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May 10, 2014

SBI PO Precis Writing : Important Rules you should keep in mind


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Friends, here are some important rules of Precis Writing for SBI PO Exam 2014. This article was shared by our friend Mr. Siddarth Mourya. Happy Reading :)

Important Rules of Precis writing for SBI PO 2014

  1. Read the given passage carefully and understand it thoroughly.
  2. Underline or jot down all the essential ideas in the passage. This requires the skill of understanding what is essential and what is inessential. Details, elaborations, explanations, repetitions and such inessential items should be excluded. Only the essential points should be jotted down. 
  3. Find out the central idea of the passage and use it as the title of the precis. The title should not be long. A sentence should never be used as a title. The title of a precis must be always a phrase. If suitable, a single word may be used as a title. It is essential that you should give a title to the precis. 
  4. Using the essential idea which you have underlined or jotted down, write out a rough draft. 
  5. Observe the following principles while writing the precis. 
    • Never repeat any idea in the summary.
    • Do not add any new idea to the summary. 
    • Do not omit any essential idea.
    • See that there is logicality in your summary.
    • There should be continuity of thought in your summary.
    • Your summary  must have unity. That means, it must have completeness.
    • Whatever may be the number of paragraphs in the given passage, your precis must comprise only one paragraph.
    • Do not reproduce sentences from the original passage. You must write your precis in your own English.  
  6. Your precis must be one-third of the given passage. This is the normal limit.
  7. Your precis must be written in simple, effective and idiomatic English. 
  8. Your precis must be free from errors of grammar, spelling, structure, usage etc. 
  9. If the passage is in the first person, you may retain the first person if do not know who the author of the passage is. If you know who the author is, you can use the third person in your precis. 
  10. The direct speech found in the precis may be retained if it conduces to brevity; if not put it in indirect speech.
  11. Do not add any critical comments to your precis. 
  12. If there is a phrase or a sentence which can be replaced by a single word, use that word in the place of the phrase or the sentence. 
  13. The most important thing is that your precis must be a summary of the original passage written in your own words.
  14. Use the proper punctuation marks wherever necessary.
  15. Write out a fair draft of the precis, after you are satisfied that the rough draft is correct in every aspect.
  16. The precis must retain the tone and the spirit of the original passage.
Check detailed notes on Precis writing from here
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  1. Mam Post office n SCC k liye bhi kuch daily pracitce set upload kariye ..Gk Science plz ..thanks Mam.

    1. Working on them friend. We will post GK sets from this evening. Good day.

  2. Mam plz try to update the exam date of various exams which are scheduled in the coming months...such as sso-esic, cgl-2014, mha- security assistant, sbi-po...etc

    1. Thank you so much for the suggestion friend. We will try to make a post soon. Good Day.

  3. i m a regular visitor of ur site..
    n i m in reserve list of PO3..i jst want to know- is there any chance to get in as PO.???


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