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May 09, 2014

Precis writing examples for SBI PO Exam 2014 - Topic 4


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Friends, here is the fourth topic of our Precis writing examples for upcoming SBI Probationary Officers Exam 2014. Read Precis writing tips for SBI PO Exam from here before going to take this exercise.

Write a precis of the following passage in about one-third of its length. Give an appropriate title for the passage.

Man is a social animal. This means he cannot live alone; he lives in society consisting not only of his own family, but also of other families. The peace and happiness of each individual depends to a great extent upon what he gets from other members of the society. Thus arises the duty of social service - the duty of paying back our debts by doing some service to the society.

The students have an important role to play in this respect. They have idealism and energy. In India, social service is a must for the students. The common people here suffer from illiteracy, bad customs, ignorance of the laws, of health; and of their rights and duties etc. Our students can do a lot to remove these ills by educating the people. They may also help in the construction of roads and claering of ponds in their localities. In cases of floods and such other calamities, they should volunteer for relief work.

All these activities, properly directed, will not only benefit the people, they will also do a great deal of good to the students themselves. They will develop their spirit of service and power of organization, widen their sympathy, and thus enable them to become worthy members of the society. (211 words)

Title : Man and Society / Student and Society

Since man is gregarious he lives with others in a group. He gives and takes from society and thus the need of social service arises. As students are vivacious they play a vital role. In India students must do social service to fight against many problems of the country and can change the nati0on. This not only helps the nation but themselves as they learn organizational skills and become worthy citizens. 

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  1. Can AnyBody Said Me How Many Application Has been Registered For Coming SBI PO 2014 ???

    Thanks .

  2. Hey, in precis writing whether we wanna write rough draft or it is enough to do fair alone?

  3. in exam u hav to do fair alone ..dat only counts... u can make rough draft on a rough sheet ..rough draft of d passage is done to get important points noted down ,skeletonising d passage so dat u can make necessary add or sub in ur fair draft

  4. Thanks, Admin. This is really helpful. Hoping for some more examples of precis.


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