he is revolutionary.
  • Practical : He lacks practical knowledge in the field
  • Practically : Your plans are not practicable.
  • Principal : The principal object of the seventh plan is to eradicate poverty.
  • Principle : Gandhiji was a man of principle.
  • Credible : The arguments given by you are not credible
  • Credulous : Credulous men are easily cheated.
  • Judicial : The Government ordered a judicial enquiry.
  • Judicious : One should be very judicious in selecting friends.
  • Ingenious : Our country is in need of ingenious scientists.
  • Ingenuous : Ingenuous people are liked by all
  • Continuous : In the House there was a continuous disturbance for two hours
  • Continual : Life in the city has been affected by continual outbreak of communal riots. 
Completed ? Now you can download the pdf complete list of frequently misused / confused words of English from here. Happy Reading :)

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  1. Good one but u must add the meaning may be in Hindi for more clarification in their meanings.

  2. did anyone get appointment letter from dena bank (po) ibps po3???????????

  3. Postal Assistant Answer key published or not?

  4. Can anyone xplain this
    (1/1.4) + (1/4.7) + (1/7.10) + (1/10.13) + (1/13.16) = ?

  5. Replies
    1. Vil u xplain it in short cut plz


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